Lithium battery is about to enter the development of the golden flow

Lithium battery is about to enter the development of the golden flow

Thanks to the rapid rise in the market demand in the new energy car, my country’s lithium-ion batteries, especially the dynamic lithium-ion battery industry, began to develop outbreak, and the dynamic lithium battery equipment is also entered into the gold rise stage.. During the preliminary expectation of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the demand for lithium battery lithium battery is expected to exceed 35 billion yuan, and as the most important part of the power lithium battery equipment, the market demand in the laser equipment will exceed 6 billion yuan.

. As the world’s leading industrial laser equipment company, in the past few years, the big laser continues to increase the R & D investment and product update of the various links of the power lithium battery..

High-power lasers, vibrators and high automated laser equipment have been continuously developed, whether it is welding efficiency, welding quality, or automation and intelligent levels have substantially improved, quickly seize the laser equipment market. (Ether Laser Technology Center) and except for the company’s advanced laser equipment, after many years of hard work, the current big laser has successfully opened the mixing, coating, nipple, assembly line, soft bag module and PACK line, square Module and PACK line and other equipment industry chain. “At present, we have the ability to include the overall lithium-ion battery equipment supply capacity of the fore / mid-section, and the future strive to form battery production workshop and factory turnkey project.

. “Xu Zuobin mentioned. According to the annual report released by the big laser, the company has achieved a total of 66.

12% in 2017, which has increased significantly by 66.12% year-on-year; the net profit belonging to the shareholders of listed companies is 16.75 yuan, up 122.

08% year-on-year.. In addition, according to the quarter of this year, the revenue is 1.

692 billion yuan in the reporting period, up 11% year-on-year; net profit of 364 million yuan, a substantially 140% year-on-year. “At present, domestic battery companies face accelerated shuffling, industry concentration will continue to increase, prestressed expected domestic lithium-ion batteries, the top five companies will monopolize more than 80% market share, and equipment companies that bind lithium-ion battery faucets will still have high growth. sex.

“Xu Zuibin said that the current ethnic laser has successfully entered the equipment supply chain of the mainstream battery company in the country, and the future market prospect is more worthwhile.. It is worth noting that one side is a rapid increase in market cake, and on the other hand, high-income payments have also plagued the entire lithium battery industry.

. “Although the demand of the dynamic lithium battery market has driven the scale of the lithium battery market, it is not optimistic under the influence of subsidy policies..

“Xu Zuibin said that under the driving of the powerful lithium battery industry, the equipment industry should be more cautious about the accounts of receivables.. (High Power Vibratory Laser Welding) In fact, each battery company bundles dozens of materials companies and equipment companies, everyone is risky, and a number of accidents have been damaged.

. According to the power lithium battery network, it is understood that the current lithium-e-equipment industry uses the “3331” types of installments, including 30% of signing cooperation, 30% before delivery, 30% of the equipment acceptance, 30%, 10% of the remaining 10%. In this way, in addition to the return time, it is also difficult for the company’s post-refund.

. Because the lithium battery line is all non-standard equipment, it is usually relatively slow in the acceptance link, and after the acceptance is completed, the customer likes to delay payment..

Therefore, there are many accounts receivables from lithium-e-equipment suppliers, especially the last tail, and it is easy to form death or bad debts.. Xu Zuibin revealed that as a supplier of powerful lithium battery equipment in China, the general laser accounts receivable are still within a reasonable and controllable range.

. “In order to alleviate funds, many batteries will take a business acceptance in payment, but the big laser never accept this payment method..

“Xu Zuibin said that this also prevents or reduces the risk of bad debts to some extent.. Xu Zuobin finally said that the future ethnic laser is more cautious in the choice of customers.

. “We will conduct a detailed investigation of our customers, and then make a reasonable risk assessment, then determine the specific payment method..

In the context of high accounts receivable and the industry of power lithium batteries, the expansion speed of lithium battery companies should be more cautious, ensuring their own cash flow is the key “. .

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