Lithium-electric positive material material sector welcomes IPO boom Today, two companies have doubled

Lithium-electric positive material material sector welcomes IPO boom Today, two companies have doubled

On December 29, the Bookmaking Board Listening Municipal Party Committee, Guangdong Fangyuan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., Xiamen Xiantil New Energy Materials Co.

, Ltd. first passed. Since this year, more and more positive materials and their precursor fields have helped the cash flow, expand production, and improve the company’s competitiveness.

At present, there is an environmentally friendly environmental protection, Xiamen Tungsten Industry Distors IPO) Long-term lutenic department (September 14, the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee). AF source environmental protection, environmental protection, important engrave, lithium-ion battery, three-yuan positive material precursor, and nickel battery positive material, 2019 company high-nickel three-yuan precursor shipments accounted for the company three yuan front drive 95.3%, NCA87 and NCA91 have become the company’s core products.

In 2018, in 2019, the company’s importance of NCA three-yuan precursor exports is the first. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, the company’s NCA Sanyuan precursor sales revenue accounted for 41.12%, 80.

23%, 84.59%, respectively..

In 2017, the AF source has begun to sell high-nickel NCA ternary precursors to Panasonic, which is used to make high-energy density ternary lithium-ion batteries, ultimately for TSLA electric vehicles.. In addition, the company has also established good cooperative relations with the mainstream lithium-ion battery or positive material manufacturers at home and abroad, such as Bertry, Shanxi, Subye, and Zhizhi Technology.

. This IPO, Fuyuan Environmental Protection proposed 1.05 billion yuan, all invested in an annual output of 50,000 tons of high-end three-dimensional precursor (NCA, NCM) and 10,000 tons of battery lithium hydroxide project.

Xiaxia Tungs New Energy Tungs Tungs can specialize in R & D, production and sales of lithium-ion batteries, 2018 and 2019, the production and sales of lithium cobalt-producing positive material in Xiamen Tungsten, and market share in my country. first place. In 2017, 2018, 2019 and June 2019, the gross profit margin of Xiaxia Tungsten and the main business of 12.

34%, 10.01%, 7.76% and 10.

7%, and the comprehensive gross profit margin is 12.70%, 10.09%, respectively.

8.06% and 10.62%.

In the 3C lithium-ion battery, the new energy and ATL, Samsung SDI, Village, LGC, Xinwangda, Zhuhai Guanyu and BYD have established a solid cooperative relationship, and the products are widely used to downstream high-end 3C electronic products; in the field of power lithium-ion battery, company and Panasonic, BYD, CATL, China Aviation Lithium Electric, Yi Lithium, and Guoxuan High-tech Co., Ltd. established a stable cooperative relationship.

This IPO, Xiamen Tungstern can be proposed to raise 1.5 billion yuan, investive in an annual output of 40,000 tons of lithium-ion battery material industrialization project (1, second phase), and supplementary liquidity. Changyuan Lithium Changyuan Lithium Branch is an important product including three-dimensional positive material and precursor, lithium cobalt-cathode material, ball, etc.

Supplier system for the production company. In 2019, the Yangge Like Sanyi positive material revenue was 2.377 billion yuan (accounting for 86.

16%), and more than 200 million yuan in three-yuan precursors (accounting for 7.37%)..

In 2017-2019, the sales revenue of the three-unit positive material products such as the Yangge Lithium-selling sales, the sales revenue of conventional three-yuan positive materials such as NCM, 100.00%, 98.58%, 98.

80%, 8 Series NCM, NCA and other high-nickel-based positive electrode materials are 0%, 1.42%, 1.20%, respectively, respectively.

. After the IPO, Changyuan Lithium-King proposed to raise the issuance of 2.718 billion yuan to deduct the issuance fee, all for the first phase of the vehicle lithium-ion battery positive material material expiration (proposed to invest 1918 million yuan), supplement the operating funds (intended Investment raised funds 800 million yuan).

In addition, recently, Zhenhua new materials have completed the listing of the listing counseling, and reported to the Guizhou Securities and Regulatory Bureau “Zhongxin Jianbao Securities Co., Ltd. for the first public issuance of public issues and listed cooperation materials for Guizhou Zhenhua New Material Co.

, Ltd. , Apply for a counseling acceptance. It is reported that this counseling work covers the relevant laws and regulations, information disclosure, the information disclosure, the market profile, corporate governance, internal control and financial norms.

. According to this speculation, Zhenhua new materials or strikes. It is reported that Zhenhua’s important products are lithium cobaltate, compound three yuan, power triple and high manganese polymorcuous series materials, currently 50,000 tons of corporate positive material production, including 10,000 tons of Guiyang, 40,000 tons in Southwestern Guizhou.

2020 is 4,500 tons in the first half of the year. It is also informed that Hubei Wanrun New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

is planned to go to Kechuang on the listing, Donghai Securities for its counseling mechanism. It is understood that Wan Runxin Energy is established on December 24, 2010. Important production of automotive lithium-ion power lithium batteries and energy storage batteries: iron phosphate (regular grade and nanoscale), three-yuan material front drive Body, iron phosphate, oxalate (regular grade and nanoscale), battery-level iron oxide, iron oxide black, etc.

. Statistics found that the above-mentioned book-censorship IPO companies have a three-dimensional positive material or a precursor service..

my country’s “Middle and Long-term Development Plan for Automobile Industry”, in 2025, my country’s new energy vehicles accounted for more than 20% of the amount of automotive production and sales. The power lithium battery system reached 350 watt / kg, which achieved high energy density. The high-cost mileage, cost-effective power lithium battery development puts forward new requirements, promoted the development of lithium-ion battery three yuan positive material to high nickel development.

In addition to the creative, the positive material and its precursor field are in IPO companies, there are Zhongwei shares (GEM has logged in), Betti (new three board selection layers are listed), Tian Li lithium (GEM) Be accepted). .

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