Lithium metal battery is the next 30 years of the battery industry

Lithium metal battery is the next 30 years of the battery industry

“Ignore environmental issues is betrayed next generation. “This is the final advice left by Obama in bid farewell speech.”.

In 2008, Obama took a series of commitments to climate change into the White House: Get rid of the dependence on the Middle East oil, vigorously develop clean energy. Since then, the United States has stepped on high-speed development of clean energy. In colleges and universities in the United States, clean energy is also a hot research topic.

. At that time, Hu Qi, who was pursued by Dr. Harvard at Harvard University, will pay attention to the application of battery technology.

. One heart is committed to using Hu Qi Dynasty, Hu Qi, does not want to make his own research results..

After two young professors who focused on basic research, Hu Qi finally started his application research on lithium metal batteries under the guidance of the third professor, and made a solid foundation for the next development.. In 2012, the largest lithium-ion battery manufacturer A123 company in the United States announced bankruptcy.

This battery company coming out from colleges and universities have seen the possibility of battery technology, but their bankrupt is also a layer of development. shadow. “Xunhu is how you express everything goes well, and the rushing waves are how you express everything in all the way.

That is, today’s SES, open the road belonging to his “lithium metal battery”. In July this year, SES was announced and the famous Affin Hero Capital Acquisition Company was officially merged..

It is expected that the SES will be listed in SPAC in the end of New York Securities Trading.. The merged physical company will become a few of the world’s own powerful lithium-ion batteries, which is the world’s first listing of lithium metal batteries suppliers.

. At November 4, SES held its first Sesbatteryworld activity, which announced the Apollo lithium metal battery. Its capacity is 107ah.

It is currently the largest lithium metal battery in the global monomer. At the same time, SES also announced in Shanghai Jiading Construction Super Factory..

According to Yichu, the Apollo battery capacity is up to 107ah, with only 0.982kg weight, the energy density is 417Wh / kg, 935WH / L for 10 hours, 3 hours and 1 hour discharge test, the Apollo battery is showing a high Capacity and energy density. At the same time, SES’s Shanghai Super Factory was completed in 2023, with a total area of ​​30,000 square meters.

. The super factory is located in Jiading International Automobile City, Shanghai. The production of production will reach 1GWH, which will be the largest lithium metal battery factory in the world.

. Lithium metal batteries are the next 30 years of the battery industry in the past 150 years, and the battery industry has undergone 5 technical revolutions, 1870 lead-acid batteries, 1900 Ni-cadmium batteries, 1930 alkaline batteries, 1960 NiMH Battery, 1990 lithium ion battery. Hu Qi Dynasty said that the 2020 battery industry has ushered in a new revolution that transcends lithium-ion batteries.

. This time, the protagonist is a lithium metal (Li-metal) battery. Compared with the lithium ion system, a solid state battery with lithium metal is better, safe, recyclable, and lower cost.

. However, due to the limitations of materials and processes, all solid-state lithium metal batteries are just Nanke Dream..

At the beginning of SES, Hu Qi specializes in the field of full solid lithium metal battery. Touched the stone over the river, all the way, and finally he found a feasibility battery optimized path between lithium-ion batteries and full solid lithium metal batteries – mixed lithium metal battery, that is, 60% of the positive material and lithium ion battery Same, 40% of the negative electrode uses lithium metal and special electrolyte materials. Energy density improvement and production cost reduction is the optimized path of the power lithium-ion battery, and it is also the core competitiveness of the battery provider.

. Compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries, SES’s hybrid lithium metal battery is faster, the energy density is higher, the same yield and the same positive material are used, the material is more secure..

As an electric vehicle high-performance rechargeable mixed lithium metal battery developer and manufacturer, SES’s products have come out of laboratory, starting product verification with some car companies.. At present, SES has been combined with universal, modern car signed a joint development agreement, and sample research and development, is expected to be officially loaded in 2025.

. “Mixed lithium metal battery alternative lithium ion batteries will not be a process, but gradually replacing. “Power Lithium Ion Battery will go to the path of lithium metal batteries in the future, SES opens a new world gate for the global car enterprise and power lithium-ion battery industry.

