Li Shen battery Xu Hangyu: Small battery play basic big battery seek development

Li Shen battery Xu Hangyu: Small battery play basic big battery seek development

Xu Hangyu, deputy general manager of Li Shen Power Lithium Battery System Co., Ltd., the arrival of the era, the new energy vehicle market appeared in the year of 2017, the overall new energy auto market appeared “not sell”, January New energy passenger car sales is less than 6,000, more 15 new energy car passenger cars is zero.

In this regard, Xu Hangyu, deputy general manager of Li Shen Power Lithium Battery System Co., Ltd., told the “New Energy Car News” reporter: “The subsidy has a good development in the overall industries of the new energy vehicle, but this is a beautiful head.

Not enough to let the company digest such a large resurcle amount. “But Xu Hangyu also believes that the decision of the government, the ultimate goal is committed to building a business aircraft carrier-level company, improve the development speed of the overall industry. “The development of the industry must support national policy support, and financial subsidies have played a good guidance for the development of the previous new energy vehicles and related industries, but the development of an industry cannot completely rely on government subsidies.

. “Xu Hangyu said that the policy driver is important, but when the financial subsidy is full, how to take the road to the new energy auto industry, it is worth thinking. So, if you face opportunities and challenges, do you have a good preparation? What is the winning method for the future competition? How will the powerful power of the power of the power lithium battery market in the future? The price will continue to decline: Since January 1, 2017, the new energy car subsidies began to survey, especially in new energy passengers, up to 64%.

. In this subsidy, what role does the battery company play? Xu Hangyu: The power lithium battery as a “responsible” of electric vehicle costs has also become the focus of the subsidy..

The subsidy policy is introduced, and the vehicle company began to negotiate with us. I hope that the battery company makes it in the supply price..

The pressure of the subsidy is not fully pushed to the vehicle factory, and the battery company should also bear partial pressure.. In fact, according to I understand that domestic battery companies have adjusted the supply price of the power lithium battery to reduce the pressure of the vehicle factory.

. However, since 2017, the price of raw materials in batteries has been more serious, resulting in the rise of lithium-ion batteries including power lithium batteries, digital batteries..

Coupled with relevant policies and vehicle companies are required to reduce the price reduction of power lithium batteries, but also caused the battery company’s profit space to be largely compressed.. In the face of current market development, if the battery company wants to grow rapidly, it must continue to reduce the cost of production.

. The company must work hard from the standardization of products, the automation of production, product performance, thereby driving the cost of the battery unit..

In the future plan, the power of the power will continue to decrease in the driving cost of the country’s dynamic lithium battery technology route, thereby ensuring the continued decline in battery supply price.. Q: Is it ready for the decline in subsidies? Xu Hangyu: 20% of the state subsidies, the local subsidies must not exceed 50% of the national subsidies, and the overall slope is very large.

. This is difficult to digest the whole new energy car industry..

Of course, this is not only manifested in digestion in the vehicle factory, and battery companies are digestive.. In addition to battery manufacturers, the most important thing in the car factory is to “hug and warm” to promote the innovation of business models.

. Because electric vehicles are costly during the procurement process, the operating cost is relatively low, this life cycle may be the most advantageous. So, how to follow the concept of “sharing economy”, combine all aspects to reduce the company’s production cost, and finally will show the cost advantage of operations, this is the current problem to consider.

. Safely control from the source: Do you think how the battery company can compete in the future? Xu Hangyu: In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, the dynamic lithium battery company needs to practice basic skills..

At present, the level of domestic power lithium battery development is uneven.. In fact, there is only the excess of the power lithium battery, but it is only for battery companies that are poor.

. Due to technical reasons, my country’s self-produced high-quality power lithium batteries have always been in short supply, and low-end quality is relatively surprising, so that domestic new energy vehicles have to purchase foreign powered lithium battery products..

The threshold for battery manufacturing is not high, it is easy to be, but the safety of the power lithium battery is related to the safety of human life. If the battery is high, the consequence is very serious.

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