Manganese sings the protagonist, the price is the “cobalt battery” true?

Manganese sings the protagonist, the price is the

July 7th, last month, the researchers of ArgonnenationalLaborative National Laboratory (ArgonnenationalLaboratory) announced that it is developing a battery technology based on manganese as core materials to replace the battery cathode. cobalt. This technology can not only be used in electric vehicles, but also variable energy such as wind and solar energy (power grid to be stored).

Report from Argonne said that today, the lithium-ion battery for the supply of new energy electric vehicles is depended to a certain extent of cobalt. However, cobalt is expensive, often exploiting in areas where political economy is unstable..

With the rise of the energy storage market, more and more battery chemicals depending on cobalt. Jasoncroy, the physicist of Argonne Chemistry and Engineering, said: “The material demand for new energy batteries is too large, and a single battery technology cannot be satisfied, so we are looking for environmentally friendly, safe, cheap alternative energy sources..

“” Manganese is a good choice. “Manganese is one of the most abundant metals on the earth. Argonne researchers have developed lithium nickel-manganese cobalt (NMC) cathode materials, and their energy storage capacity may increase compared to traditional cathode materials.

50 % To 100%. This study is funded by the US Energy Automotive Technology Office, technology has been authorized to global manufacturer, including GM, and uses such a cathode material in its Chevrolet Volt and Bolt models..

At present, Croy is still improving this technology with its colleagues. Because new manganese and lithium content reduces the stability of the battery cathode, the performance changes in performance over time..

They are currently designed and test new cathode structures, coating and electrolyte additives to help solve this problem.. Croy said: “The prove of the concept already exists – technology is feasible, just a little improvement in stability.

“Good news is, recently, Manganese X Company issued a report through the Kemetco Research Company, called its completed MNSO4 (EV compatible) purity 99.95% low impurity sulfate products. The high-purity level of this product has reached the requirements of new energy electric vehicles and battery storage industries.

. It is worth noting that the silicon-manganese futures prices have also been affected by the epidemic in the first half of the year, and the overall situation of the overall fluctuations in the first half of the year..

However, according to the Yangtze River has a quote, the latest average price of cobalt is still more than 37 times.. The international statement, from a long time, the trend of automotive electricity is undoubted, and the “banned statement” in Europe will accelerate the permeability of electric vehicles.

. In 2025, the demand for global dynamic lithium battery is expected to reach 635GWH. Therefore, from the perspective of technical perspective, it is a short time goal, cobalt-free, and has a short time in a short period of time.

. International Conventional International believes that although new technologies have evolved, the power lithium battery industry has higher resources and technical barriers. The short-term industry is difficult to change, the first echelon pattern remains stable.

. Comprehensive supporting customers, energy density technology, future production expansion, etc., CATL and LG chemical competitive advantages.


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