Lithium-Electrode Material Company ‘Pack’ Sprint IPO

Lithium-Electrode Material Company 'Pack' Sprint IPO

Effectively relieve existing funds. With the rapid development of the new energy passenger car industry, lithium-electric positive material is a sharp increase in the core material of the power lithium battery..

After lance in the Directive Materials Company, the domestic positive material company is currently welcoming the IPO “sprint tide”. According to the reporter’s incomplete statistics, as of June this year, there has been a new road, including Xiashine’s new energy, long-term luiser, Zhenhua new materials, Cologne new energy, Germany nano, etc..

Positive Material Company Queue IPO In May, Changyuan Lithium Branch is a domestic three-yuan positive material first-line company, and submitted the prospectus to the Secretary of China.. For a long time, the Yangge Lithium Branch provides mainstream battery companies such as CATL, BYD, Yipi Lithium, Xinwangda.

The company’s prospectus shows that the sales amount of CATL and its subsidiaries in 2019 accounted for the main business income ratio. 58.43%.

In addition, in March this year, Xiamen Tungsten Industry announced the overall change of its holding subsidiary Xiashi’s new energy to the company, and aimed at the Sub-Stock Exchange.. In addition, as a supplier of BYD, CATL and other companies, Lithium-Electric Positive Materials Company Zhenhua New Material has also announced that in the second half of last year, it is planned to be listed in Kochuo.

. In recent years, my country’s new energy passenger car industry has developed rapidly, and the positive material is a core material of power lithium batteries..

It is understood that the node material is important including the three-dimensional positive material, lithium iron phosphate material, and lithium cobaltate materials, etc.. According to data, in 2019, my country’s lithium-electric positive electrode material shipments were 404,000 tons, up 32.

5% year-on-year.. Among them, there is currently 192,000 tons of shipments, which are currently occupying the market, an increase of 40.

7% year-on-year, and the amount of lithium iron phosphate material is 88,000 tons, up 29.3% year-on-year, lithium cobaltate and lithium manganate. Both material shipments have increased varying degrees.

The industry believes that most of the company’s important customers are mostly domestic first-line battery companies. This round of impact IPO’s positive material company is generally strong. Some companies have entered LG and Samsung and other Japanese and Korean battery giants supply chain.

Once they are successful, about the company Future valuation will bring a positive impact. It is intended to alleviate the pressure of the funds, however, since my country’s new energy car subsidies, the lithium-electric positive material has been subjected to a ring in the industrial chain, and it has also been impacted accordingly..

The positive material company that has successfully launched the Board, pointed out in its annual report. It is affected by factors such as the restriction of new energy car subsidies in my country, and the domestic new energy automotive production and sales have declined year-on-year in the second half of 2019. The situation has maintained significant fluctuations in the previous market, the rapid increase in the market.

. The company disclosed in the annual report, which was affected by the new energy vehicle industry chain payment cycle, and the company’s customers generally exceeded the credit payment, resulting in higher balance of accounts at the end of the period..

Data show that the net cash flow in the company’s operating activities even has no negative number in the second quarter of last year.. At the same time, as the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the first half of this year broke out globally, the lithium battery was also impacted.

. In the Yangge Lithium Department pointed out in its prospectus, the epidemic triggered the delay in the downstream of the industrial chain, which in turn leads to weak supply and demand, the logistics is blocked, and the terminal market demand is sharply reduced..

The company stated that the operating income and net profit in the first half of this year may have a substantial decline, and the decline may exceed 50% or even a loss.. Cui Dongshu, secretary-General Cui Dongshu, secretary-General, said that the new energy vehicle industry chain is more difficult, and the demand for new energy vehicles has fallen seriously, and the downstream company has been conducted to the upstream production company, overall Whether it is upstream supply and the profitability of the midstream production has been affected by varying degrees.

In this context, a positive material company impact IPO will effectively relieve existing funds.. The industry concentration will further enhance the reporter to check the relevant data.

The data is shown in 2018, the domestic three-yuan materials shipped data shows that the long-term luiser, Rongbai Technology, when the promotion technology, Zhenhua new materials, Xiamen tungsten industry and other positive material corporate market The total share of the company is about 47% of the company’s total market share.. From the 2019 data, the market share of the three-yuan materials company has exceeded 50%.

. Some insiders have analyzed that in recent years, new energy automotive industry has become increasingly fierce, industry concentration is increasing, and lithium-ion batteries, three yuan positive material, as a key raw material for power lithium batteries, and continuously new competitors Incoming, lithium electricity CATL, LG and Huayou Cobalt Industry in the industrial chain began to lay out in the field of positive material manufacturing. In this regard, Cui Dongshu said that with more and more domestic and foreign lithium-industrial chain companies increasingly entered this market, the competition in the field of positive materials will further intensify, and foreign manufacturers have induced the market share of domestic positive material manufacturers.

Press. At the same time, the survival space of a relatively small positive material manufacturing company will be narrower, and the risk of being eliminated..

Lu Zautan, the intention of the Advisory Analyst, pointed out that although the current new energy car demand is sluggish, but the long-term, new energy cars and even lithium industry demand prospects are still more optimistic.. “The consumption of the epidemic impact, traditional cars, and new energy vehicles have been affected.

Even after the epidemic is unsained, the rebound in the automotive industry is the fastest to 2021.. To this end, this year, the company’s development principle is to keep steadily and reduce unnecessary expenditures.

. Although oil prices have lowered the people’s willingness to buy a car on new energy vehicles, as long as the community of all walks of life is unchanged, future new energy vehicles will remain in a positive situation, and there will be an overall development of industrial chains such as positive materials..


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