Lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate difference shrinks to 10,000 yuan in shipping willingness

Lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate difference shrinks to 10,000 yuan in shipping willingness

As of September 6, the demand for domestic carbonate market has not improved, and the willingness will be apparent from the factory, the price is still going back.. The mainstream of the battery-grade carbonate is from 60,000-64,000 yuan / ton; the battery-level hydroxide market is also weak, mainstream negative talks at 70,000-72,000 yuan / ton, the difference has fallen by 20000 yuan / ton, from the beginning of the year Current 9,000 yuan / ton.

Since the end company increases lithium iron phosphate to increase the layout, it is supported for the charging of lithium battery-grade carbonate, and the instability of high nickel 811 causes the mass production to increase, so the lithium hydroxide demand is difficult to improve.. From the downstream demand, the battery-grade carbonate is important for the positive electrode material (3 series, 5 series, and part 6 lines), power type lithium iron phosphate and lithium cobaltate, and is important to battery-level lithium hydroxide High nickel ternary positive material.

In recent years, the lithium iron phosphate ion battery known in the cycle and safety performance has been taken away by the three-yuan battery that the passenger’s market is dominated by the energy density.. However, with the 2019 new energy car subsidy, the battery company and the vehicle enterprise are also re-layout between lithium iron phosphate and ternary materials; with the frequent occurrence of new energy cars, safety is also concerned , So the demand for lithium iron phosphate is re-driven.

And the research and development and mass production of high nickel 811 are currently only Rongbai Technology is a domestic leading figure, and it is important to buy domestic first echelon battery purchases.. It is understood that Japan and South Korea’s battery companies have matured in the R & D of 811 high-nickel, so in the next 1-2 years, lithium hydroxide will still be mainly exported.

. From the technical level, the energy density of liquid lithium-ion battery based on three-dimensional materials is close to the limit 300Wh / kg..

Under the pressure of the energy density improvement of the power lithium battery, the solid battery has become the mainstream direction of the next generation of batteries.. When Li Jianzhong, the general manager of the promotion technology said that the battery route is basically along the liquid lithium-ion battery to solid state, of course, on the basis of a lithium-ion battery basis.

. The material’s route is basically the same, the three-yuan material single crystallization, high nickelization, will make breakthroughs in the next three or five years, the cost will drop one step. Lithium hydroxide or peak will be ushered in when domestic high-nickel materials is fully mass production.

According to Longzhong research, individual lithium hydroxide manufacturers have lack customers in the lithium-ion battery industry, while the demand for the traditional grease industry is relatively stable.. After fade in the lithium salt market, the profit and spread of the industry will gradually return to rationality, so the future of lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate in the future will continue to narrow.


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