Li Xin: Ten years of grinding a sword, domestic charging lithium battery instead of imported goods

Li Xin: Ten years of grinding a sword, domestic charging lithium battery instead of imported goods

Lithium-ion batteries such as electric vehicles, have huge market space. However, most of the high-end diaphragm materials of most domestic lithium-ion batteries have basically rely on imported or introduced import production lines..

Li Xin and his team have worked for 10 years to let independent domestic high-end diaphragm replacement into reality.. Li Xin, who is born in the welding, has been in the lithium-ion battery industry, and it has been hitted for nearly 20 years.

. With the upgrade of the lithium-ion battery housing material, Li Xin has long realized that the explosion-proof membrane that they originally produced will be eliminated sooner or later, but the lithium-ion battery has a vast development space..

So since 2004, he began to involve the research and development and test of wet separators.. “Lithium-ion battery is important consisting of four parts, positive, negative electrode, diaphragm and electrolyte.

Li Xin said, at that time, the positive and negative technologies have been mature in the domestic market.. However, there is no qualified diaphragm manufacturer.

“In the lithium ion battery, the most difficult thing is the diaphragm, so we set the target on the diaphragm. In 2010, Li Xin settled in Baodi District, officially entered the diaphragm field..

“From the initial development of PE diaphragms, we will target the leader of the industry – Japan Xucheng Company. Their products have advanced HIPORE structures, with average aperture at 80-120 nm. “The most advanced products of the standard, determined the performance of the product, and the structure design of the product, as well as the process and equipment that can achieve this structure, is the R & D key of the Dongxao Film Company in recent years.

Aiming at an important step-tensile system in the basement film production link, the Dongxao Film Company took the lead in developing and applying synchronous two-way stretching process. Li Xin said that the synchronous double pulling process can make the product stretching more uniform, the product microstructure is better, that is, the performance of the product is more stable..

While mastering core technologies, the Eastern River Film Company also integrates the automatic production line.. “Our production line has high speed, wide advantages.

“Li Xin said that the base film is a single line length of nearly 200 meters, and the speed can be stably 60 m / min.. According to reports, some domestic imported base membrane production lines are approximately 25-30 meters per minute.

. “At present, the output of our single production line can reach 78,0 million square meters per year, which is equivalent to twice..

“Li Xin said that the output is large, the cost advantage is obvious, and it is more suitable for the low cost trend of power TV and electric vehicles.. “At present, Shenzhen Bike Battery, Foster and other cylindrical lithium battery have batch our company’s coating composite diaphragm.

“Li Xin said that after 10 years of independent research and development, the accumulation of the trial, the quantitative production, the Dongxao Film Company mastered the leading technology of the industry, realizing import replacement of high-end diaphragm materials. .

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