Mainstream choice of vehicle power lithium battery or lithium iron phosphate

Mainstream choice of vehicle power lithium battery or lithium iron phosphate

On September 26, my country Electric Motors will hold the latest outstage industrial training in Jiading Automobile, Shanghai. The subject of this issue is “electric car core technology breakthrough and innovation”. Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute Research Institute, Dr.

Huang Xuejie, Wang Xuejie, Wuhan University Chemistry and Molecular Science, Ph.D. Ai Xinping as a representative of industry experts on dynamic lithium batteries and key components, core technology, and next battery technology route In depth.

As the core component of the electric vehicle, its performance affects the speed of the whole vehicle, the renewal mileage, etc., so, the seminar of battery technology has never stopped. Due to the influence of different materials on battery performance, which material is the most suitable power lithium battery that is suitable for vehicles is the focus of the industry, and it is also difficult.

. As the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” National 863 Plan Electric Vehicle Steering Overall Experts Experts Experts Experts Experts Experts Experts in Lithium Secondary Battery and Its Related Materials, Processes and Equipment Technology. He believes that the dynamic lithium battery has important two technical routes in my country, respectively, for commercial vehicles and passenger cars, commercial vehicles are important to choose phosphate ion battery, which is expected to break through 160WH / kg this year; and passenger cars are compared The energy has a high demand, so the three-yuan material battery is more favored.

. However, such a more energy does not meet the requirements of longer renewal mileage, people are still trying different materials..

It is reported that in addition to lithium cobaltate, other manganese acid, lithium iron phosphate, three-yuan materials, high-nickel, etc., have a certain advantage varying degrees..

Among them, NCA ternary materials are high than energy, long storage life, and TSLA is NCA batteries.. However, the problem of NCA’s low cycle life and poor safety performance have attracted people’s attention.

. Although the monomer is higher than the energy, it is greatly reduced by energy than energy..

In order to ensure longer renewal mileage, there must be more monomers, then there will be certain hidden dangers in terms of security.. Huang Xuejie compared the battery of the above materials: the lithium cobaltate is good, but the cost is high, so it is only applied to the mobile phone; the lithium manganate is low, and there is more demand in the commercial vehicle area, but it ratio The energy is low, so the low speed, the two-wheeler is more applicable.

In a comprehensive comparison, the lithium iron phosphate cycle life is long, safe, stability, and cost is gradually decreasing, so it is still the current mainstream choice.. About this point of view, Ai peace holds the same attitude.

He resolutely opposes the new battery weight for new continuous mileage, because this will cause the overall weight of the vehicle, the energy consumption is also increased, but the electric car is not environmentally friendly, and this practice is also large. A new increase in market promotion. The direction of the main development direction of the power lithium battery must be significantly increased to energy in the indicators of safety, long life, and cycle life.

. Therefore, comprehensive comparison of various material batteries, lithium-ion batteries are still the focus of dynamic lithium battery development. Huang Xuejie suggested that the focus of lithium iron phosphate continued to R & D is not the improvement of the material itself, but is in the design of the battery and the supporting negative material.

. In his opinion, lithium iron phosphate has formed an annual output of more than 100,000 tons, and the material technology has been very mature..

Next, how to use the lithium iron lithium iron with a negative electrode material, better play its excellent performance, and become a problem that should be solved by the industry.. Taking two materials as an example, one can be quickly charged at low temperatures, and the other is a higher than energy.

. The graphene material can be quickly charged at low temperatures, with a higher than energy is silicon carbon material, and must be nano-stage silicon..

It is not difficult to see that if you want to increase the ratio of lithium iron phosphate, it is necessary to solve the low-efficiency of the silicon negative circulatory Kurlen efficiency and a voltage attenuation of lithium-rich manganese group. It is expected to develop more advanced lithium ion powers than energy breakthroughs in energy. Battery.

From the perspective of long-term vision, innovative lithium-ion batteries are more realistic and feasible for lithium sulfur, and lithium air is more realistic.. He proposed that developing high-capacity lithium oxide positive (≥350mAh / g) based on an anion charge compensation mechanism, which can develop power-lithium batteries than energy greater than 500Wh / kg.

. Ai Xinyi emphasizes safety to determine the prospect of high than energy battery loading applications, develop self-heating control technology and full solid-state battery is a feasible solution, so you must step up. The high load electrode is the basis for achieving high performance of the battery.

According to the polarization model, the development of gradient porosity electrodes, which has important use and significance about high-performance battery development.. At present, the new generation of lithium iron phosphate ion battery monomers can reach 175WH / kg, which can meet the requirements of 150WH / kg of commercial vehicles after group.

As the technical level continues to improve, the 180WH / kg goal is achieved by 2020, and there is a greater development space.. In addition, lithium iron phosphate is not only strong in my country’s industrial base, but more importantly, it also has application space in commercial and storage.

. Ai Xin Ping said that the solid-state battery is an inevitable trend in the future, and the solid-state battery has a high requirements of oxidation capacity, low temperature conductivity, etc., and now popular ternary materials, lithium cobaltate, etc.

, only lithium iron ions Battery can meet. .

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