Mask: 2030 million TSLA in 2030

Mask: 2030 million TSLA in 2030

Recently, we learned from related channels that TSLA CEO Elonmusk said that after completing new technologies that increase battery production and reduce costs, TSLA will produce 20 million new energy every year by 2030. vehicle. As of October this year, Tes came over the past 12 years, the delivery of all the models has just exceeded 1 million vehicles.

. Recently, when he recently received a market research firm WolfeResearch analyst, General Manager Rodlache, Maske further clarified the method of TSLA achieved this goal..

He explained that this is actually a goal that looks very well, about 2 billion vehicles worldwide, which means that TSLA can replace 1% of global auto production every year.. However, considering that TSLA delivers only 367,500 TSLA models in 2019.

In 2019, the sales of electric vehicles in 2019 were about 1.8 million, and traditional automotive companies were generally sold, and nearly 3 million cars were sold in 2019; From the report of the European Mechanic Association, the production of global cars is only about 70 million vehicles in 2019..

Then, compared with other car brands, TSLA is to complete the annual output of 20 million people, it is an impossible goal.. Although according to the data simulation of relevant market research companies, it is expected that the global electric vehicles will rise to 35 million in the next five to six years, accounting for 40% of the total number of vehicles.

. So how to increase the annual output over time, Mask refuses to disclose too many details. Editor’s comment: In fact, Mask’s vision is good, but such production promotion is almost impossible with the current data, if this product is just the future development goals of TSLA, it can be understood.

Although TSLA is expected, if my country’s Shanghai Factory and Berlin and Austin open the factory while opening horsepower production, in 2021 perhaps the annual delivery of 1 million levels. In general, the increase in electric vehicles such as TSLA will depend on the production of batteries..

Maske once outlined the company’s “battery day”, the company can increase the battery production to the current 10 times, then the yield of the finished car will increase, let us look forward to TSLA to complete this as soon as possible. Great feat. .

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