Marriage CATL and LG Chemical Geely Car began to clean the ‘battery battlefield?

Marriage CATL and LG Chemical Geely Car began to clean the 'battery battlefield?

Recently, Geely Automobile (00175) announced a new action – plus electric car battery layout, aroused a wave in the new energy car circle. In 2018, my country’s auto sales declines for the first time in 28 years. 5 months this year, the decline is still continuous, and the car is still in the cold wind.

Only new energy vehicles are still maintaining rising.. However, in the industrial environment of subsidies, over-output, the core link of the power lithium battery has become an important proposition of more and more car companies.

. It is reported that June 12 Geely Automobile announced that the controlling subsidiary will set up a joint venture with LG chemistry, an important engage in production and sales of electric vehicle batteries..

The registered capital of the joint venture company is $ 188 million, of which Geely holding subsidiaries have funded 50% in cash and 50% stake.. With regard to this reason, Geely Automobile said that the Board has already recognized the development potential of my country’s electric vehicle market.

Giie has implemented its new energy car strategy “Blue Geely Action” in November 2015.. The action is five years, and the reliable supply of advanced and high-performance electric car batteries will not be less.

. The joint venture will ensure that the Group will get the stable supply of electric vehicle batteries..

Layout New Energy Automobile Battery Learn, Geely Automotive Battery Suppliers have LG Chemical, CATL (300750), Li Shen, Xinwangda (300207), China Aviation Lithium, Fu Can, etc.. Currently and LG chemistry, CATL has established a joint venture company.

At the end of December 2018, the Geely Automobile Zhejiang Jiun Automobile Co., Ltd. and CATL announced the establishment of a joint venture company, an important part of the battery, battery module, and battery pack development, manufacturing and sales, thus providing a stable supply of a core power lithium battery for Geely.

. Geely Automobile and CATL share 49%, 51% of the interests, respectively. However, if you expand the scope of attention to Geely Automobile’s parent company, Zhejiang Geely Holdings Group (known as Geely), its layout in the field of power lithium battery is earlier.

Geely earliest a chess in the dynamic lithium battery area is Shandong Hengyuan New Energy. According to the data, Shandong Hengyuan New Energy was established in 2010, important engaged in lithium-ion powered lithium battery R & D, production and sales. September 2014 was sold to Hongqiao Group (08137), Geely held 53% of the company’s 53%.

It is worth mentioning that Hongqiao Group is also a battery manufacturer behind Geely behind Geely.. The Zhitine Financial App passes through the consultation information.

At present, the company has two lithium-ion battery manufacturing companies, including Shandong Hengyuan New Energy acquired in September 2014, and Zhejiang Hengyuan New Energy, Important Production, established in December 2015. And supplies lithium iron phosphate and three-dimensional lithium ion battery products. At first, the Hongqiao Group only gave a battery, 2017, after 2017, Walvo, Leak, Geely brand and other core products gradually entered the list of customers of Hongqiao Group.

. According to the financial report, in 2018, Hongqiao Group has 92% of income from Geely and Volvo’s order confirmation, this proportion rose to 97% in the first quarter..

In fact, Geely and Hongqiao Group do not only have business contacts.. The previous mentioned Zhejiang Hengyuan New Energy is a company established by Hongqiao Group and Geely Affiliated, Shanghai Puhua, including 48% stake in Shanghai.

. In addition, in November 2017, Geely entered the shares of the owner through its subsidiary Geely International (Hong Kong), and became the second largest shareholder of the latter, which was equivalent to the indirect control of Geely. Far New Energy and Zhejiang Hengyuan New Energy Two Power Lithium Battery Company.

At present, Li Shufu and Geely holds 19.8% stake in Hongqiao Group..

According to the description of the official website and the financial report, the development strategy of Hongqiao Group is “strive to become the main supply of the power lithium battery” of Geely new energy vehicles. “. (Source: Hongqiao Group 2018 Finance) It is understood that Zhejiang Hengyuan’s new energy lithium-ion battery plant started construction in April 2016, the project covers an area of ​​130,000 square meters, the original design annual output is 1.

5g When it expanded to 2.0G Watt, the first 500,000 kilowatt production line has started production in the second quarter of 2018..

By the first quarter of this year, Zhejiang Hengyuan New Energy Battery Factory is still recorded by the reduction in production utilization.. Perhaps it is well known to develop the hardships of the new energy power lithium battery alone, in order to cooperate with LG Chemical and CATL.

After Shandong Hengyuan, 2013 will also have a resilience to Wendong Electric Automotive Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., which is specially engaged in electric vehicle drive system (powered lithium battery system, electronically controlled, motor and system integration) development, manufacturing, Sale.

In September 2018, the Geely Group went through its subsidiaries, invested 50 million yuan in Wuhan, Hubei Jilly Hengyuan New Energy Technology Company, layout dynamic lithium battery field. New factory project has 8 billion yuan, construction battery and module production line and R & D center, logistics and distribution center, etc., plans to build production in 2020.

The first “hand in hand” of Geely and LG is in April 2017. At that time, the Geely Group had subsided all the rights of all production equipment and manufacturing technology intellectual property rights in Nanjing Factory..

Subsequently, Geely Group demolished the production equipment of the plant to Zhejiang Hengyuan New Energy Battery Base. New energy automotive industry new pattern dynamic lithium battery is the core of the new energy vehicle, in the new energy vehicle industry chain, the power lithium battery accounts for 25% -40% of the vehicle cost, the cost is in the automotive parts The highest proportion, big profit space, natural all car companies hope to master this core link. Therefore, with the development of subsidies and new energy automotive markets, the vehicle company has extended the upstream battery industry chain into the trend in recent years, mainstream mode is the company’s joint venture construction plant.

. In addition to Geely, Beiqi, SAIC, Guangzhou Automobile and Dongfeng (600006), etc. Panasonic and Toyota.

From the current industry pattern, China and Japan has basically monopolized the global power lithium battery supply market. Top Ten dynamic lithium batteries accounted for 80% of the world ‘s market share. Ri Jin Yibo previously expected that the industry concentration improved, future 5 to 10 years, 80% of the global electric vehicle battery market will be divided by Panasonic, LG Chemical, Samsung SDI, Skinnovation and CATL.

. It can be seen that Geely has formed a comprehensive layout through the self-built battery factory, into the strain battery company and the battery company, etc., which will lay a more firm foundation for the development of its future new energy vehicles.

. He Mark, director of Delo, my country’s auto industry, believes that in the next two years will be the critical period of my country’s new energy automobile industry by “policy pull” to the “market leading development” transition, which means that the industry will enter high marketization, difference 2.0 era of development.

The focus of the future competition in the new energy automobile industry will be competed by the product competition to serve the service, and the competition competition from the single-link to the integrated capacity of the business model.. In the past two years, Geely new energy vehicle sales have increased year by year, and the market share is also added.

With the effect of battery layout, Can Geely bent overtaking in new energy auto industry? Time will give an answer. .

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