Lithium battery boss came to listen to how others chat?

Lithium battery boss came to listen to how others chat?

I used to work before, there is a friend, saying that my peer competition is the hortyness of the other party, I don’t understand, how to attack, how to attack. When I started business, I understood that you have a profitable profit, and your bank account is profitable, it is completely two concepts..

Later, I slowly understood that when the boss is very difficult, you said that the company makes money this year, but on the bank account, it may have no money, but also owe a buttons, payment, accounting, really terrible Thing. The big news in the past few times, the money car robbery case is not because of being dragged, the arrears are still unclear, and finally make people forced the road..

It is a crime, but people who say that the crime is a bad person. It is not necessarily, who doesn’t want to go to a day, there is a sentence, and the old society turns people into a ghost, the new society has changed the ghost adult. That, I don’t know what year today.

. This matter is actually very deep last year, I have passed a company, the technology is OK, I have received some soldiers in the previous year, and the government has strictly hits the military, and I will make some points. Technical money is not related to that, but the audit is particularly strict, and the entry account will stop and wait for the audit.

This company is covered, the cost is all out, the project is also completed, the income is arrears, hard is not coming. There is not much money in the company’s book, this is to be ignorant, I have nothing, I have been invested as a bad debt, fortunately, some friends have added investment in the circle. I have received a few big companies this year.

Out, step into the right track. It is easy to say that the entrepreneur is almost playing, and there is no way, and it is not easy to think about it..

You have nothing to do, you can’t do it, your project is doing, you can do it yourself.. You should do it, you really do things to people, the contract is also implemented, the return will not come, the salary can not send it, you said how you said.

We also have a game issuance and there is also an account. Now it’s okay, in the past, in order to prepare for the listing, the company’s financial audit is particularly strict, and the account arrears is also a little bit of grain. I feel that every month is very nervous.

Fortunately, our business is not big, relying on my personal mats, I can barely support, I will let the assistant send an email to the other party, and don’t give our company employees to them. Company jumping building. Of course, this is a joke, but this experience is also very deep.

. I have a friend who advertised agency business. The business is very big, I will not be a game business.

I will wonder, I said that our game industry giants are very rich, why not do, people say, there is Money is owned by money, smart, the first thing to earn from these people, the second day, the account is cost. This is the first point to share today. About the company to withstarate the other account, the account is cost, which can be clearly quantified.

. I also understand some companies that do e-commerce, doing trading platforms, large size, high water, but the company’s main business, do not make money, really do not make money, but people don’t expect this to make money, it is pressure supply Business account, pressure test period, doing financial derivatives, accounting is income, but also clearly quantified. This is the point of view of the second day today, about the company that can press the other party’s account, the account is the benefit.

So some companies are more and more embarrassed, the more it is more. Say a gossip, may add articles readability, of course, I have not verified it. It is said that some traditional companies have a few beautiful sisters every year.

Sleep, there is no way, you have to urge it. I owe money, I can’t afford it, the creditor is sad..

So, many boss can’t do it, I can finally be a creditor.. Because the accounts of the company have become a common problem in the whole industry, the massage business came into being, the big player Zhang Lei’s lazy investment project is also financial products based on the maintenance business.

. Therefore, companies with financial instruments and financial advantages, the account is business model. At the end, a partner of a wind control company said, strictly speaking, many business models in my country have not had the qualifications of customers, and some unpapless qualifications The company collects funds for its customers, itself is violating the law, not to mention the account.

However, in the current, there are many unclear categories, and the government is also observing, that is, if there is no big thing to make a grievance, a lot of things that are not very legal is also acquisted.. But from the perspective of risk, once an accident is,.

For wind control, the account is the risk of continuous observation. .

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