Lithium mine listed company performance stock price reverses multiple new energy auto parts stocks

Lithium mine listed company performance stock price reverses multiple new energy auto parts stocks

In the first week of November, the performance of the new energy car related subject matter in the capital market. According to Wind data, the new energy vehicle theme has risen slightly last week, and the index rises by 1.34%; the power lithium-ion battery subjects and lithium mine themes are weak, and the last week index decreased by 3.

46% and 7.21% respectively..

WIND data shows that in recent, 13 lithium-mine subjects listed companies have disclosed three-quarter results report. Among them, 12 companies realize the net profit from the first three quarters, with an increase of approximately 92%..

However, the basics and stock prices have not formed, and the recent decline in the performance of the primary stocks of lithium mite.. Huachuang Securities believes that in a medium-short time, the supply shortage is reduced, and the lithium price is expected to continue to rise, and the plate profit is continuously released.

. In the long run, the future electric vehicle and storage have a high increase in demand, compared to the long-term lithium resource development cycle, the funds are large, and the supply end is more difficult to increase, the lithium resource gap will continue to enlarge. e Data Sheet: Each reporter Li Shu (data source: wind) is an important former rankings in the top of this week, the new energy auto parts related companies.

Previously, affected by the lack of supply of chip, rising raw material prices, epidemic rebound, etc.. The shortage of chip in the fourth quarter will be greatly improved, and the supply is high.

The demand for pre-inhibition is expected to put on the fourth quarter. The basic fundamentals will be greatly improved, and the new energy automotive market will remain high-speed rise..

Table: Each reporter Li Shuo (data source: wind) last week, lithium-ion battery-related stocks show weak, multiple stocks have fallen sharply. According to WIND data, the amount of net current in the subject of lithium-ion battery last week is 8.12 billion yuan.

. It is worth noting that from the beginning of the year, it has risen until the September nearly 350 yuan in September (603026, sh) has become “negligent” last week..

Although Shi Dashenghua’s net profit was 740 million yuan in the first three quarters, it increased by 1185.75% compared with the same period of last year, but the company’s return to the net profit was only 150 million, which was 58.22% from the second quarter.

In the industry. In the context of the boom increase, its profitability is questioned, the stock price or therefore appears. Table: Each reporter Li Shuo (data source: wind) last week, new energy automotive industry chain related stock funds is low.

Among them, BYD (002594, SZ) harvested the biggest concern. Huachuang securities analysis believes that global electric power pace is accelerating, BYD will continue to accelerate as domestic electric vehicles. In addition to the automotive, battery service sector accelerates, the company is downstream of the new energy industry chain, and upstream and downstream in the automatic driving field are also enhancing the layout, enhances the competitiveness of the system based on new energy services as the core.

. Highly leading the company’s long-term electricity, the layout advantage of the whole industry chain. Table: Each reporter Li Shuo (data source: wind) market value, last week’s new energy auto industry chain related stocks changed.

It is worth mentioning that November 1st, Ningde Times (300750, SZ) market value touched the highest number of 1.58 trillion yuan, once surpassed the Industrial and Commercial Bank (601398, SZ), ranking second at the A stock market, second only to Guizhou Maotai (600519, SZ). On the few days, the stock price of Ningde Times appeared down, and the final market value is fixed at 1.

48 trillion yuan.. Despite this, Ningde Times market value is still “one ride” in the new energy vehicle industry chain.

. e major events 1. Shanghai issued support for the development of Fuel Dynamic Lithium Battery Automobile Industry November 3, Shanghai Development and Reform Commission official website announced “Several Policy on Supported the Development of Fuel Power Lithium Battery Automobile Industry in this City”.

The document proposes, by the end of 2025, Shanghai City fiscal fiscal funds in accordance with the national fuel power lithium battery car demonstration central financial reward funds 1: 1 ratio, focus on vehicle demonstration applications, key core technology industrialization, talent introduction and team construction, etc.. 2.

The new power of the car is announced in October recently, and the company has announced the sales of October.. Among them, Xiaopeng Automobile delivers about 10,100, up 233% year-on-year, and jumps to the first place in the new forces; the ideal car is second in 7649 columns, up 107.

2% year-on-year; It is 8107, up 294% year-on-year, ranking among the new forces of the new forces in the month, and 5,025 vehicles in Weima cars, up 67.3% year-on-year..

Moreover, the car is adjusted by the production line, only 3667 vehicles in October, 27.5% year-on-year. 3.

The lithium mine struggle is in the car, and the Lithium-Industrial company in Canada announced that there is unconditional offer to the Millennium Lithium industry, with a total price of 400 million US dollars (cash, about 2558 million yuan) to acquire Millennium Lithium All circulation stocks. Previously, Ningde Times had quoted 377 million Canadian dollars (approximately 1.92 billion yuan) to acquire the millennium.

It is understood that the Millennium Lithium industry is focusing on the Argentine exploration and development of brine lithium-lithium-lithium-lithium-lithium, according to a report of June, the company’s measurement and indication of lithium carbonate is about 4.12 million tons..

E comment recently, Wanlian Securities Announced, according to the “Carbon Peak” action method, by 2030, the proportion of new energy, clean energy power, is expected to reach 2030 new energy The car is expected to reach 12 million, with a large rise in the 2020, which has a substantial rise in the medium and long-term, and the new energy automotive production and sales is expected to have a high rise.. CITIC Securities expects that in 2022, the global new energy vehicle industry has continued, and domestic and foreign industrial ecceps is integrated.

. Tesla or will continue to lead the global electric intelligent wave, domestic and practical, high-quality models continue to be launched, drive automotive electricity rate improvement, US policy environment is good, take roses in Europe. Medium and long-term, car electricity, intelligent trend is irreversible, judging my country, Europe’s new energy vehicle penetration is expected to exceed 20%.

In terms of industrial chain, Ping An Securities analyzed that subsidies continued to slide and new production continued to put, resulting in various pressure-cutting pressure, especially in the midstream link, and facing the cost of cutting costs from the downstream vehicle factory. , Two difficulties in privacy of upstream resource companies. In recent years, the new production formed by the investment is incorporated in the past period, will accelerate the shuffle in the coming period.

. Table: Each reporter Li Shuo (data source: comprehensive wind, oriental wealth as of 11.05) Focus on the field of lithium-electric diaphragm, CITIC Securities analysis Also enter the rapid import period, downstream demand continues to be strong.

It is expected that 2021 to 2025, the world’s lithium-ion battery diaphragm will increase from 6 billion square meters to 2010 million square meters, and the annual complex increase is over 40%.. In terms of supply, the supply cycle of diaphragm equipment is approximately 2 years, which is the core constraint of diaphragm companies.

. According to the measurement, the increase in the global diaphragm demand in 2021 to 2023 is 34 ~ 3.5 billion square meters, and the global separator supply increase is 25.

5 ~ 3.1 billion square meters, and the diaphragm is expected to supply in short two years..

It is worth noting that the lithium electric diaphragm leader Nijie shares ( recently announced the third quarter earnings, showing the company to achieve revenue for 5.368 billion yuan in the first three quarters, up 107.

97% year-on-year; achievement of return to net profit of 1.75 billion yuan, Up to 172.06% year-on-year.

Zheshang Securities believes that the current benefits of Enji shares have four core advantages, equipment, technology, and customers, and the advantages are constructed to build a closed loop, jointly adding the Matthew Matthew. It is expected that its global market share will continue to rise from 27% in 2020, up to 35% in 2023, and its global market share is expected to reach 50% in 2025.

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