Lithium plate sector first-quarter performance pre-homes industry boom super expected

Lithium plate sector first-quarter performance pre-homes industry boom super expected

As a precursor company with cobalt resources, the performance of Huayou cobalt industry can be said to be flying, from last year, the year-round performance, the new height continues to brush. The company has shown that net profit is 69.2375 million yuan last year, but 2015 is -264 million yuan.

. During the reporting period, the company’s various types of lithium-ion batteries of the company reached more than 35,000 tons, an increase of approximately 89% from the same period of the previous year, and became an important raw material supplier in the field of domestic lithium-electricity energy..

According to the 2016 Cobalt consumption in the 2016 company, Huayou cobalt industry sales accounts for about 41% of domestic consumption.. The company’s latest quarter results report show that it is expected that the operating performance in the first quarter of 2017 and the same period of the last year, it will realize the turn loss, the net profit attributable to the shareholders of listed companies, 220 million yuan to 260 million yuan.

. Huawager cobalt industry said that the company’s cobalt product production has been further released, and the production and sales volume has increased significantly. The production cost of the unit product continues to decline, and the relationship between cobalt products has also been significantly improved, and the price has increased sharply, which makes the company to achieve greater profitability.

. There is also Greenmei in the first quarter..

The company expects to achieve net profit from 924.393 million yuan to 112.477 million yuan in the first quarter, up 40% to 70% year-on-year.

. Market analysts believe that in the big context of cobalt supply in 2017, the advantages of Green Mei recycling business will be more obvious, and the company also has high quality downstream customer resources. With the further release of future production, the company’s performance is high Can continue.

“The price of cobalt is raised in December last year. I didn’t expect to rise so soon, the results of the performance exceeded us expected. The company’s battery material products are currently on the rise, and the output is going up.

Because the new energy car is a big development direction, the state is very supportive, we are now focusing on this block.. “Green Mary said.

China Automobile Association statistics show that in January of this year, the new energy car production is 6,889 and 5,682, respectively, down 69.1% and 74.4% over the same period of the previous year; February, new energy automotive production and sales completed 17,972 and 17,596, respectively.

Rising 15.5% and 30.3%, respectively.

And the latest data on April 11 shows that in March, new energy automotive production and sales have completed 3,3015 and 31,112 units, respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 30.9% and 35.6%, respectively.

. Affected by the Spring Festival holiday, subsidy uncertain, directory retrial, this year, the new energy car market is cold in January this year..

However, from February, March production and sales data, the entire new energy car market is rapidly recurring.. Based on this, the new energy vehicle industry chain on the lithium-electric material company, lithium-eM plant production company has increased rapidly in a first quarter of this year.

. For example, the performance preview of CCIGCI shares shows that the company’s net profit will rise from 711.58% to 801.

75% this year.. The company said that the performance has increased significantly because the company’s important product of the company’s positive electrode material has increased significantly, and the sales gross profit margin has increased significantly compared to the same period last year.

. Similarly, based on the company’s lithium-ion battery material business is good, the Sky Shares are expected to make profit of 731.55 million yuan to 816.

614 million yuan, up 330% to 380% year-on-year.. The pilot intelligence said that as the state’s support for the new energy industry is constantly increasing, the lithium-ion battery industry has continued to develop, and the company actively develops new customers and lithium-ion battery-related equipment on the basis of stabilizing the original customers.

The performance is significantly improved over the same period of the previous year. It is expected that net profit in the first quarter will reach 77.84 million yuan to 9.

24.3 million yuan, up 60% to 90% year-on-year..

Winning Technology also said that due to the rapid development of the lithium-ion battery industry, the demand for lithium battery is significant. The company is expected to achieve net profit from 32 million yuan to 38 million yuan, up 50.02% to 78.

14% year-on-year.

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