Li Shen battery production line automation rate is 100% expected to grow up to 30GWH in 2020

Li Shen battery production line automation rate is 100% expected to grow up to 30GWH in 2020

Laser cut, pole, wound, assembly, niche, cleaning, and chemical …

A small battery is completed from preparation to production, and to experience so complex process flow.. However, in the production workshop of Tianjin Life Battery Co.

, Ltd., almost no workers in the big workshop, only relying on several display and several inspector people, you can control the entire production line to achieve automation production..

On April 19th, the “New Times New Meteorology” organized by the Tianjin Municipal Committee, the new meteorological information as a network media reporter took the grassroots, the intelligent era, and today “activities walked into the new energy company Tianjin Life Body Co., Ltd..

Tianjin Lifeng Battery Sixth New Plant production workshop was put into production in November, with a total investment of 1.32 billion yuan, total construction area of ​​more than 50,000 square meters, important production square aluminum shell power lithium battery and soft packaging power lithium battery, annual output 26 billion watts. In the face of the question of the production workshop, the engineer Liu Yuan gave an answer: “The biggest feature of the sixth new factories is the production of automation and management intelligence, and created the new model of company lithium-ion battery intelligence manufacturing.

. The new factory uses the automatic production line to establish a full-scale automated storage logistics system from raw materials to finished products, and achieve production automation of various processes such as winding, assembly, nice, formation, and post treatment..

At the same time, by introducing the MES system, the product can be strict online detection, determination, real-time transmission data information, and realize the monitoring and traceability of the battery lifecycle.. “The winding machine is the core of the pipeline, it can achieve automatic rewind, automatic monitoring, automatic correction, and collect the data in real time, finishing and computing in the background.

According to Liu Yuan, there are 20 windings on a production line. The quality of the products produced in front of each machine is not the same, and it is necessary to conduct one by one..

Now use intelligent manufacturing and big data analysis, you can monitor the wound alignment, length, width, thickness, to help producers quickly judge, inspect, which machine has problems, and greatly improve product quality and work efficiency. The previous generation of wind turbines can only complete 6-8 poles in one minute, and now 12 can be completed one minute..

The work instructions and production dynamics of the workshop, can even send information to the relevant person in charge, to achieve remote command operations. In addition, for safety production, the production line also sets a pre-modified function..

In case of an emergency, you can send the battery to this, and will not affect the operation of other modules.. Under normal circumstances, a production line can fully realize “no driving”.

The workers are like the traffic police on the road, as long as the data is observed, the use of inspections and commands, to achieve the precision and intelligentization of production. Gao Junkui, Executive Vice President, Tianjin Life Battery Co., Ltd.

, told reporters that batteries assemble smart production lines and process processes, highlighting the intelligent manufacturing concept of automation, digitization and network linkage.. Battery module assembly line completes battery cells and modules, assembly, transportation and testing through a large number of smart visual robots, and automatic automation rates up to 100%.

. Through the application of digital technology, each key component of the battery pack has established a complete product information traceability system, real-time collection, monitoring, and warning of parts data in assembly, ensuring production ordered. With the production of the sixth new factories, Li Shen Company’s 2017 year production reached 10 billion watts, can supply 200,000 electric vehicles’ power source.

From 2020, the annual output of 30 billion watt was reached. In 2025, the annual output of 60 billion watt is achieved, and the green energy solution supplier in the whole application direction is among the top three of the international high-end consumer electronics supporting market. Energy Vehicles, energy storage, and special equipment supporting market main suppliers.


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