Lithium electric rush: throw a hundred billion investment expansion plan a month

Lithium electric rush: throw a hundred billion investment expansion plan a month

Statistics show that more than 10 lithium-industrial chain companies have announced investment and expansion programs in the past 1 month, with a total investment of 100 billion yuan, including the industry leading Ningde Times, Yip Lithium can invest in the half-Wanjiang Mountain. “Grab the scale, grab (market) share, profit is not something considering at this stage. “In the face of the continuous hot lithium-eM investment tide, the executives of a list of industry chain listed companies have such a statement.

Entering the fourth quarter, the lithium battery industry is still the most dazzling sector in the market.. A private placement is in the words of the growth, there is a certainty of the growth, and there is a market prospect of trillion, and the whole market has no right.

. “In a short period of time, long-term logic is very clear, and now the industrial chain company has huge investment, and the gap of medium-term changes is also added..

“Shanghai Securities News statistics show that the A-stock lithium-electric lead company represented by Ningde Times, Yi Lithium, etc.. Under unprecedented industrial investment, the lithium-ion battery sector has again obtained the market being sought after and began to form “financing-investment expansion – the rise in stock price – continued financing”.

. No one can refuse the “cake” of the exponential expansion. From the terminal of the product, to the supply chain of the middle reachao, then to the upstream lithium ore, all people are struggling to run.

When the entire industrial chain, and the secondary market, even the first-level market ran, then all participants have only one choice – run faster. Running: 1 month investment 100 billion yuan “This wave investment has two features: First, the leading company leads, the second is to extend the investment on the industry chain..

“In the total investment scale of hundreds of billion in the past 1 month, the Ningde Times, and the Yaqi Lithium can occupy the half-Wanjiang Mountain.. On October 18, the lithium-electric faucet Ningde Times has said that when the question is inquiring, the question: “Business development funds are large.

“After listed production construction, research and development, company operations, etc., the company believes that existing funds cannot meet future development, and in order to say only 2020, the new production of new production is as high as 110 billion yuan..

Despite “not enough to spend enough”, Ningde Times still announced two project investment plans in November 5, totaling 15 billion yuan. In the past 1 month of lithium battery expansion, the Ningde Times is 15 billion yuan in the handwritten water..

According to the statistics of Shanghai Securities News, only more than 10 lithium-industrial chain companies have announced the investment and expansion plan, with a total investment of 100 billion yuan.. For example, November 5th, Yi Qi lithium can notice that the company plans to invest 30521 billion yuan in Jingmen City, about 3,000 mu, the construction of 152.

61GWH Jingmen Power Entry Body Park Project. Billion Lithium can expire, this is to better grasp the market opportunities of the power storage battery, expand the production scale of the power storage battery, and optimize the company’s industrial structure..

“This wave of investment has two features: First, the leading company leads the investment, and the other is to extend upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.. “Some industry insiders said.

The trend of leading companies led investment is more obvious. In the main year of the investment in the investment in the past 1 month, Ningde Times, Yi Qi lithium can occupy the half-Wanjiang Mountain. According to the above industry, lithium battery is a huge asset industry invested in investment.

The leading company dominates in technology, funds, and the market share of several leaders in the past few years has continued to rely on large-scale expansion.. Upstream extension of the industrial chain is also the “exclusive” of the leader.

. On November 8, the lithium-ion battery electrolyte solvent faucet stone Dashenghua announced that the total capital subsidiary Shenghua new energy proposed to invest 300,000 tons / annual electrolyte project, the project is expected to invest 1.6 billion yuan.

This is the first to enter the downstream electrolyte production field for the first time.. This action raises the market concern.

A large number of institutional investors swarmed the company’s conference call, Shi Dashenghua said when returned to investors, the nature of the electrolyte is the material, and many of the large-scale electrolyte companies are in the upstream material layout, the company decides the strategic adjustment, from “one stop “” Electrolytic solution material supplier transition into electrolyte + material integrated platform service provider. The game: Can’t let the market, “as long as we produce it, if we do not expand, it is equivalent to letting the market, it is equivalent to the future performance..

“” Now the road is hot, the cost of investment is definitely relatively high. If you use the logic of cycle, it is obviously absolutely can’t be cast, and you will not be able to stand in the future; if you use the growth logic, now the investment represents the future production, if the supply can continue, the production will become profit..

“The above private owners told reporters. After the introduction of knowledge in the last or two years, the market has consciously puts new energy automobiles proposed by countries, and converts to the corresponding lithium-ion battery demand..

