Lithium, copper, nickel, cobalt production problem will drag electric car hind legs?

Lithium, copper, nickel, cobalt production problem will drag electric car hind legs?

Will TSLA’s production nightmare will become a common dream in the future of the entire automotive industry? This article only talks about the metal raw material of the power lithium battery, copper, nickel and cobalt. Tesla began to deliver Model3, and the weekly production exceeded 5,000 units; Volvo announced that all pure internal combustion engine vehicles were eliminated in 2019 to push pure electric and hybrid vehicles; Toyota purchased one of the world’s largest lithium ore business company orocobreore’s stock ..

. this Some column electric vehicle markets directly lead to the last month, the world’s famous chemical energy company Sociedadqu¨ªmicayminera announced and the Chilean government reached an agreement, doubled its carbonate, and expanded to approximately 2.2 million tons, until 2030.

This move has successfully suppressed lithium prices (29% over 2017) but the momentum of lithium prices rose should not be prevented, compared to copper mine, nickel and cobalt-containing mine, lithium is relatively optimistic.. But it is expected that the global demand will rise by 75,000 tons in the next two years, exceeding this new supply of 25,000-3,000 tons.

Single single is 40% of the entire lithium market, and this number will rise to 60% -70% of this number to 2025.. The structural shortage of lithium market will last for at least 2020.

“As the electric vehicle sales increase rate reaches the two-digit composite rate, the key raw materials of the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery are in an early stage of rapid rise cycle, which is likely to continue until the next decade.. “LithiumAmericascorp.

LAC consultant Chrisberry Analysis”. The example of Tesla is in front of the eye, except for the ultimate pursuit of the modularization and automation of industrial manufacturing, the bottleneck of battery production is always key restrictions on electric vehicle production..

And copper and nickel are key factors that limit battery production.. Because the excessive development of the year, and the price of copper is low, in the past decade, the capital market has substantially in zero rise in the capital market, while refining copper and refined nickel, the small deficit is expected to maintain new, not in a short period of time.

Have a big change. The development and investment of new mines will be very necessary, because existing copper and nickel ore cannot meet the future needs of rapid rapid rise, but the cost of exploration and development is constantly rising, and the price of raw materials has not yet been in four years. The front price plunged in the shadow of the price plummeted.

Given the procedures for mineral development and investment and government processes, the new nickel ore and copper mines will be at least 5-10 years to achieve the market.. Cobalt-containing mine, due to geographical environment and geopolitical dual factors have fallen into the dangerous place of “difficult to get”.

FirstCobaltcorp.FCC CEO TrentMell said that in 2017, 50% of global cobalt production was used to produce a three-dimensional lithium-ion battery. This ratio is expected to exceed 60% in 2020.

. Cobalt is a by-product metal of many metal mines, 98% from copper and nickel ore. As an important by-product of copper and nickel, its rise is largely dependent on the development of new copper and nickel.

. At present, about 60% of the cobalt-containing metal mine from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and this country is currently suffering from war..

In my country, in early 2017, more than 100 million US dollars signed more than 100 million US dollars, it also demonstrated the assistance of this African brothers in the past decade.. Although there is currently a full raw material supply in China, it is difficult for the production of the market due to the industry law of the metal industry.

. According to the data of BenchmarkMineralintelligence analyst Casparrawles, it has risen 78% in my country’s 2017 battery industry..

As with other metal raw materials, cobalt prices are also caused by lack of raw materials.

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