Lithium-electric ‘arms race’ starts high nickel has become a strategic

Lithium-electric 'arms race' starts high nickel has become a strategic

On May 30, the GEM welcomed the largest IPO – CATL in nine years. As a unicorn of the lithium industry, the news from CATL is ready to list, and his one moves to pay attention to the world..

It is reported that CATL this IPO, the distribution price is 25.14 yuan / share, the issuance of 30 days, proposed no more than 217 million shares, raised funds 5.462 billion yuan, and the total share capital after the issuance of no more than 2.

172 billion share. On the same day, online road show, CATL chairman Zeng Qun’s understanding of battery development and production, he said that the company has now produced three yuan 622 power lithium-ion batteries, and Pan Jian, vice chairman of CATL, company in high-density battery technology and technology There is a wealth of technical reserves, while actively tracking and advancing the world’s leading power lithium battery technology, in terms of 811, lithium metal batteries and silicone-carbon negatives, there are different stages of production to basic technological development..

In the case of two days ago, when the announcement of the 28th evening announcement, the company and the Jinke Garden Management Committee signed a cooperation agreement in Beijing today. The two sides intended to cooperate in Jinke Park to build a lithium-electricity new materials industry base, the first phase of the project The annual output of 50,000 tons, plan to invest 3 billion yuan, divided into three stages of construction. The company stated that it will be launched in advance of lithium-electric materials industry base, which is conducive to the company’s rapid development of technology advantages into industrial advantages, expanding high-nickel power products.

. Similarly, on the evening of May 27, the intelligence of energy announcement announced that the company recently held an investor communication meeting in Futian District, Shenzhen, said to investors, due to high energy density, high-strength, high nickel 811 material Will be the future of power lithium batteries future important development trend. It is understood that smart energy is beginning to develop high-nickel 811 battery products in 2014.

In recent years, it has achieved the corresponding supporting of the vehicle factory. At present, a few minority calendered 811 high-nickel batteries. Its 2600-2900 mAh products have begun to use high-nickel 811 materials, there have been a small number of shipments last year, and in March this year, mass shipments are achieved.

. It is expected that the digital products will be all high-nickel 811 materials in the third quarter of 2018. It is expected to achieve 50% battery throughout the year.

. About the dynamic lithium battery will develop high-nickel development is already a fact that under the forcedity of high cobalt, many downstream terminal manufacturers have begun to reduce the CD strategy..

In early May, TSLA proposed “cobalt-channification and nickel”, while the new battery nickel content is added to reduce the cobalt content in the battery.. According to the latest Bloomberg news, the person in charge of the Panasonic Electric Apprier is expressed that the automotive battery that is not using cobalt is being developed, and the goal of zero cobalt in the near future will be developed.

. According to Reuters, the Panasonic Automobile Battery Office, Kenjitamura, said in and analyst’s calls, the company has significantly reduced the amount of cobalt..

As the price stability, it is far lower than the cobalt nickel, it is a good alternative to cobalt battery.. According to relevant information, May 29, Jinchuan Group Electrolytic Nickel (Board) has increased significantly from 2400 yuan / ton to 112,200 yuan / ton.

. Industry insiders said that this is due to the lack of supply, the demand has increased, and the support of the nickel is further high..

In the medium and long term, the high nickelization of the power lithium battery will become an important driving force for nickel prices.. According to Minsheng Securities Research, the energy density of dynamic lithium batteries and the rise of cobalt rises to pull the high-nickel-based three-membered materials.

The new energy ternary battery is a trend. The power lithium battery will become an emerging force that promotes rising nickel demand..

It is expected that nickel sulfate production in 2018 will reach 500,000 tons.. It’s like the initial cobalt’s power lithium battery, the corresponding cobalt price is the same because of the new energy car, and the price of the cobalt is the same, and the nickel price has also opened the rise channel.

. According to SMM latest (May 31) price show, electrolyte nickel report average price of 113,725 yuan / ton, the highest point in approximately 3 years. However, although each company has begun to compete for the “strategic highland” of high nickel, it is not possible to completely replace cobalt, such as TSLA, which has been in full swing, although it has been useful.

The less cobalt type battery, but the current TSLA produced is still about 4.5 kg of cobalt..

(Data from Bloom Bo News). Therefore, due to the complexity of the high-nickel technology, the cobalt-containing battery is completely alternative to other techniques.

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