For example, there are research institutions to calculate that the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in the United States to 2030 will reach 50%, which is equivalent to 25 times a new energy vehicle market.. For my country’s expectations, the agency believes that my country’s new energy automotive penetration rate will reach 35% of China’s 2025.

Such a large-scale, amazing industry, is considered the Internet in the beginning of this century. Therefore, a large number of Internet giants dare to take out the billion-level funds to “product”; the new forces of the car are more fearful, even if they sell a loss, they must seize the market..

The downstream will not cost the market, undoubtedly drive the entire industrial chain boiling, especially in the new energy vehicle industry chain – battery, the heat is very fast.. “Yield is not enough, it is not enough.

“Relevant people with lithium-ion battery industry company told reporters. Industrial analysts also supply measurement methods, “New energy automotive penetration rate is multiplied by annual sales, then multiplying bicycle batteries, the number of lithium battery for new energy vehicles. Policies, car companies, research institutions have been up-regulating demand, the latest is 1400GWH to 1600GWH.

“The demand objectives mean not selling, don’t sell, represent performance. The above-mentioned relevant persons said: “As long as it is produced, it can be sold. If we do not expand, it is equivalent to letting the market, it is equivalent to the future performance.

. “The above private owners said that it is used to the market for popular tracking, and it is also very easy to understand the excitement and helplessness of the downstream collective expansion of the industrial chain..

“In the industry chain, this is almost a chance of a hundred years. It has become a fame and fortune, and it is also the matter behind it. It doesn’t think about it now.

. “Not only is the company on the industry chain in run, but also outside the market is actively admitted..

In the secondary market, expansion is often able to get the market, and the increase is not expensive; in the first-level market, the agency even is “robbing the head” for a start-up battery company.. Proud: The middle challenge has gradually appeared “unless the supply of lithium mine is significantly improved, it will seriously affect the profit margin of lithium battery.

. “There is private placement believes that almost all manufacturing of the middle of the manufacturing industry is” two fever “, the downstream has the pressure of the end, upstream is the cost of raw material. Running, in the gratitude, but in the long distance.

The reason is very simple, long distance should be more balanced. For the lithium battery industry, it is the upstream resources to determine its efforts..

From the prior art route, despite the new technology routes such as sodium ions, lithium battery is still absolute mainstream.. However, lithium itself belongs to a rare metal, and it is one of the key factors of the new energy vehicle industry chain from the new energy vehicle industry chain in the next few years.

. However, the situation is not optimistic. Huaxi Securities Research Report believes that the global rocky rock resources are very limited in the next 2 years.

If you deduct the concentrate increments of Greenbush Mine non-market-selling, the concentrate raw materials supplied to the global lithium salt plus factory The increment is more limited, and most of the lithium salt plus factory will face the shortage of raw materials.. However, another technical route – Salt Lake Lithium has entered the mainx.

Tibet Mining revealed that from the perspective of technical perspective, the second phase of Zabe Salt Lake fully borrowed the successful related experience of the lithium of Qinghai Salt Lake, and combined with its own resource endowment characterized “Yantian evaporation + membrane separation technology + crystal evaporation” Lithium technology route, the process route allows for the production of lithium carbonate after deduction of by-products to 2.41 million yuan / ton (Qinghai Salt Lake lithium carbonate production cost is 32,000 yuan / ton to 34,000 yuan / ton), product Competitiveness will be greatly improved. “Unless the supply of lithium mine is significantly improved, it will seriously affect the profit margin of lithium battery.

. “The above private owners believe that almost all manufacturing of the middle of the manufacturing industry are” two-headed gas “, and the pressure on the end of the next time, the upstream is the cost of raw materials..

If the midstream of the fuel car industry chain is not very good, the downstream vehicle factory requires the price of raw materials such as upstream steel and other raw materials, which is also one of the reasons why the domestic auto parts manufacturer is unique.. “The upstream of lithium battery is still small metal, and their cost pressure is more concerned.

. “The same as the fuel car, the lithium battery is also in the same price reduction pressure..

At this stage, the sales of new forces in the car is not big, and it is important to target high-end markets.. As sales continue to increase, the product is moved down, and the terminal pressure is bound to be transmitted to the lithium battery.

. “It is difficult to reduce the cost, and now a lithium-ion battery manufacturing cost exceeds a fuel car..

“There is a car company executive tells reporters. “Don’t care too much, lithium battery through financing, research and development, production, and explore new technologies, craftsmanship. The growth industry runs up, there is no limit.

“The above industry. .

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