Lithium plate group collectiveness! Interpret the real new energy industry!

Lithium plate group collectiveness! Interpret the real new energy industry!

Regarding the people who do cobalt lithium new energy related industries, this year is a difficult day in the second half of this year.. Whether it is cobalt or lithium, after the explosion of last year, there has been a large drop.

. For a time, the entire industry has also fallen into a confused and confusion, saying that the new energy car is a big trend in the future, and the future will be a bright, but in the face of the price of the waist, many people still want to ask: new energy What is the big flag? Maybe a short period of fluctuation can not let us find the answer, to answer this question, to see the big potential of fresh energy, we must put your eyes on a bigger development framework. Throughout the process of human development, each huge historical change is inseparable from the advancement of energy and power.

From steam engine, internal combustion engine, then to the current new energy power. According to Ma Yun (I really don’t understand this, it sounds like MLM, is it Ma Yun said.): Any business opportunity will experience four stages: “I can’t see”, “I can’t afford it”, “see” Don’t understand “,” it is too late.

“. Any process of wealth will experience a process: “Prophet operator; after knowing, I don’t know the consumer!” We are in the stage of “invisible”, because fossil fuels, including internal combustion engines, or push The cornerstone of the whole society, but from BYD’s various new energy bus, to TSLA launched new energy trucks, inadless, the times may have turned to a new page when many people are unique..

Behind the industrial revolution, we want to see the big trend of fresh energy vehicles, we first retrospectively review these large industrial revolutions.. The first industrial revolution: first happening in the UK in the 1860s.

Start with the birth of the working machine, the steam engine is widely used as a dynamic. The rough development process of this industrial revolution is: the invention and improvement of cotton textile machinery – improved steam engines – metallurgy, mining department adopts machine production and steam dynamic – transportation innovation. The second industrial revolution: from the 1970s, the internal combustion engine is representative.

At that time, the important concentration of science and technology appeared as three aspects: (1) electricity, oil development and utilization. (2) Internal combustion engine and new transportation creation. (3) Inventions and use of electricity.

In particular, the wide application of electric power has entered humanity: “Electrical Age”, wide application of electricity is the significant feature of the second industrial revolution. After this revolution, humans announced that the world entered the “Electrical Age” in the “Steam Age”, and the industrial center has been transferred from the textile industry into heavy industry, and the emerging industrial sector such as electrical, chemical, oil has emerged..

People began to refine ammonia, benzene, artificial fuel, etc., plastic, insulating substances, artificial fibers, and smokeless gunpowns, and invented production and use..

The original industrial sector such as metallurgy, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing and transportation, telecommunications and other departments. The third industrial revolution: Since the 1945, it has made a major breakthrough in the fields of nuclear energy, electronic computer, microelectronics, aerospace technology, molecular biology and genetic engineering, marking the arrival of the new scientific and technical revolution..

This scientific revolution is called the third scientific revolution. It has a large number of new industries, and the tertiary industry has developed rapidly..

Among them, the most time-time times is the rapid development and extensive use of electronic computers, open up information age.. It promotes the modernization of social life, changing people’s lives, learning, interaction, and thinking.

. More certification of science and technology is the most important driving force for productivity development, science and technology is the first productivity, which is the root cause and foundation of the achievement of knowledge economy..

The fourth industrial revolution: and the fourth industrial revolution has no accurate meaning yet, but it has a very high possible to be a new energy, new material, new environment, and new biotechnology revolution.. Our green industry headed by our new energy begins to the future of the future, and qualitatively is “the fourth industrial revolution”.

. From the strategic vision, new energy is itself a direction of economic development, promoting the development of new energy, can promote the transformation of energy structures and economic structures, and the far-reaching influence of the national economy is also the future of all countries in the future, and the energy industry is in the future. The direction will be from energy resources to energy technology.

Humans have countless envoys in the future, and people in the era of happening can always be aware of the future.. We are familiar with and use electric vehicles, but it is too late to think that electric cars are sought after in this era.

. As the iPhone’s success has driven a multi-touch technology, voice control technology, the development of fingerprint unlocking technology, is a good technology product is a platform that drives the entire industrial supporting technology..

We may wish that the value of the value of electric cars is higher in the battery, the battery is higher, the battery is longer, and the battery is not only to solve the driving force of the car, but also the direction of the energy storage, form a cycle of small grid.. Further, the source of electricity is just a single coal, then the environmental friendly requirements and continued use of fuel vehicles have no fundamental differences, but in recent years, wind power and photovoltaic costs have fallen, and the future energy structure will occur.

change. Finally, smart driving will also get experiments on this platform..

