Let the public self-built battery factory are not only inadequate

Let the public self-built battery factory are not only inadequate

After the order of over 60 billion US dollars, the public still chooses to build a self-built battery factory. This step will show a longer meaning through the public..

On June 13, the Volkswagen Group invests 900 million euros to the Swedish battery manufacturer, jointly developed and produces batteries.. Volkswagen Group said that in the early days, it will acquire 20% of Northvolt, which plans to set up a joint venture in the equity proportion of 50:50 in the year, build a battery factory in Germany, address or lower Saxony, Germany.

According to the news, the battery plant will be built in 2020. At the beginning, it will reach the annual output of 10GWH, and the future will climb to 16GWH years. At the end of 2023 or at the beginning of 2024, special batteries will be produced for the Volkswagen Group.

. It is worth noting that the Popular Group and Northvolt connections have begun to invest in Northvolt in the Volkswagen Scania Division. In 2019, cooperation between the two sides, forming the European Battery Alliance, and the cooperation from seven member states from the EU.

Partners will join, promote the advancement of the European battery industry. It is emphasized that the Volkswagen Group said that investment in this project can be supported by the German Federal Economic Affairs Department and the Department of Energy. As a result, the Volkswagen Group has a more long-term meaningful battery factory.

. Who is Northvolt? In October 2016, two senior executives from TSLA founded Northvolt and produced the most environmentally friendly batteries as a mission. For a while, Northvolt was optimistic by Europe.

After three months, Northvolt received from Vattenfall, Stena, Innoenergy , Swedish Energy Services Department and Vinnova’s top 12 million euros initial financing. Due to the company’s goals of Northvolt, Northvolt once considered “European CATL”. Later, in the “environmentally friendly” Sweden, the first Northvolt laboratory was built, and the company took a solid first step in the European station.

. Until in February 2018, NortHVolt developed the first battery module prototype –NorthvoltbatterySystems under the promotion of customer needs, and delivered the first test unit after one month..

At this time, Northvolt truly entered the sight of European car companies.. After launching a series of industrial partnerships and the support of the European Investment Bank and the Swedish energy institution, Northvolt started to build a Northvolt Lab in Westtros.

. This initiative marks the first step in building a large-scale lithium-ion battery manufacturing value chain in Europe..

At present, the three plants are in construction. As the Northvoltlabs is about to be completed, Northvolt’s first prismatic battery is about to invest in production..

It is understood that Northvolt has now received two environmental licenses, and the production capacity has reached 16GWh / year.. In June this year, Volkswagen Group and Goldman Sachs jointly lead the $ 900 million equity financing.

In addition, Northvolt revealed that most of the battery production of Northvolttt has been sold, and the total value of the order will exceed $ 13 billion in 2030.. Perhaps no one thought that Northvolt as a battery startup, in just three years, you can get this development.

. However, behind this is within the back of the European Union and local governments..

Battery ≈ Electric Motors According to Volkswagen Group Plan, in the next 10 years, the Volkswagen will launch nearly 70 new electric vehicles to the market. Future is expected to reach 22 million new energy vehicles based on the Group’s electric platform..

At the same time, the public predicts that it is only 300GWH more than 300GWH per year only in Europe and Asia.. At the same time, the output of electric vehicles in Volkswagen is rapidly expanded.

In 2019, the Tita Plant is put into production, and it is expected that the output will be more than 300,000 units will be the highest-output pure electric vehicle factory in Europe.. Plus the public in my country’s electric vehicle production, incomplete statistics will exceed 930,000 vehicles at the end of 2020.

At present, the Volkswagen Group has also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CATL and Guoxuan Haoke, and there is also a rumor to carry out powerful lithium battery production cooperation with BYD.. Although the public has signed more than $ 60 billion in battery orders, the public believes that this is far from being satisfied with the production of the Volkswagen, the public predicts that these orders can only support 2025.

. In addition, the power lithium battery industry has already produced in shortcomings..

Due to the lack of supply of Panasonic battery, TSLA limits the yield of Model3. The lack of supply of LG chemical dynamic lithium battery also affected the output of Audi E-TRON. Audi had to lower the electric SUV production by 5,5830 units from 5,5830, while delayed SportBack.

Volume production time to next year. According to relevant institutional, the battery cost is equivalent to 60% of the cost of vehicle..

According to the domestic market price, the price of the ternary lithium-ion battery is about 1.5 yuan / WH, and the cost of the ternary battery is less than 0.9 yuan / WH.

. This can be inferred that self-producing batteries can effectively reduce electric vehicle production costs. I believe that the public is in front of such a big demand, it is unwilling to become the passive party in the industrial chain, thereby reliance, so self-built battery factory will be the biggest protection of their own company.

. Passive active European batteries can be more actually, the output of the head company of the power lithium battery industry is limited, but the customer is constant, and the problem can be bound to the extent to the vehicle enterprise. Quality resources, therefore there is industry experts believe that the public’s practice is worth learning from car companies.

. The expert also said that the European dynamic lithium battery field is well known than the hundred flowers of my country and even Asian dynamic lithium batteries, and the reason why Northvolt can develop in a short period of time. Some of the causes is this.

Now, CATL is about to build a battery factory in Europe, but this factory can only be assembled, core technology is still held by CATL, that is, it is difficult to obtain core technology manufacturing of dynamic lithium battery manufacturing.. Industry experts said that based on the development of power lithium batteries in Europe, no matter which company is likely to become a company head company, and a larger rate.

At the same time, Li Wanli, expert academic committee expert academic committee, my country. Out of the European Union at this stage on the control of anti-monopoly, the EU also hopes that it can serve its own powered lithium battery companies in Europe..

In the public and Northvolt cooperation, the German Federal Economic Affairs Department and the Energy Department’s financial support are also sitting in this cooperation.. According to data, my country’s pure electric car sales have exceeded 3 million, 50% of electric vehicles in the world are in our country.

. Li Wanli said that my country’s electric vehicles can quickly develop more lead-to-direction purposes, which makes my country’s electric vehicles significantly faster in Europe, and persists in Europe. It is also necessary to face the restrictions on parliamentary regulations, which also caused the difference in economic lithium battery.

. Through the German national institutions, the ginsenies and meetings of this cooperation may be inferred, Germany and the European Union have policy guidance in the power lithium battery industry..

This phenomenon, Li Wanli and many industry experts believe that “Asian phenomena” has affected “European behavior”. In addition, organism analysts said that “the power lithium battery is still developing in the past ten years..

I believe that the public also saw the future of the power lithium battery, as well as the opportunity of the power lithium battery in Europe, still choosing its own plant after 60 billion orders. “.

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