Longhua 98% charging lithium battery company completes rectification

Longhua 98% charging lithium battery company completes rectification

Previously, Longhua District Safety Supervision Bureau organized a lithium-ion battery company in the jurisdiction to convene a lithium-ion battery rectification promotion meeting, signed a responsibility book and commitment on site.. At the meeting, the Longhua District Safety Supervision Bureau on the spot for hidden danger of risks involving high-risk craftsmanship, focusing on the importance of lithium-ion battery companies “wall” work.

During the acceptance process, law enforcement personnel discovered that most companies were implemented in terms of risk management, and they took the “wall” small separation, downside, battery reduction, and presented lithium-ion batteries with insulating pallets, effectively control lithium Ion battery warehouse security risk. At the same time, it also found that individuals of individual lithium-ion batteries, key regions such as lithium-ion batteries, warehouses, etc. have not taken a solid wall separation, and still use combustible materials to store batteries, steel shelves, unwrapped lines, distribution, aging workshops (rooms) Electrical facilities fail to achieve relevant explosion-proof requirements, accidents in the accident, no temperature sensation, etc.

. It is understood that the special rectification of lithium-ion batteries is the weight of the district security supervision office, after 2017, the 2018 surplus, “look back”, as of now, Longhua District has a total of lithium-ion battery company 148 Home, where there is 116 companies involving “wall” action, 114 companies have completed “wall”, and the remaining 2 missions have been rectified within a time limit..

Next, the Longhua District Safety Supervision Bureau will check the lithium-ion battery companies in the jurisdiction, and determine that the company has completed the company and meets the requirements of the company, and strengthens supervision and guidance around the dangerous process of lithium-ion battery and dangerous places.. At the same time, continue to do control and publicize lithium-ion battery charge capacity, and urge the company to strengthen 24 hours of emergency and emergency drills.

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