Lithium battery industry: power lithium battery installed high rise

Lithium battery industry: power lithium battery installed high rise

November New Energy Automobile Power Lithium Battery Power Power Words New Year’s New High. According to GGII statistics, November 2018, my country’s new energy vehicle power lithium battery installed power consumption was approximately 8.91GWh, up 28% year-on-year; rising from 50.

15% from the previous month, and the total year of the single month.. We believe that the fact that the total speed of the total installed machine is a year-on-year growth rate is that the 2017 period is higher, and the growth rate of growth is highly improved.

Under subsidies, the whole vehicle manufacturer is high in the end of the year.. In November, the top ten power lithium battery companies totaled approximately 6.

95GWH, and the total ratio was 78%.. Among them, CATL, BYD, two leading companies in November of the November are 3.

6, 1.35GWH, accounting for 40.41%, 15.

11%, respectively.. my country’s new energy automotive industry broke out, power lithium battery industry strong.

Under the wave of automobile electric vehicles, in recent years, my country’s new energy automotive industry has exploded rising, pulling my country’s power lithium battery industry high-speed expansion.. From January to November 2018, my country’s power lithium battery installed power supply increased from 77% to 43.

62GWH. CR5 was significantly increased by 15.36 percentage points from 2017 to 75.

51%, and the industry concentration further improved.. It is worth noting that CATL, BYD two leading companies in 2017 The amount of lithium battery installed capacity is 28.

70%, 14.98%, and it has risen to 41.1%, 22% in 2018, and the two totals.

60%, the tendency of strong persons is obvious. Dual Integral Policy Drive, my country’s new energy vehicle penetration will be further improved. In September 2017, the five ministries and committees jointly announced the “Passenger Fuel Consumption and New Energy Automotive Integral Parallel Management Measures”, from April 1, 2018, and set up new energy vehicles since 2019 The scope of interest, 10%, 12%, 2019, 2020, respectively.

Regarding the production capacity of traditional energy passenger cars or more than 30,000 vehicles, if you do not meet the requirements of new energy car points, you should purchase points or passively reduce the production and sales of traditional energy passenger cars to other car companies. Dual integration policies will prompt car companies to increase the progress of new energy vehicles. In the context of industry subsidy policy, dual integration policies will promote the continuous improvement of new energy vehicles in my country, and the stable rise in power lithium-ion battery demand will continue to pull the lithium electrical equipment.

. Binding large customers’ whole line lithium electrical equipment manufacturers more developing prospects. Due to strong differences between lithium-ion battery products, equipment companies must in depth in depth of customer production environment, fully understand the technical parameters and automation requirements of relevant production equipment, thus conduct personalized design, customization, so customers have lithium electrical equipment manufacturers Choose a certain inertia.

Based on this, there is a first advantage of the technical advantage and battery faucet formation in the trend of power lithium-ion battery market concentration.. In addition, since the entire line model has the advantage of short delivery cycle, high direct rate, the service response is excellent, which is conducive to enhancing the existing customer’s viscosity, speeding up new customer development process, and then enhances market share, it is recommended to continue to pay attention to the forefront intelligence, win Technology.


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