Linkage Tianyi announcement SPEED fast charging lithium battery has won large-scale orders at home and abroad

Linkage Tianyi announcement SPEED fast charging lithium battery has won large-scale orders at home and abroad

Recently, the Linkage Tianyi held a 2021 new product announcement in Shanghai, which announced the SPEED series express charging power lithium battery representing the highest end technology of the linkage Tianyi.. According to reports, the SPEED series of fast-powered lithium batteries, and the cell monomer energy density reached 260Wh / kg, and the charging can achieve 400 kilometers of battery life.

The number of fast charge cycles can reach 800 times to 1200 times. 2025 charge time will be further shortened to 5 minutes. In addition, the cylindrical / square cells of the SPEED series are high-nickel chemical systems, and both the cell monomer levels have good safety, and NTP can be reached after forming the module / system.

. Dr. Liu Guanwei, the company’s chief strategy, said that the company has a number of R & D product teams that have been investing in the next generation of high-performance lithium-ion batteries in the past three years.

The current technical advantages come from the unique Full stack battery technology, the positive electrode field uses a fast ionic conductor and interface stabilizer composite package, and the nickel content is as high as 88%, which makes the energy density and ion conductivity greatly increase, and can stabilize the solid-liquid interface; the negative electrode field uses nano-silica particle size Control, silicon content can reach 10%, which can greatly increase lithium ion reaction activity; by adding a special electrolyte, greatly enhance battery stability, multiplier, life and cycle. It is understood that in 2025, the 1-link Tianyi lock order has been 10GWH, which is expected to have 20GWH orders..

Lin Zi Electric, Chairman, Chairman of the Linkage, said that as the company’s lattekon milestones, the Speed ​​fast charging lithium battery has received large-scale orders in Europe and many luxury passenger car brands in Europe, and will be comprehensively in 2023. Implementation. While steady and stabilizing the new energy car market at home and abroad, the linkage Tianyi will rely on its strong research and development capabilities, and insist on the development of fast charge as the core positioning and driving product, build a fast-charged lithium-ion battery lead card.

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