Lithium battery compact membrane’s domestic process accelerated

Lithium battery compact membrane's domestic process accelerated

At present, the domestic diaphragm market still has a certain import replacement market space.. However, accompanying the high-speed development of the power lithium battery industry and the technical improvement of domestic diaphragm companies, the domestic diaphragm company has begun to accelerate the layout of the selection of the sea.

. According to industry insiders, this year is only 1.2 billion square meters this year, and domestic companies can occupy more than half of the market, and from existing diaphragm production, the gap is relatively large, and the domestic diaphragm company will be large.

. Due to the huge market in the lithium electrical diaphragm and the highest advantage in the four major key materials, since 2017, the diaphragm field has ushered in many investment expansion, according to preliminary statistics, until now, there are six companies in China. Infant expansion diaphragm, a total of nearly 800 million square meters.

The following is the diaphragm investment details: Jinli new energy annual output 55 million m2 lithium-ion battery diaphragm project put into production Yongnian area total investment of 700 million yuan in Hebei Jinli new energy lithium-ion battery diaphragm project has been put into production, with an annual output of 55 million square meters, product was 11 countries Patent, widely used in new energy vehicle power lithium batteries and mobile phones, built-in batteries of tablets, etc.. In recent years, my country’s lithium-ion battery industry has developed rapidly and has become a large country of lithium-ion batteries.

. However, lithium-ion battery diaphragm technology is high, foreign manufacturers dominate the high-end market. At present, most of the high-end diaphragms used in domestic lithium-ion battery manufacturers depend on imports, the imported diaphragm is high and the supply cycle is long, and the lithium-ion battery diaphragm will enter a domestic alternative process in the case of homogenization of products.

. With the quality improvement of domestic companies, price advantages and perfect sales system support, will become the most important driving force for domestic replacement imports in different membrane industries..

Zhangzhou Pearl: Annual production of 60 million m2 wet diaphragm project is expected to be put into production in the second quarter, in the case of receiving investment institutions, there will be adjustments to the upstream battery price as the resilience of subsidy policies, as the diaphragm Price will also be affected. As the diaphragm is replaced from the original import, the market-based competition will become more and more fierce, the price has a decline. But the diaphragm product still has a large gross profit, which can resist the effects of price decline.

. The company’s wet diaphragm 25 million square meters project has been produced normally, and there are 6, 7 customers; the annual output of 60 million Ping-level project is expected to be included in March, entering equipment commissioning, trial operation, test production, estimates in the second quarter Normal production; the project is three lines by incurring the fundraising, it is expected that one of the production lines will be tried in March, and all the progress projects are completed in the first quarter of 2018..

Middle Materials Technology: Precautions 200 million square meters Mid-Materials Technology, February 23, on the evening of February 23, in order to achieve lithium-ion battery diaphragm (hereinafter referred to as “lithium film”) industry development goals, Housing development opportunities, the company intends to build an independent industrial development platform, joint venture set up “medium-material lithium film Co., Ltd.” (temporary name) (hereinafter referred to as “medium-material lithium film”), undertake “annual production of 200 million square meters of lithium film Production line construction project.

According to the notice, the company intends to build four lithium-ion battery diaphragm production lines, including 2 single line production of 40 million square meters, two single line production of 60 million square meters, and distributes 4 ceramic coating production lines, 40 million square meters. Total lithium film (coated film) annual total output is 200 million square meters. Implement the main body for medium lithium film.

Huiqiang new material new three board fundraising 411.8 million extended lithium-ion battery diaphragm industry chain Huiqiang new material (836243) recently announcement, public issuance of stocks 7.1 million shares, distribution price is 5.

8 yuan per share, raised funds 411.8 million yuan, issue Raising funds are important to supplement the company’s liquidity funds to expand the company’s main business and purchase lithium-ion battery diaphragm supporting production inspection equipment. Among them, 15 million yuan in the fundraising funds are used to purchase lithium-ion battery diaphragm supporting production inspection equipment to further extends the company’s lithium-ion battery diaphragm industry chain, and the remaining funds will be used to supplement the company’s liquidity funds.

. According to the information, Huiqiang new material is officially listed in March 2016, the main business is a polypropylene lithium-ion battery diaphragm, high-strength three-layer co-extrusion composite diaphragm, PVDF coated diaphragm and ceramic coating diaphragm. Among them, the power-type lithium-ion battery diaphragm is important with polypropylene lithium ion battery diaphragm, high strength three-layer co-extruded separator, PVDF coated diaphragm and ceramic coated diaphragm, non-power type lithium ion battery diaphragm, important polypropylene lithium ion battery Diamation and ceramic coating diaphragm.

Star source material massaged 1.36 billion m2 wet diaphragm project Star source Material March 6th announcement, the company signed an investment cooperation agreement on March 6, 2017 and Jiangsu Changzhou Economic Development Zone Administration, In the Jiangsu Changzhou Economic Development Zone, the company’s new company investing 1.6 billion yuan in the construction annual production of 360 million square meters lithium-ion battery diaphragm project.

Chen Jian, chairman of Staryuan Material; “In the future, in the new energy passenger car, the wet diaphragm may have more opportunities, the dry diaphragm will be in the new energy commercial vehicle, the energy storage area, the electric tool. “Previously, Staryuan material was to meet the company and Guoxuan high-class production expansion and product replacement, achieving complementary advantages, the company and Guoxuan, the company, and Guo Guoxuan, etc., etc.

, in January 2016, set up Hefei Shengyuan Construction 6 high-performance lithium-ion battery diaphragm production lines, 12 multi-function ceramic coated separator production lines and 5 polymer coating production lines. At present, the above production line is under construction..

Star source material is a diaphragm manufacturer, which has earlier development coating technology, has polymer coating, ceramic coating, ceramic polymer mixed coating, nanocomposite coating and other technologies.. In 2016, the company and foreign excellent equipment business cooperation have successfully developed a double-sided simultaneous online coating equipment, in the domestic leading level.

Hongzu diaphragm is planned to raise 200 million yuan to produce an annual production of 90 million m2 lithium-electric membrane project Hongjun diaphragm (835844) Notice, in order to enhance the main business ability, the company is planned to issue no more than 1085.2 million shares per share of 18.4 yuan -19 yuan It is estimated that the funds raised no more than 206 million yuan, of which 7918.

8 million will be used in the continuation of the annual output of 90 million square meters of lithium-ion battery diaphragms in the second phase of the project, and the remaining funds will be used to supplement the company’s development efforts. Flow funds and repayment companies loan. According to the announcement, the company’s existing lithium-ion diaphragm production line, the lithium-ion diaphragm production is 20 million square meters, due to product quality and technical advantages, it has successfully entered the supplier system of Tianjin Life Battery Co.

, Ltd., can replace imported products, And the price is reasonable, so the product is in short. In order to meet the market, the company proposes to build an annual output of 90 million square meters of lithium-ion battery diaphragm in the existing scale, add two production lines.

. According to the fund use of the second phase of the first production line (second workshop) has been built, the construction fund demand for the second phase of the second production line (third workshop) is expected to be 9.29.

76 million yuan.. This issue will use no more than 79,188,000 yuan to raise funds for the construction of the third workshop, and the remainder of the company will use other measures to solve.

However, the industry experts have reminded that the new production line should be infused, so the company needs to guard against risks.

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