Lithium iron phosphate company German nano IPO has been successfully reviewed 18 issues

Lithium iron phosphate company German nano IPO has been successfully reviewed 18 issues

On March 19th, Shenzhen Defi Nano Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “German Nano” or “Company”) first issued the approved committee to pass, will be listed in Shenzhen.

The company’s first publicly issued A shares do not exceed 1069. million shares, accounting for 25.01% of the total share capital after the release.

. The company proposed to use the fundraising funds of 995.2469 million yuan, an important application of 15,000 tons of nano phosphate, lithium dynamic research institute, supplementary liquidity, information, etc.

. According to the public information, Defang nano is founded in 2007. It is a high-tech that is committed to the development of nano powder materials for production technology, industrialization, combining research and development, production and sales of nano powder materials and nano powder materials.

Technology company. The products manufactured are lithium iron, carbon nanotubes, carbon nanotube conductive solutions, and various nanodies..

As a company supplied to battery-related materials for new energy vehicles, in recent years, German nano performance has increased significantly.. From 2014 to 2016, the company’s annual income was increased from 130 million to 560 million, and the annual profit was 12 million to 75.

61 million.. In terms of customers, the company’s large customers have CATL (300750), BYD (002594) and other well-known power lithium battery production companies.

. At present, the lithium iron phosphate material faces the sales decline in the market, subsidy policy adjustment, raw material prices, excess production, and exacerbation of market competition..

Based on this, it is fully disclosed on whether German-related risks of German nano.. In addition, the review committee focused on Germany nano’s sales revenue for the first major customer CATL sales, and the total sales revenue of the top ten customers accounted for more than 90%, requiring the company to explain whether the customer’s concentration is high in industry practices Is there a major dependency such as CATL?.

At the same time, the Development Committee also requested the company to indicate that the comprehensive gross profit margin in the reporting period has declined year by year, and the incident and amplitude of gross profit margin changes in 2018 and the inconsistency of the same industry.. Yesterday’s trial proposed German nano to ask more than five aspects, 18 specific issues.

1. Please invoice representatives: (1) Compared to the company compared to the company, whether the customer concentration belongs to industry practices, there is a major dependence on CATL; (2) and important customers CATL, Hubei Jinquan, BYD’s development method and History of cooperation, whether there is long-term business cooperation protocol arrangement, important contract terms, credit policies, settlement and collection methods and other customers have differences in different customers; (3) and CATL’s pricing mechanism, and other customers Whether there is a difference in pricing of similar products, the causes and rationality; (4) Is there a relationship between important customers such as issuers and CATL and its related party; (5) The issuer compares the cause of Adud sales and future cooperation trends; (6) Market prospects, competitors, marketing strategies, etc. in the issuer, the promoter’s competitive advantage, and whether CATL business cooperation has stability and sustainability, whether there is alternative risk, what is the issuer? Measures, whether relevant risk factors are fully disclosed.

Please refer to the verification basis for the representative of the representative, process and express opinions. 2. The comprehensive gross profit margin is 29.

08%, 23.67% and 20.25%, respectively, and declined year by year.

. In 2018, the annual income rose year-on-year, gross profit margin decreased year-on-year, its change trend and amplitude and inconsistency in the same industry. Requiring the issuer’s representative: (1) The cause and rationality of the gross profit margin fluctuations in different products, and the same industry may be consistent than the company’s change trend; (2) 2016, the issuer’s comprehensive gross profit margin is below the same industry The reason and rationality of the company’s average level; (3) The cause and rationality of the issuer’s business income in the same situation in the same industry in the same industry, 2018, the decline in the market is much lower than the company The reason and reasonability, the gross profit margin in the second half of 2018, the profitability is significantly higher than the cause and rationality of the first half of the year.

Please refer to the verification basis for the representative of the representative, process and express opinions. 3, the issuer cost is mainly raw materials, of which the source, phosphorus source accounts for a large proportion of procurement, and the price of raw materials in the reporting period has a large fluctuation. The issuer is different from the price of raw materials to different suppliers; 2017 and 2018 issuer Production Office Negative iron nitrate is large.

Request the issuer’s representative: (1) rationality of raw material procurement price, whether there is difference and rationality in the trend of commodity prices; (2) There is a difference and rationality of the price to different suppliers; (3) Homemade nitrate Cost and iron nitrate market price difference, issuer uses self-made nitrate on financial status of reporting period. Please refer to the verification basis for the representative of the representative, process and express opinions. 4.

Please invoice: (1) The development trend of new energy passenger passengers, passenger cars and dedicated vehicles, and their specific gravity of lithium iron phosphate and three-dimensional materials; (2) CATL and other domestic first-line power lithium battery manufacturers In recent years, the development trend of lithium iron phosphate and three-yuan material technology lines has been adopted, and the impact of the issuer may have, the relevant risks reveal is sufficient; (3) the development trend of the battery market, the prospect of lithium iron phosphate products, whether there is any Alternative risks. Please refer to the verification basis for the representative of the representative, process and express opinions. 5, the core competitiveness of the issuer is the production method and process technology of the production of lithium iron phosphate; the practical controller of the issuer, I have been working in Dongtao Technology, Shenzhen Namport, Shenzhen Communication Business Industry and other companies.

Please invoice for the issuer: (1) The time and process of important techniques, related patents research and development venues, facilities and personnel, etc. Whether it comes from the actual controller, whether it is involved in the job outcomes during his tenure, whether it violates confidential obligations or competition obligations, whether there is a dispute or potential dispute; (3) Namgang business scope involves nanomaterial related business and research and development , The issuer’s nanomaterial preparation technology and the information activities of Nano-Port nano material are related to business activities, and the practical controller’s actual controller has the case of using the position to facilitate the opportunity of Namgang business opportunities..

Please refer to the verification basis for the representative of the representative, process and express opinions. .

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