Mask: This metal in the battery is ‘new gold’

Mask: This metal in the battery is 'new gold'

In people’s universal impression, lithium-ion batteries are important elements that drive electric vehicles. However, Tslaceo Mask (Elonmusk) believes that “lithium-ion battery” is not properly used, because it does not contain so many lithium. “Although it is called lithium ions, the ingredients of lithium in the battery are only about 2%.

. As a result, the battery should be called ‘nickel-graphite’, because the important ingredients in the entire battery are nickel. “Just last month, Mask once again reiterated the importance of nickel, showing TSLA is pressing nickel.

Mask said at the latest sector conference call in TSLA: “All miners can exploit more nickel in a good way, and maintain effective supply, then TSLA will supply a considerable long-term order. “However, due to the various supply problems, it has not been able to keep up with nickel expected demand surgery..

Tslamodel3’s battery pack contains approximately 30 kilograms of nickel, which is the most important single metal component in battery manufacturing.. The more nickel, the higher the energy density of the battery.

. Nickel prices have plummeted in 2007. In the next 12 years, there is almost no substantial investment in nickel development, and the global nickel stock has decreased.

Now this situation is about to end, and the new talents of nickel demand just started. The length of delivery time after new nickel mine is another constraint. To carry out new nickel projects for 7 to 10 years, in the next 12 years, nickel will have a structural shortage, and in the next 18 months, nickel stock will drop to almost zero.

This is a new demand that nickel has never hadced, so nickel will brew a perfect storm.. McKinsey Senior Expert Kenhoffman said that in order to accelerate the electric car revolution, TSLA’s demand for nickel will increase significantly.

. This buried a volkage for nickel investment..

Analysts expect that in the next two to three years, the nickel prices will rise sharply, and the supply shortage will trigger new investment.. So, what company is prepared for the upcoming nickel boom? When the largest old company Norilsk, this Russian company is the world’s second largest nickel producer, and the stock price rises when the price of Nickel is rising.

. In addition, there are some small nickel mine explrators and emerging developers..

In the next few years, nickel resources will have a shortage, most nickel mining will benefit. But there is another factor in the use, TSLA and other electric cars manufacturers will naturally desire to obtain sustainable raw materials, they put a lot of energy and money in the cobalt supply chain..

The Gigametals metal company in Vancouver quickly responded to Mask’s appeal, which focuses on two key metals supplied in electric vehicle batteries: nickel and cobalt. In the north of British Columbia, Gigametals’s Turnagain project has one of the world’s largest-in-one non-developed nickel-cocoa sulfide deposits, including 5.2 billion pounds and 312 million pound cobalt.

. Gigametals CEO Markjarvis said, if nickel is made in a manner, you must consider the sulfide deposit in the first world jurisdiction (such as Canada and Australia)..

“At present, TSLA is purchased from LGChem (LGChem) and purchases Ni -CC-aluminum lithium-ion batteries (NCA) to Panasonic (Panasonic).. However, the source of the upstream nickel mine supplies of TSLA has not yet publiced.

Battery is the most expensive part of electric cars, accounting for more than 40% of total costs.. How to reduce costs, strengthen continuous street, has always been the goal of the industry.

High-nickel batteries can take low costs and make electric cars run more far, it is the best solution. However, it is not enough to be careful that the explosion risks brought about by nickel content..

At the same time, after the nickel proportion is high, the required cobalt will reduce. Cobalt is one of the most expensive raw materials of the battery, and the value has always been high..

One of the three giants of Korean batteries is also very visible to high-nickel batteries, charging can run 500 kilometers, and the fuel truck is almost. Skinnovation is the fastest year, will mass produce the world’s first nickel-cobalt-manganese battery, with nickel content of 90%, cobalt and manganese content each account for 5%..

LG Chemicals of Global Delivery Rankings planned to announce nickel-manganese aluminum batteries in 2022, nickel content reached 90%, cobalt accounted for 5%, and manganese aluminum accounted for 1% -2%.. At present, LG chemistry already has NCM811 batteries (811 represents nickel content of 80%, cobalt is 10%, manganese is 10%), supplied to Tslamodel3.

Although the high-nickel battery is much better, LG chemistry also warned that the higher the nickel specific gravity, the more heat can be released, and the new high heat control technology or process will pull the final price.. LG chemistry emphasizes that in the low-order electric vehicle market, the NCM622 battery is still mainly hit (60% nickel content, 20% cobalt, 20% manganese).

According to Deloitte, this year’s global electric vehicle sales will increase from 2 million in 2018 to 4 million, and then in 2025 and 2030, respectively, to 12 million and 21 million.. It is expected to increase by 319,000 vehicles last year to 540,000.

. This should ensure the adequacy of key raw materials such as nickel and cobalt..

Benchmarkmineral Analyst Casparrawle said that the cobalt content in the NCA combination used in TSLA is very low, it is difficult to further reduce the cobalt content, which will have problems in engineering technology.. Cobalt is the protection element of the battery cathode, which means it means to reduce the life cycle of the battery, and there is also safety concerns, and less cobalt represents more nickel, the battery may be overheated, and it cannot be effectively cooling, and finally burning.

Jamesmckone, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, said: “The entire industry is moving towards the combination of other meticide, nickel and manganese, can replace as high as 90% cobalt …

The real challenge will be completely free of cobalt, this is going to rethink the battery Basic chemistry combination. “.

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