Lithium-electric material, faucet, steady, negative pole, 100,000 tons, will be put into production

Lithium-electric material, faucet, steady, negative pole, 100,000 tons, will be put into production

“In the beginning of December, Submerged 100,000 tons of lithium electric power lithium battery material in Changsha will be put into production, and the first quarter of next year, the elderly produced 100,000 tons of lithium-ion batteries in Inner Mongolia Baotou will begin to put production.. “Shanghai Lujiazui Century Financial Center Shanfu Co.

, Ltd.. More than 30 days is 2019, and the 20th anniversary of the center of gravity of Shanxi Industry.

Today’s saicosh has become a global lithium-electric material industry leader. The rays of “domestic suits and innovation brands” have gradually faded. Instead, “the global lithium-ion battery positive and negative material and the largest manufacturer of electrolyte”.

“Just like a big daughter is old, and the little daughter is also windy.. “The whole body wearing Sub-suits, Zheng Yong just smiled and said that the industrial transformation gives the second youth of Shanxi.

Five years ago, the Shani Lithium Electric Material Business Income Super Charming Business, Currently, about 70% of the creative income from the lithium-ion battery industry, and after the next year is positive, the negative pole is fully put into production, this number is expected. Will rise to more than 90%. “Submerged is the transformation of themselves, and the industrial structure has been adjusted.

. “Zheng Yonggang recalled, twenty years ago, as my country’s application to join the WTO process continued to develop, he saw the” Entry “will bring a huge impact to Shanxi,” I predict, with the level of marketization Continuously growing, more and more world high-end apparel brands will enter the market, bringing great challenges and competition, and the survival of sausings becomes unusually difficult. “Transformation, must be transformed.

Zheng Yonggang recalled, in 1999, because of the chance of accident, the “Anshan Auto Research Institute” Anshan Technical Research Institute “in China is responsible for the 863 topics related to the study of lithium-ion battery negative materials. Gather talents, but inadequate research funds, urgently needed financial support. The chance of the transformation is coming! The keen businessman’s sense of smell makes him predict that the lithium-ion battery industry will have broad market prospects in the future.

. So, he did a decision to change the fate of Shan: Investment for 863 topics, and then, the entire research institute’s talents and technologies will be purchased..

Since then, the industrial center of sizzling is step by step, a new energy field of “manufacturing high-end suits” is transformed from the new energy field of “manufacturing and manufacture of lithium-ion battery materials”.. “A research results realized in the laboratory, the real industrialization, there is still a long distance.

“In this period, Zheng Yong just took the pressure and continued to invest in. “Although it is a lot of years, it is good to seize the leader of development, and the traditional apparel industry has completed the original accumulation of capital, let us face the transformation and upgrading..

“Zheng Yonggang said,” The physical economy is like this. It is necessary to continue to invest in output, one step, one step, solidly improve product and service through technology research and development, continuous improvement of products and services to achieve benefits. “Submerged energy source 100,000 tons of lithium electric power lithium battery materials Changsha Base is now,”.

The gradual popularization of 3C products such as smartphones after 2008, brought to dividends in the stage of lithium-electric materials; in recent years, the rise of electric vehicles, more demand for market lithium-ion battery products ushered in the explosive rise. “The development speed of the lithium-ion battery industry in the current new energy revolution is geometric, especially in the automotive industry, replacing the engine with a battery is a general trend..

“One hard-selling transformation, so that Shani Huan issued an unlimited new life. Zheng Yongang said that the elderly production of 100,000 tons of piceons, the negative material production base, will become the world’s largest lithium-ion battery, negative material manufacturing center. “Currently, 75% -80% of the world’s lithium-ion batteries are manufactured in my country.

As industry faucet, now Subject is the development of technical standards, future, we will dominate industry technical standards. “Speaking of the development goal, Zheng Yonggang’s ambition is not even,” “Next, we must master the industry pricing power. Instead, there is priced power, so in the next two or three years, we go to more than 50% of the lithium-ion battery materials in the world,.

“Hug technology innovation, active transformation and upgrading, can continue to update the company’s life cycle. Zheng Yonggang said that he wants to tell thousands of people’s home is: the light hold is no way out, change the other people, change yourself, adapt, to hug the era. “Tough is also adapted, we all climb from difficult.


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