Lithium electrical diaphragm price degradation profits still can also be considered by innovation shares to spend 2.2 billion expansion

Lithium electrical diaphragm price degradation profits still can also be considered by innovation shares to spend 2.2 billion expansion

On the evening of July Third, the innovation shares (002812, SZ) announced that the company intends to implement Wuxi New Material Industry Base Project of Wuxi New Materials Technology Development Zone, Wuxi City, Jiangsu, Wuxi New Material Technology Development Zone Project funds are solved by self-funded and self-funded funds.. The project will be built in the installment.

The total investment of the first phase of the project is 2.2 billion yuan. It is important to carry out a lithium-ion battery wet base film, functional coating diaphragm and aluminum plastic film manufacturing, sales, etc.

. Innovative Shares, it is optimistic that the demand for lithium-ion battery isolation membrane market is rising, and investment is to further expand the production of the company’s wet lithium-ion battery diaphragm..

However, it also prompts the corresponding risks: due to the longer project cycle, long-term efficiency, market changes and projects have many uncertain factors. At the same time, the company’s self-raising billions of funds will increase their own financial risks..

Expansion of lithium-electric membrane innovation shares, the company intends to implement Wuxi New Materials Industry Base Project of Wuxi New Material Development Zone, Wuxi Sishan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Wuxi City, Wuxi, Wuxi, Jiangsu, Jiangsu, China , Project planning construction 16 automatic imported film production line, 40 coated production lines and 5 aluminum plastic film import production line. At present, the project start construction and production and operation requirement, EIA, planning, land, construction and construction, etc..

Innovation Shares, the high-speed development of the new energy automotive industry will continue to rise, investing in the project can better meet the demand for company products in the high-end market in lithium-ion battery diaphragm, enhance the company’s overall strength. Innovative Shares Relevant persons said on the “Daily Economic News” reporter on July 4, investing the project is to expand the damp lithium-ion battery diaphragm. In terms of business, innovative shares main business include paper printing, liquid beverage packaging (sterile packaging), BOPP film, high-grade packaging paper deep processing, etc.

. Among them, the BOPP flat film business accounted for 25.97% of the revenue last year; BOPP tobacco accounted for 22.

50%; sterile packaging accounted for 18.22%; the cigarette is 13.06%; special paper accounts for 11.

82%. In 2015, 2017, the business income of innovative shares was 1131 million yuan, 1146 million yuan and 1220 million yuan; 50 million yuan, 150 million yuan, 16.5 billion yuan and 155.

9 million yuan, respectively.. The “Wuxi Enji New Material Industry Base Project” project has a large investment amount, only one period of project investment is 2.

2 billion, the source of funds is self-funded and self-discipline funds for innovative shares.. Innovation Shares said that this investment will lead to a reduction in cash flow, new financial risks.

. In addition, if the company’s financing cannot be in place in time, the project progress will be affected..

The lithium electrical separator market is competitive to fierce the wet diaphragm industry, CITIC Securities, said, industry demand into fast lanes, leading the lead, the pattern is clear. The wet separator market is currently 330 million square meters, which is forecast to reach 111 billion square meters in 2020..

Industry experts said that the demand for lithium-ion battery isolation membrane is large, and the hair profits reached 30% ~ 40%, and the corresponding market has become numerous, and the market is fierce.. At present, the lithium-ion battery isolation membrane market has already produced excess production.

. At the same time, due to the product supply, the government subsidy has declined, and the overall market price of lithium-ion battery isolation film products has declined..

But Liu Yanlong also said that because the lithium-ion battery isolation membrane has high profit, the price reduction space still exists.. From last year, innovation shares have shown ambient market for lithium-ion batteries.

. In May, 2017, the innovation shares announced, and the total price of 5.555 billion yuan in the handset of the controlling shareholder, Shanghai Njie all equity.

At that time, Shanghai Enjie has established a stable cooperative relationship with well-known battery manufacturers such as CATL, LGChem, BYD, and Guoxuan, etc. and forms a batch supply. In 2016, the income of 490 million yuan.

. However, the acquisition did not work according to the plan at the time..

Liu Yanlong said that the lithium-ion battery isolation membrane industry is invested in large, in addition to the project construction itself, it is necessary to open the market after investment in the market for at least one year.. Can you get a key to customer recognition or whether the company has high-tech levels, high-end market demand in lithium-ion battery diaphragm.

For more situations in this investment, the reporter issued an interview letter four days to the innovation shares, but as of the press release, the other party will reply.

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