Lithium phosphate faucet re-expansion! CATL: Yield I have a package

Lithium phosphate faucet re-expansion! CATL: Yield I have a package

On December 18, Long Yu Technology disclosed notice, in order to expand the production of lithium iron phosphate production, further satisfy customer orders, the company’s controlled subsidiary Changzhou Lithium source and the Yucheng County People’s Government signed on December 17 The “Lithium Iron Phosphate Positive Material Project Cooperation Agreement”, plans to invest about 800 million yuan in Yucheng new “lithium iron phosphate positive material project”, the project is constructed by Changzhou Lithium Source. Most importantly, these outputs are sold in advance by CATL in advance..

CATL “round” expansion output According to the announcement, Longjing Technology This new 50,000-ton-phosphate positive material project is newly built, and the total land is about 100 mu, the current project is in planning stage.. Why is expanding? Because the product is inquiishing! The purchaser is queued, etc.

. This year, the lithium iron phosphate ion battery index has risen sharply from 3392.48 to 6212.

15, and it is close to double.. The industry is high, and lithium iron phosphate positive materials manufacturers have expanded their own production.

. In addition to Long Yu Technology, the recent days of the original shares, Fujun Seikong and other companies have also completed the expansion, and the Yahua Group also started layout of lithium iron phosphate positive materials..

For example, December 14, Tianyuan Shares announcement, the company plans to set up a new company investment construction of 100,000 tons / annual phosphate positive material project, and according to the actual situation, it is supported by the company’s subsidiaries to build phosphoric acid, iron phosphate project, project. Plan total investment of 2.389 billion yuan.

The industry expansion, will future production will be excessive? Long Yu Technology does not have to worry about this problem. Because CATL is not only “packaged”, the company’s project production, also prepayment of 350 million yuan support project construction. According to the agreement, CATL will sell all the output from Shandong Lithium-source new project from the date of production from December 31, 2023, and CATL can specify the third party to Shandong lithium source.

The procurement pricing is based on the associated company of Shandong, and the price of lithium titrat (Tianjin) Nano Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is based on the price of lithium iron phosphate products to CATL.

It gives 1,150 yuan per ton.. Buying “Ship Ticket” to “Ning Wang” reporter, in the phosphate positive material.

On December 26, 2020, Long Yu Technology Notice, Company and Bertry signed a framework of acquisition agreement, and it is proposed to acquire ketch lithium iron phosphate related assets and business within the scope of Beturi consolidated report by itself or its subsidiary.. On April 24 this year, the company announced, intended to be Beti, Nanjing Jinbeli, Changzhou Youpei jointly established a joint venture company Changzhou lithium source, company funded 231 million yuan of shares 73.

33%. Changzhou lithium source acquired 100% equity equity held by Beti Riji (Tianjin) nanomaterials manufacturing Co., Ltd.

held by Shenzhen Beturi Nim Technology Co., Ltd. in cash; ) 100% of Jiangsu Beitrea Micro Technology Co.

, Ltd. held by New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

. By acquiring the lithium iron phosphate assets of Bertry, Long Yu Technology entered the “Ningwang” friends circle..

Just 19th, Long Yu Technology Notice, Company, Ding Investment, Time Minidane San 200 million yuan, 16.5 billion yuan, and 1.8 billion yuan, the controlled subsidiary Changzhou, China.

After this increase increase, the company held Changzhou lithium source will be changed from 64.71% to 53.81%.

. Long Yu Technology emphasizes that Changzhou’s lithium source is the only subject of Longzhi Technology engaged in lithium iron phosphate..

Investment, the era of the era is not small. According to the disclosure, we will invest in CATL100% Hong Kong company, business scope includes industrial investment, investment management, investment consultation. The shareholders of the Times, including Qingdao on the new and upgraded industrial equity investment funds, CATL, and investment, etc.

. The shareholders of Shanghai Automotive New Upgrade Industry Equity Investment Fund include Shanghai Automobile Group Co., Ltd.

. From the above-mentioned cooperation case, CATL is continuing to deepen the depth bundling and expansion of the lithium battery chain to support its huge battery and energy storage business.

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