Lithium iron phosphate company has layout “integration”

Lithium iron phosphate company has layout

Recently, Ningde Times announced that it is said that it is necessary to invest in Bangu integrated battery material industrial park project in Yichang City, Hubei Province, and the total investment is not more than 32 billion yuan.. According to industry analysts, in order to meet the upcoming Taima Time, the head dynamic lithium-ion battery company’s production scale is generally moving towards the body of Baiji, which is necessary to support the scale of 100,000 tons to move forward.

Power lithium-ion battery companies are involved in the upstream layout, accelerate integrated layout. Promoting the cost of the Ningde, the implementation of the Bangu integrated battery material industry park project, which is conducive to further improve the strategic layout in the lithium-e-electric energy industry, play the industry’s synergy, guarantee the supply of battery materials, and promote the retired power lithium ion battery full life Cycle management goals. The industry has analyzed that through self-built, mergers and acquisitions, or the shares, expand the scale of production, continuously improve the proportion of raw materials, improve production utilization, and reduce manufacturing costs.

“It is an important reason for this is a battery company ‘integration’ layout. “Wu Hui, general manager of the study department of the Ivevo Institute, said in an interview with a reporter that” Now the price of lithium iron phosphate is lower than the ternary battery, there will be a big market in a short time. “.

Like the front-driven body like Bangpu, starting the layout after seeing the development trend of lithium iron phosphate. “In addition, Qifu Seiko, Hubei Wanrun, Germanyi Nanoi, etc., is also extending the layout of phosphate iron.

Hubei Wanrun and Longyi Group jointly built a phosphate, and locks the supernospheres such as ferrous sulfate; Fujun Seiko into the stock constant letter to the Salt Lake lithium, broaden the raw material supply chain; German Nano new year production 200,000 tons of lithium iron phosphate Precursor project. “‘Integration’ layout helps improve the production of continuity, mass consistency of the company’s electrode material, process, quality control, reduce overall cost, shorten the supply cycle, lower raw materials and semi-finished products. “New Energy and Intelligent Net Traditional Car Researcher Cao Guangping said.

Chemical company cross-border into large number of chemical companies also influx. In September, the Meishan High-tech Industrial Park Management Committee conducted the first publicity of the environmental impact assessment of Wanhua Chemistry (Sichuan) Co., Ltd.

“annual production of 50,000 tons of lithium iron phosphate lithium electrode material integrated project”, the construction content included annual output 10,000 tons of phosphite, 50,000 tons of lithium iron phosphate; in addition, Xinyang Feng, Chuanfa Dragon, Chuanjinnuo, Chuanheng Shares, Longhuo Group, Nuclear Titanium, Annada, Sirte and other phosphorus chemicals and Titanium powder company, also announced the use of the second product of the main product to construct a phosphate and lithium iron phosphate material project. Cao Guangping believes that the admission of the chemical company, representing the current thermal capacity of new energy vehicles and battery industries has formed cross-border conduction. At the same time of the integration of the industrial chain, the horizontal is also increased in the degree of industrialization.

. According to industry insiders, from Wanhuahua enters the field of lithium iron phosphate, the company has further extended to upstream in the lithium-ion battery industry chain, expanding lithium-e-electric diversified product portfolio. “Because many raw materials of lithium iron phosphate belong to chemical raw materials, the chemical company entry is fully utilized for its strengths.

. In addition, cross-border to new energy is also a direction of transformation and upgrading..

Wu Hui said. To be rational, due to the continuous demand of lithium iron phosphate ion battery continued to be strong, iron phosphate and ferrite production is in short supply, planning production rapid expansion. According to research consulting institutions, the high-rise industrial research institute statistics, as of August, the primary plan of lithium iron phosphate is more than 2.

4 million tons.. The industry is judged that with the large-scale production of production, competition will exacerbate, resource control, cost control, and product iterative ability will become the key to decision.

. “Overall, whether it is a self-container, or in the Ningde era, the way upstream integrated layout can be upgraded in the case of rising raw material prices and the rise is expected to be strong, and the upstream materials are locked. Supply and supply price, thereby reducing the cost of the battery, rising hedge price.

Wu Hui said. “The current new production is mainly based on repeated, which helps to alleviate the current battery material shortage and battery material shortage and raw materials, but the future will appear low-level repetitive construction..

At present, although the return of the lithium iron phosphate ion battery technology route is reasonable, the battery technology is impossible to stagnate, after the lithium phosphate is excessive, the development of industries and technologies will bear great losses.. “Cao Guangping said,” It is recommended that the company is in the ‘integration’ layout, and the new iron lithium-related projects, it also pays attention to the technical development of the next generation of batteries.

. Once the policy or technology route has changed, if the iron lithium returns, it will overheat, and it is reasonable to study..


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