. “Digital twins” is a new method for guarding batteries. April 21, 2019, Shanghai Xuhui has spontaneously in the underground garage; on May 16, Shanghai Jiading a prevail ES8 is underground The garage has spontaneous combustion; June 27th, it is awarded 4,803 ES8 due to battery problems, and costs 500 million yuan.

. Battery safety has become a jealous of electric car users, just like a blind box, no one wants to become “hidden models”. Car companies don’t want to spend a lot of recall costs due to battery safety.

Using the AI ​​algorithm to monitor battery safety is gradually become trend. There is currently Tesla, essentials and other car companies in the management of batteries, but only start monitoring after the battery is put into use..

More stringent data monitoring during battery development will be “fragrant” in the future battery field. Hu Qi Chao believes that the current battery safety monitoring software is still in the early stage, and it will usher in a big development in the next 3-5 years..

Based on this kind of thinking, Hu Qi is also a big paper in battery safety monitoring, and developing battery safety monitoring software as SES another big core business.. Hu Qi admits that compared to full solid-state batteries, lithium metal batteries still cannot achieve absolute safety, but through SES-based automatic intelligent learning-based battery safety algorithm predicts safety hazards, this lack can be solved.

. The battery safety “digital twins” proposed by the battery will be used to get the battery from the production line, quality management to the bus, 24 hours constant, to accurately understand the health status of the battery, predict in advance before the safety accident, prevent problems. Four place layout, three legs parallel in August 2018, Massachusetts firm Shanghai company was established.

The development of batteries is divided into materials development, and the industrial development of the battery and three steps in battery production.. Hu Qi Dynasty revealed that although the United States has more resources in materials research and development, my country has a more complete industrial chain support in battery development.

. The production of batteries will be arranged according to the location of the vehicle factory. SES is currently with important departments in the four cities in Boston, Shanghai, Singapore and Seoul.

. Among them, Singapore is a controlled investment headquarters; Boston’s facilities are important and responsible for collaboration, leading chemistry, materials and algorithms, as well as a test factory; Jiading Factory in Shanghai is the focus of future production tasks, responsibility and mission The most complicated – existing manufacturing process development, as well as battery, module and BMS research and development department, have large test plants. In terms of business, SES will drive three parallel development directions: new material development platform Hermes, car-level large-circuit production process development capability apollo and artificial intelligence security software for monitoring battery health, I hope to realize commercialization Mass production of next-generation power lithium ion battery technology brings this industry.

The following is Yi Ou car exclusive interview with Hu Qichao’s dialogue: (1) Yifo Auto: You have been engaged in physics research, what opportunity lets you start contacting battery technology? Hu Qi Chao: I started to learn Dr. Applied physics in 2008, it coincided with Obama, the United States began to promote the construction of clean energy, so I decided to get into the cleaning energy technology of more practical applications..

The battery technology has caused my attention.. My academic career is full of bumps.

I followed the two young professors to conduct solar cell base research, but it was too depreciated, and I was “fried” twice “squid” twice.. Until I met my third professor, I started more emphasis on the actual application research, and I also made a good knowledge and technical foundation for me.

. (2) Billion Europe: What is the business layout of SES? Hu Qi Chao: For the business layout, we pay attention to two trends: First, the lithium metal battery will gradually replace the lithium-ion battery, become a new battery material selection; the second is that the AI ​​technology will help battery suppliers more strict monitoring. Based on this, we divide the core business of SES into three parts: lithium metal materials development, electrode, battery production, and battery safety monitoring software.

. Furthermore, although our technology has developed many of the United States, from the global perspective, my country and South Korea have a more complete battery industry chain support, so we put the materials development business in Boston, and the battery development is important in Shanghai. And South Korea, and two R & D centers in Boston and Shanghai, product development is carried out for US customers and other countries in other countries in the world.

. In general, my country and the United States will be the core area of ​​our future company development..

(3) Yi Ou Automobile: You think the future traffic travel, such as flight cars, what is the impact on battery production? Hu Qi Chao: Related batteries. Compared to the charging mode, the power transmission mode will be more favored by the battery provider, because battery charging in the power-saving mode can be carried out in a more controllable environment, but to ensure battery safety, but related to future energy The development of the model, but also look at the development and choice of the market.

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