From a review of the three industrial revolution in history, we found that every revolution is the technical leap, and the driving is a large demand for energy or metal.. This is also why most of the goods have a long period of more than ten years or decades or decades, and the rise in the big trend is the result of the demand.

. The first industrial revolution has driven the use of coal; the second industrial revolution began to use oil; the core of the third industrial revolution – the representative of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” – New Energy Car, Behind the behm metal, such as lithium, nickel, cobalt, etc., this change will drive all kinds of battery raw materials, which is also a long period of time, which is also the general trend of the times.

. Whether it is from an environmental angle or an energy security perspective, new energy vehicles are the big trend of future development..

First of all, my country as a petroleum imported country, the degree of dependence on foreign import energy is improved with the rapid development of the economy.. In 2016, my country’s stone imported oil is 381 million tons, with more than 65% of the external deposits, including 82% of imported oil for car consumption.

If you can change the energy consumption type of the car, it can be renewable from the oil fuel to a large extent to alleviate this crisis.. Secondly, it is more important to rely on imported fossil energy to national security.

The whole of my country’s manufacturing can be curved and overtaking, can we rush into the technology and Japan and South Korea since the second industrial revolution in the next few decades Industry barriers, new energy industries, including new energy vehicles, may be a very critical field. As we all know, on the new energy vehicle route, divided into hydrogen energy and lithium-ion battery. The Japanese car giants such as Toyota and Honda have chosen the technical route – fuel power battery (source of fuel reducing agent is hydrogen) in my country, the United States, Germany, is selected in our country, the United States, Germany.

Is a battery / capacitor array route. Below is the fuel power battery device and hydrogen storage tank at the bottom of Toyota’s hydrogen fuel power battery car (the risk of hydrogen storage and high energy consumption are the natural weaknesses of the hydrogen-fuel power battery car, and do not say that the car is hydrogen storage itself. The large-scale construction of the station, high-pressure liquefied equipment, heated vaporization equipment and hydrogen transport pipeline is a high cost.

): Soon the battle for new energy automotive routes will become a century industry war, most companies have already stationed Lithium ion battery camp. If the lithium ion battery route overwhelmed the hydrogen energy route of Japan (in fact, it can be considered “to” crowned it, Japan wants to resist the three big countries of China and Morality, basically an impossible task), future On the road, there will be only a charging station and it is impossible to have a hydrogen station..

It is more impossible to have infrastructure such as high-pressure liquefied equipment, heating vaporization equipment and hydrogen transport pipelines.. This means that now the huge automotive industry in Japan will be separated by Zhongmei Sanya.

. This is no longer a plot but a positive. Since Japan’s semiconductor industry chain, the true pillar of the Japanese economy has a chain of the auto industry.

. As long as you can dry the Japanese, the melon is divided into its huge overseas markets, and China’s virtues can last for a few years in the body of Japan..

In the case where the entire global economy does not have a lot of improvement, who can get longer before the next round of crises, who has a greater survival chance. Japan is a country that has no self-sovereign, it is destined to be sacrificed..

So we only pay attention to the new energy route of lithium-distributors. Of course, the battle of this route will be more fierce battle than the liquid crystal VS plasma century of the year (the last round of panel century war outcomes is the liquid crystal camp headed by Korea’s consortium, and the plasma camp headed by Japanese consortium is laid. Samsung, LG’s panel dominant status).

Finally, the manufacturers and countries that win this route are undoubtedly qualified.. In addition, in the perspective of environmental protection, Octob 8, 2016, Prime Minister Li Keqiang held a State Council executive meeting: pointed out that the new traditional Fuel Automobile production company was not approved.

. Although there are questions that the electric power to be put forward is also a kind of pollution to the environment. However, it is only 20% of the energy utilization from the raw material to the wheels, and the gasoline car is only 20%, and the electric vehicle can reach 40.

%, And in the future, fire power is sustained to decline.. Finally, one reason for developing new energy vehicles is that electric vehicles can achieve intelligence.

. At the same time, every year, the number of traffic accidents reached 1.25 million, which is equivalent to 3,400 deaths per day, 80% of which is caused by improper driving, intelligent, is safely found in safe.

. The future of new energy vehicles with traditional cars is the same as the current smartphones and the Nokia black and white screen mobile phones 10 years ago..

Sustained big fell in the second half of this year seems to be gradually stable in the near future.. Some raw materials have been close to the cost line, and the possibility of playing down is not too big.

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