Lithium metal battery commercial “night”

Lithium metal battery commercial

Global car electricity galloping forward, surrounding the commercialization of the next generation of power lithium-ion batteries, is also increasingly fierce. As the next generation of power lithium-ion batteries, SES has recently disclosed the latest 100AH ​​monomer lithium metal battery, and at the same time, there is a detailed introduction to its industrialization schedules, customer cooperation, and listing processes..

SES founders and CEO Hu Qi DPRCOTM large-electrical cells are different from QUANTUMSCAPE, SOLIDPOWER, etc. Selected, SES focuses on mixing lithium metal batteries. SES founders and CEO Hu Qi Dynasty’s ideas is that lithium metal batteries have no doubt, but the full-solid lithium metal battery is very difficult, industrialization is not realistic, and the mixed lithium metal battery can maintain high energy of solid lithium metal high energy.

The advantage of density, while maintaining the same production process and manufacturability as lithium ion batteries. Based on this, in 2015, Hu Qiyan plans to make the company’s strategic direction of solid-state lithium metal batteries, adjust to mix lithium metal batteries, and rename the name from previous “SolidEnergySystems” to “SES”. As the first Sesbatteryworld activity as a viewing window, high-operated lithium battery believes that from the product development cycle, car enterprise application, capital operation and other dimensions, the next generation of power lithium ion batteries represented by lithium metal batteries have entered commercialization.

stage. First, from the process of technology and product development, the lithium metal battery has entered the first single layer, multi-layer, AH-level battery core to enter the car grade 100AH ​​electrical core level, and go to the commercial load “night”. At this announcement, the ApolloTM lithium metal battery capacity reached 107AH, which became the first public display of more than 100AH, which means the world’s first public display, which means it takes a big step from commercial loading.

. SESAPOLLOTM large-circuit performance data from performance indicators, the ApolloTM 107AH battery, with only 0.982kg weight, the energy density is 417WH / kg, 935WH / L, 10 hours, 3 hours and 1 hour discharge test, all Exhibits extremely high capacity and energy density.

From the engineering manufacturing link, SES has mastered a set of core material technology for mixing lithium metal battery industrialization, and explores a complete production process and manufacturing process: wide lithium metal negative electrode: manufactured by its own intellectual property Ultra-thin metal negative electrode composite negative electrode coating: Improved safety-based diaphragm by mechanical barrier: Highly manufacture of advanced membrane high concentration liquid electrolyte formula: low volatility and self-extinguishing high energy density positive electrode: highly manufactured advanced Positive electrode technology This about the next scale manufacturing and verification will play a crucial purpose. Higher’s live lithium is considered to focus on Quantumscape, SolidPower and other companies focusing on solid lithium metal batteries, SES takes the lead in launching its 107ah large-end cells, this phase of other companies stay in multi-layer or small-core level samples It is a very large jump, and the lithium metal battery has taken a substantial step..

Compared with other companies, the hybrid lithium metal battery selected by the SES is more feasible, which both maintain the high energy density of lithium metal batteries, while in process and manufacturing, with existing lithium-ion battery matching High, this is also the root cause of SES to take the lead in launch 100AH ​​level lithium metal battery.. In fact, many batteries, including the new energy, including the front, including the new energy, etc.

, are also considering or deploy the mixed lithium metal battery route selected by SES.. Higher’s lithium-electricity believes that although there is still a small challenge in circulating performance, cost, mechanical structural design, but with the increasing number of income, the mixed lithium metal battery route will become an important path for commercialization of lithium metal batteries.

. Second, from the actual feedback and action rhythm of international car companies, it has accelerated the commercial application and verification of lithium metal batteries, and the general plan will “get on the bus” in 2025..

According to this rhythm, the layout of the vehicle enterprises is obviously more frequent, which is reflected in two levels: on the one hand, all major cars are actively joined in the investigation process of the solid state battery company, the ambition lies in the forward-looking card to the next generation of batteries. Deployment. On the other hand, it is to speed up the technology development and cooperation of the battery company, driving the next generation of battery on-vehicle verification.

. SESAPOLLOTM Lithium Metal Battery Take SES as an example, which has been made of general and modern car investment. Formally open the commercial mass production of lithium metal batteries.

In order to cooperate with B-like and C-like verification, SES announced in this event that it is building a Shanghai Super Factory, which is scheduled to be completed in 2023. The production of completed production will reach 1GWH, which will be the largest lithium metal battery plant in the world..

In view of the global perspective, the electric penetration rate of Europe and my country has crossed the 10% inflection point. The market-based breakthrough is significantly accelerated. For car companies, through importing higher performance batteries to improve product competitiveness, it has become a new cycle Competitive key points.

Clear domestic and foreign cars, to promote the “get on the car” in 2025, the time window is shrinking. Commercialization must be launched as soon as possible, in business model, 2025 dynamic lithium-ion battery supporting, car companies also hoped more deeply, to control the right to core words, this is the car intentional stage to increase in lithium metal battery Another reason for the card. Third, the capital is the blood of the driving industry, and the wind direction of the observation industry is in the stage of development.

. Looking around the world, the next generation of batteries have entered the financing middle-end stage, especially in the United States, there is a concentrated listing. The next generation battery is gradually completing the pre-technical development stage, and enter the new cycle of batch industrialization.

. Internationally watching, July, SES announced that the final merge agreement with Affini. After the completion of the transaction, the acquisition of the consolidated company is approximately $ 3.

4 billion, will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the new stock code is “SES”. In June, SolidPower announced that it will be available in SPAC, and the company’s estimate is about 1.2 billion US dollars, and it is expected to be listed in the fourth quarter of 2021.

. In December last year, Quantumscape completed the SPAC listed, and the new company was 33 billion US dollars..

In the next few months, its share price has soared, the stock price is up to $ 132.73, and the market value exceeds 47.7 billion US dollars.

. Looking at the domestic, including Glow, Qing Tao, Wei Blue and other solid-state battery companies have already entered a new round of financing and listing processes in mass production..

Behind the capital process, it means that the desire of the next generation of batteries about capital is getting bigger, and this craving will be important to prepare industrialization.. With the accelerated listing of domestic and foreign companies, they will gradually span from the previous technical research and development stage, whether it is a solid electrolyte, lithium metal negative, or a larger specifications, the deployment of the test line, this Will enter the critical stage of mass production, to make greater amount of funds continue to invest and blood transfusion.

IV. From policy guides, the industrialization of the next generation of power lithium-ion batteries has been put on the agenda, including the development and mass production of lithium metal batteries, including my country, EU, the United States, etc. Under this drive, it is foreseeable that in the next few years, the world will promote the industrialization of lithium metal batteries in policy guidance, fund subsidies, industrial chain associations.

. High-work lithium-electricity believes that the battle for the next generation of dynamic lithium-ion batteries has gradually entered the white heat, the new stage, will no longer be simply focused on the advantages and disadvantages of a single technical indicator, and will be a large-scale manufacturing Reserves, including capital, customer, engineering manufacturing capabilities, management capabilities, supply chain planning deployment, etc..

The revolution of battery technology is not only a simple technical level, and it will also subversion about existing industrial patterns and industries.. For next-generation batteries such as SES, to rely on its own technology to set up a feasible industrial path, and jointly and downstream strategic partners in the industry chain, step on the market, and can truly realize new technology and product industrialization.

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