Lithium cobalt fell battery company ‘Songqiqi’ industry called the long-term development of new energy industries

Lithium cobalt fell battery company 'Songqiqi' industry called the long-term development of new energy industries

2016 ~ 2017, the price of cobalt, lithium has risen sharply, making downstream positive material, battery company costs, related companies face double extrusion of upstream price increases and downstream subsidies. Since this year, cobalt, lithium products have been turned back to adjust, and the cost pressure of downstream companies has relieved a certain degree..

According to an analysis, in the current cobalt, lithium supply and demand environment, the profitability or further improvement of lithium-electricity in the fourth quarter. In this regard, a staff member of the Ministry of Science and Technology Securities said to the “Daily Economic News” reporter, the company’s raw materials purchase accompanying the city. From the beginning of the year, the company’s gross profit margin is slightly improved, but the annual data is available in the year to understand.

The battery is adjusted in the lithium ion battery with cobalt price, and the positive electrode material accounts for about 35% to 40% of the total battery cost, which is affected by the price changes of cobalt and lithium.. A person of Shanfu Co.

, Ltd. tells the “Daily Economic News” reporter, the price of the positive material material is important according to the raw material price trend. Shanfricar Co.

, Ltd. includes a part of new energy services, which covers multiple links of lithium-down downstream industrial chains, of which lithium-ion battery material business is important and negative, electrolyte, etc..

Shanfu shares said in the 2018 middle report that is pulled by cobalt by the year, the price of the company continues to rise. This year, cobalt, lithium prices have fallen sharply, and the price of positive electrode materials in Shanfu Shares will also be lowered..

Shanxi Shannon report said that “the price of lithium carbonate has fallen to about 100,000 yuan / ton, and the price of the positive material will also be adjusted”. Northeast Securities Reporting believes that cobalt, lithium price reduction is still more favorable for positive manufacturers, because the product price of positive manufacturers is lower than the cost drop. Taking the NCM523 positive material in November as an example, although the price fell by about 15% year-on-year, the price of lithium carbonate fell by 50% year-on-year, the price of cobalt sulfate fell by 10% year-on-year, and the cost of the positive electrode material was faster than the price.

. Therefore, the development report is expected to increase the NCM523 single-ton gross profit margin to increase 6 percentage points..

Another Lithium-Electricity is a more specialized business. In the first half of this year, its positive and other material camps were about 1.56 billion yuan, accounting for 95.

7% of total revenues.. Recently, when the promotion technology is also said, the company’s gross profit level has been further improved in the same year and the same year.

. Shanxi Co., Ltd.

. At the same time, both companies believe that the “high nickel” “high nickel” in the future is more clear, this or will further reduce the amount of cobalt in future lithium-ion batteries..

Sepamentary reports said that from the product trend Trend of chemicalization. The aforementioned reporting technological staff also believes that future cobalt and lithium are still important raw materials for ternary materials, but with the progress of high nickel, there may be a development trend of “low cobaltization”. Safety Shann Shannan Reply said that high nickel has no effect on lithium, but from the output of the high-nickel material, the amount of cobalt is reduced.

. In the long run, “high nickel low cobalt” can reduce material cost, thereby reducing the cost of power lithium battery, which is conducive to the popularity of electric vehicles..

For a short time, the cobalt is a bad, long-term impact, to watch the upward trend of electric vehicles. But the person also pointed out that in 2018, the high nickel trend has not yet been formed..

The power lithium battery gross profit margin has a loose cobalt, and lithium price reduction has a good intention to the downstream lithium ion battery company.. Previously, due to the common squeezing capacity of the upstream and downstream, the profitability of lithium-ion battery companies declined.

BYD has shown that the comprehensive gross profit margin of automobiles and related products is 18.75%, which is reduced by 7.87 percentage points year-on-year.

. In 2018, China University of China has shown that the comprehensive gross profit margin of the power lithium-ion battery is 32.47%, the same decrease is 5.

44 percentage points.. An industry in which a large-scale lithium-ion battery company served as a senior, a daily economic news, is currently, for the power lithium battery company, cobalt price fluctuations have a large influence on the company, and the lithium is relatively small.

. Therefore, after the price of cobalt has fallen sharply in October, the pressure on the cost of the powered lithium battery company has played a certain purpose use..

“Power Lithium Battery Plate gross profit margin has rebounded in the third quarter. “A brokerage researcher also pointed out. According to the industry, the price of cobalt declines, although some cost pressures of lithium ion battery companies, but in fact, the average price of lithium-ion batteries this year is also falling.

. It believes that the supply of supply is an important reason for causing battery prices..

On December 11, my country’s Automotive Industry Association announced new energy automotive production and sales data. In November, new energy auto production completed 173,000 vehicles and 169,000, up 36.9% and 37.

6% respectively from the same period of the previous year.. In the 11 months of this year, 1054,000 vehicles were completed, respectively, with 63.

6% and 68% respectively from the same period of the previous year.. Northeast Securities Development shows that 2018 new energy vehicles are expected to sell 1.

1 million units, increased by 36.5% year-on-year, and the power lithium battery is expected to be installed. 38.

6% year-on-year; 2019 new energy vehicle is expected to sell 1.61 million, power lithium battery is expected 21GWH, increased by 41.9% year-on-year.

“Although the downstream of the year has been rising, the amount of the middle link of the industrial chain is very large, and the copy is fast.. “The above industry analyzes pointed out that competition in the lithium-ion battery is more intense.

“. In the face of price decline, many companies have to “quoted replenishment”, and this has also caused further new growth of lithium-ion battery production..

It believes that the future industry will gradually be gradually changed to the market driver, the subsidy is gradually canceled, the market environment will be more stable, so the demand for cobalt, lithium and other products should no longer reproduce the hot scenes of the first two years. The matching of supply and demand will return the price of cobalt, lithium and other products. In this regard, Zhang Wenchen, the new energy analyst of the Pacific Securities, said cobalt and lithium as an important raw material for new energy vehicle power lithium batteries, which benefited from the beautiful development prospects of new energy vehicles, and the price has skyrocketed.

. Continued high-level resources have greatly added power lithium battery costs, and the promotion of new energy vehicles is unfavorable..

In the future, if the prices of the upper reaches of the upper reaches, it will greatly reduce the cost of the power lithium battery, which is conducive to the promotion and application of new energy vehicles.. Aspects of Shanfu Shares, said to the “Daily Economic News” reporter, from the long run, the price of upstream resources is returned to rationality, which is conducive to the reduction in power lithium battery costs, and will also improve the cost of electric vehicles at cost.

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