Long life battery can help CATL back to the throne

Long life battery can help CATL back to the throne

Lost the power of the power lithium battery market, the head of the chair, want to collect lost land through the new battery technology. On June 10, CATL announced the launch of a new long life battery, and its cycle continued to reach 2 million kilometers..

“It is already possible to start accepting the order of the vehicle.. “CATL relevant person in charge said to Beijing Business Daily reporters.

New energy car battery sector competition is increasingly hot, BYD’s “blade”, “hive” of Great Wall Auto, is aimed at low-end mileage and electrical agents.. Therefore, regarding CATL, whether the battery can be smoothly equipped smoothly, further seize the market share, is the key to CATL retro the throne.

Life 16 is understood that the new battery launched by CATL can realize 16 years of long life, and the cycle is reached 2 million kilometers.. “The attenuation of the battery capacity and the positive electrode, the negative electrode, and the electrolyte are related.

“. “The above person in charge revealed that the core of self-repairing long life battery technology is slowing capacity attenuation speed, that is, controls the active lithium consumption speed..

“At present, the technology is generally used in terms of ternary materials and lithium iron phosphate materials, and the new battery has no more than 10% of the current battery cost.. “CATL relevant person in charge said to Beijing Business Daily reporters.

It is worth mentioning that because the battery attenuation is low, it has become one of the reasons for hindering consumers to buy new energy vehicles.. “2019 my country Automotive Protection Report” shows that in addition to TSLA can be maintained at more than 70%, the remaining new energy models are generally low, and the vehicle uses the annual residual rate of 10%.

. In the insiders, it is possible to complete self-repair, which will greatly improve the value of the battery, and solve the pain points of the car purchase..

At present, most of the new energy car brands of the power lithium battery warranty period is eight years or 150,000 kilometers.. This means that after using CATL new battery, even if the vehicle is scrapped, the battery can continue to be used, thereby solving consumers’ concerns about battery attenuation.

. In the view of the person in charge, CATL’s long life battery can effectively alleviate the user’s mileage decrease, significantly reduce battery costs, and improve the economic role of electric vehicles related to fuel cars..

“Million kilometers used mileage, means that it is charged at a time, if you can run 500 kilometers, then you can charge 2000 times. “In the case of Yan Jinghui in the automotive industry, the battery will also promote new energy vehicles while enhancing battery practices..

TSLA or “Tasting” is worth mentioning that after the battery is announced, who will become the focus of “the first to eat crabs”. Among them, the highest voice is the TSLA to achieve cooperation this year and CATL..

It is understood that in February this year, TSLA and CATL signed a two-year contract.. Contract shows that CATL will supply battery for Model3 produced by TSLA Shanghai Factory.

In this regard, the relevant person in charge of CATL said to Beijing Business Daily reporters: “There have been customers with cooperation, involving customer confidential agreements, and is inconvenient to disclose details.. “Although CATL did not explicitly revealed who will become a car enterprise that is first to carry new batteries, it has said that this year’s TSLA said that it is planned to launch a new cost, longer battery model in my country.

The model launch time is the end of this year or early next year, it is expected to make the cost of electric vehicles and fuel cars at the same level.. In fact, not only to join hands Tsla, CATL as one of the world’s largest power lithium battery suppliers, has been expanding your “friends circle”.

At present, CATL has cooperated with BMW, SAIC, Changan, Volkswagen, Volvo, Jaguar Road Tiger, Toyota, Beiqi and other domestic and foreign car companies.. This means that these companies have a new battery that can be developed by CATL.

. “Who can take the lead in carrying the new battery, will be more advantageous in the market competition. “The industry believes that millions of kilometers use mileage is the advancement of battery technology, but in the context of subsidiar, the new battery launched by CATL is also a” 噱 噱 “that CATL launched by many car companies.

Promote the perspective of consumers car purchase, compared with ordinary batteries, longer battery is more selling. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the new selling point stimulating sales, the self-restoration ability of long-life battery is also the possibility of supplying battery secondary utilization. According to data, the power lithium battery occupies 70% of the total cost of electric vehicles, in the background of subsidies, the cost of the difficult battery makes the price of the whole vehicle high.

According to industry analysts, CATL long life batteries have landed, do not exclude the possibility of multi-use utilization in the future, reduce the cost of the vehicle research and development, and respond to the times. “Our battery can meet long life and long mileage requirements. In any mode operation, it is also necessary to discuss with the vehicle factory, and it also involves laws and regulations on secondary use.

. “CATL relevant person in charge said to Beijing Business Daily reporters. Accelerate the “Running Radi” in fact, long life, high-declined battery has become industry research focus.

In addition to CATL, TSLA, BYD, honeycomb energy, General Motors, etc. are also researching long-life batteries. However, most car companies are still in the development stage.

At this time, CATL takes the lead in achieving commercial landing, and it is also hoping to keep the market leading the market.. It is worth mentioning that the data shows that LG chemistry in the first quarter of this year LG chemistry defeated the largest competitor, Panasonic and CATL, becoming the first power lithium battery company in the global market share, and the market value exceeds 300 billion yuan CATL The market share has fallen to 17.

4%, ranking third. At the same time, the financial report shows that CATL revenue is 9.031 billion yuan in the first quarter, down 9.

53% year-on-year; net profit is 742 million yuan, a year-on-year decline in 29.14%. Although CATL still maintains a border position in the domestic market, “White List” abolished, LG, Samsung and other foreign companies in Huayin and seize market share, the domestic dynamic lithium battery market competition is more intense.

According to data, the total amount of power lithium battery installed last year rose by 9.3% year-on-year, compared to 57% of 2018, the growth rate is clearly slow. Beijing Business Daily reporters learned that in order to attract more car companies, each power lithium battery company rushed to the new technical track to compete for orders.

. In March this year, BYD announced a new generation of power lithium battery products “blade battery” and showing “blade battery” smooth through needle thorn penetration test..

Since then, May honeycomb energy announced two cobalt-free batteries, one of the battery NEDC operating capacity has up to 880 km.. In the insiders, the battery company started to open a new round of “Running Radi” than the new technology after expanding the “friends circle”.

. CATL launches long-life battery and is commercialized, and it is also a key to occupying the lead, but the battery can be used smoothly and popularize the key to CATL..

At the same time, CATL has once again received attention from the capital market. As of June 10, CATL share price rose 1.77%, reporting 156.

68 yuan, the total market value rises to 345.81 billion yuan. .

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