Long-life power charging lithium battery or will become the future of our new energy car

Long-life power charging lithium battery or will become the future of our new energy car

In 2016, the national key research and development plan new energy vehicle key special projects, Li Wei, researcher, the Chinese Academy of Physics, my country, is responsible for the “New System Research” project of new materials and new systems and new system research on the dynamic power of the dynamics, and is designed to develop high. Energy density, high security lithium-ion battery to improve electric vehicle battery life, project proposed to study lithium-ion battery, semi-solid lithium sulfur battery, solid lithium air battery three long-range power lithium ion batteries, or will become my country’s new energy car Future core. Challenge the battery limit energy density “Improve the energy density of the power lithium battery cell reaches 400Wh / kg, will help significantly improve the renewal mileage of electric vehicles.

Take the North Air EV 200 as an example, 400WH / kg battery, equivalent to 800Wh / L above volume energy density. Keep the existing battery pack volume and 100 kilometers per ton of electricity consumption, but charge can not only end 620 kilometers, but also reduce costs, extend the service life, solve the current difference between electric vehicles and fuel vehicles..

“Recently, Li Wei said in an interview with a reporter.. As an important part of the overall layout of the national new energy vehicle power lithium battery, the project’s task is to develop a new battery of 400Wh / kg or more energy density at the front end of the industrial chain, accumulating the understanding of the key basic scientific issues of high energy density batteries.

Key technology, and develop 300WH / kg battery supply important reference basis and guidance for company synchronization. The R & D team of “New Materials and New Systems” and New Systems of Longhang Dynamic Lithium Ion Battery is the task of challenging battery limit energy density in the project..

The amount of electrical cell energy density 300Wh / kg can realize the disclosure of the reporter from the public development method of the company’s declaration, with a lithium-ion powered lithium battery route of 300WH / kg, and the project team chose high nickel positive and nano silica. “From the most recent progress, the technical indicators that the energy density of the mass production is 300Wh / kg can be realized..

Li Wei said. In recent new architecture research, “New System Research” and New System Research on Longhang Dynamic Lithium Ion Battery and the New System Research “The R & D team used to the positive electrode, and the silicon carbon material is a negative electrode energy density reached 348WH / kg, and With the lithium material as the positive electrode, the electrical cell of metal lithium is a negative electrode reaches 573 wH / kg; the lithium sulfur battery is 600Wh / kg than energy; a lithium-empty battery is more than 780Wh / kg. “High-energy density battery of more than 300WH / kg, the negative electrode contains metal lithium is an important common technique.

Some research teams propose an important technical challenge to solve the use or metal lithium negative electrolyte by solid electrolyte or mixed solid solution.. Li Wei said.

my country’s Academy of Sciences lay out in the 1913story of my country’s strategic lead, which supports the development of solid-state batteries, and three teams have made progress in polymers, sulfides and in situ solidizers.. Technical route is clear but still face challenges “In the soft bag battery of liquid electrolyte lithium-ion battery currently developed, the general liquid electrolyte weight is 15% -25%, negative extreme carbon, silicon, etc.

. In the long run, the future should develop a full solid metal lithium-ion battery, and the negative electrode contains metal lithium, and there is no liquid in the battery..

Li Wei said. Although the technical route is clearer, it is currently facing a big challenge. Li Wei said that from the view of the development of mixed solid-replenish battery and full solid-state metal lithium-ion battery industry, we must focus on developing solid electrolytes and metal lithium materials, solving interface ions and electronics transmission, and volume formation, thermal stability.

Most manufacturing equipment can be implemented by manufacturing equipment using existing lithium-ion batteries and primary metal lithium ion battery industries.. In addition, production environmental control technology such as a dry room for mass production of metal lithium-ion batteries has also been mastered.

. Despite the development of mixed solid solution electrolyte batteries and full solid metal lithium ion batteries, it also faces many scientific and technological challenges, including control costs challenges..

“As long as the basic scientific issues are deeply in-depth, it is also full of hope, even if it is difficult, it is also a hopefulness.. Li Wei said.


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