Lithium-industrial chain recently a few hotspots

Lithium-industrial chain recently a few hotspots

1. Demand: The worry demand for game subsidies is lower than expected, but from the end market feedback, due to more supply innovation, the opposite, there is a more expected potential, especially domestic market. 2 It is expected that industrialization in next year may be seen.

. About PET copper aluminum foil: Composite Fluid (PET Copper Foil / Aluminum Foil) is an important breakthrough in battery safety technology, with a larger space and increased energy density. Conductivity, thermal conductivity, extreme ear welding has a sacrifice, but active safety protection capability allows the battery to increase by 5% -10% by acupuncture test, and the energy density is increased by about 5%, and the cost is 40- 50%, low energy consumption, more environmentally friendly.

Participating in the company is important to Chongqing Jinmei, US Soteria. In the Ningde Times, the Chongqing Jinmei’s composite integrated fluid technology and industrialization have made great progress, and the expansion project has been promoted. The future is expected to get a large scale, and the mass production scale corresponding to 35GWH, from 0 to 1 breakthrough Very fast.

PET copper-plated first step PVD magnetron sputter is a core barrier, the second step of electroplating company represents Dongwei Technology. Compared with traditional lithium copper foil, the short medium scale is still small..

Traditional copper foil companies have strong investment expansion and adaptability, and PET copper plating technology is equipped with existing processes. Lithium-copper foil has no shortage of the shortage of supply and demand in the past two years, and has a price-priced performance deterministic. The advantages of 4680 columns: 1) 4680 come from: First, the geometric symmetry of the cylindrical battery is better, so the capacity of the battery gas gas is higher, so it can be compatible with higher capacity, higher voltage positive, and more High capacity negative.

Second, the no-eared (all ever) design makes the electron movement distance significantly, lowering battery ohm intervals, and enhances battery multiplier performance.. Finally, the 4680 cylindrical monomer is large, and the integrated design of no modules, battery chassis is beneficial.

. Therefore, further explanation, 4,680 cylinders apply three-yuan materials to be higher. 2) 4680 also has the following disadvantages: First, it is larger than 18650, 21700, so radial, axial geometric symmetry is poor, and the positive negative electrode is relatively demanding in the cylindrical.

Second, the difficulty of heat dissipation in the cell is higher, and there is a certain impact on battery life.. Third, the cylindrical volume energy density of the CTC may be low compared to the interval performance requirements and square batteries.

. If the actual yield of 4680 cylindrical (three yuan) is high, the degree electric cost can be slightly lower than the conventional square battery (three yuan); the degree of electricity cost difference is compared with the traditional square battery (iron lithium). At least 50 yuan or more.

4680 cylindrical (iron lithium) cost is close to the cost of conventional square batteries (iron lithium). 3, three yuan and iron lithium, this big is big, and it is also evolving iteration, not only battery companies, materials companies don’t dare to gamble, big three-yuan company has basically cutting iron lithium, large phosphorus chemical companies In the case of finding your own entry point, the demand that the iron lithium material company to kill is significantly improved..

From the terminal share, iron lithium is still better next year, but the three yuan also has its own inherent market, and other in the same way, such as large cylindrical applications, it is likely to pull the high nickel and silicon negative application, and other resources such as nickel Product price control, relative economy will also improve. 4, the route of the negative, artificial and natural graphite are also available, because graphite is too tight, some low-end power markets do have doped natural products, but natural upstream is also more tense. 5.

Structural Parts Company Updated Cudal: 1) Bench, Huizhou, Jiangsu, Jingmen, Yibin and other bases will contribute to production increments next year; European base is expected to start production next year later. Specifically, it is expected to reach 10 billion, Huizhou & Shenzhen 45+ billion, Jiangsu 20-2500 million, Dalian 500 million, Fujian 700 million, Jingmen & Yibin 10 + billion, Outside 500 million, overseas 5 100 million. 2) The company’s cylindrical product extends from the housing to the cover.

4680, the company has given a variety of certifications, of which Korean customers have supplied and next year’s procurement guidelines, other customers are still in the product adjustment stage, domestic 4680 will be limited next year, and may be subsequently issued, important because of the upstream materials Limitations of nickel-plated steel strips; 4680 structural design complex, overseas special custom equipment, the price is also higher than conventional products. Zhenyu Technology: 1) The company’s lithium-electric structural parts is currently important to supply C customers, has become the second larger supplier, the supply share is slightly lower than Kudal, which is significantly higher than the remaining competitor..

At present, actively promote production construction, guarantee the stability of future supply shares; this year’s raw material price increases partially transferred,. 2) The company is aimed at square structural parts and domestic markets in a short time, promoting other customers such as China Airlines, Yipi, and Hive..

3) The ratio of electric vehicles in the motor core has reached 60%, and it has become one of the core suppliers of T-Customer PM motors. The current production is sufficient, and it is expected to sustain intake. It is planned for 5 years to do electric car drive motor.

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