Let electric car more ‘sexy’ honeycomb energy open power lithium battery ‘stacking

Let electric car more 'sexy' honeycomb energy open power lithium battery 'stacking

Endurance, safe, life, price, this is when the electric car and the traditional fuel car are confront, the four mountains must override, how to quickly improve product performance through the technical research and product upgrade of the battery segment, so that electric vehicles are more “sexy” It is the direction that is working hard as a host factory and power lithium battery supplier.. On July 9, the honeycomb energy source was held in Hebei Baoding, which is the brand strategic planning and product discipline for the “Leading Active Times”, which announces the “stacking” series of power lithium battery products for different application scenarios, as well as The world has issued a cobalt material and four-yuan material battery, and the European Factory and Ai Factory are steadily advanced.

. “Four new” Employment Battery new products three major application scene “stack” generation “core” “Lithium ion battery development has experienced 1.0 3C quality era and 2.

0 traditional dynamic lithium battery era, all use winding process. “Yang Hong, the general manager of the conference, and the general manager of the honeycomb” said “entering the dynamic lithium battery 3.0, the new technology, new materials, new processes, new standards characterized by lamination process, specializing in electric vehicles Era.

“According to the different purposes of electric vehicles, honeycomb energy has developed a battery technology development platform, which has made targeted development for models including operation sharing, short-distance step, intercity travel and other different application scenarios.. Under operation scenarios, honeycomb energy has developed an 86AH battery and a 172AH module.

The module energy density reached 210Wh / kg. It guarantees that the mileage of the operating model is more than 400km, and the 2C fast charge is achieved. The length of the battery is longer than 30 minutes.

More than 2,300, the vehicle warranty reaches 500,000 km of 5 years, which meets the daily use scenario of the rental network, and solves the worries. About the short-distance walking scene, honeycomb energy selection is shared in soft bag and square batteries, with the soft bag core production line and Fosun Group’s Jiewei power together, to create a low-cost high energy density three yuan soft bag 56AH battery The battery energy density can reach 260Wh / kg, while taking into account fast charge performance, adapting VDA standard size modules; square cells use VDA twice the thickness battery 104ah, using 622 system, and the cycle life can achieve more than 2000 times or more The battery core and module are important for the city’s inner concurrent short mileage A00 model, the renewal mileage covers 300-400km, effectively reduce the energy consumption of the whole vehicle, currently equipped with Euler R1, R2 and other models. For intercity travel, the honeycomb energy is based on different product positioning, and the high-end PHEV model, the A-class household vehicle and high-end luxury cars do product development.

. On the high-end PHEV model, the honeycomb energy uses a 51AHPHEV battery, and the module can increase the plug-in hybrid model to 80km from 50km to 80km. At the same time, based on the super high power characteristics and cycle life of the laminated battery.

More excellent user experience in acceleration, low temperature, etc.. In the future, the product will be equipped with Weyp8 and other models of the Great Wall.

. About the A-class household car in the intercity travel scene, the honeycomb energy is used in the same size of the 92AH811 three-yuan material system with the same size of the operation, allowing the mainstream A-class model to increase the renewal mileage from 400km to 500km, greatly reduced users. ” Mileage anxiety, eliminating high-speed travel hidden dangers, further close to traditional fuel vehicles.

On the high-end luxury model, the honeycomb energy has developed a positive electrode 811 system, the negative electrode silicon / carbon system, the monomer energy density can reach 265WH / kg, with flexible large modules, adaptable to high-end luxury performance above B-class Model, renewal mileage can reach 500-600km. In addition, under the trend of pure electric platformization of car enterprises, Yang Hong’s new introduction, for pure electric platformization, honeycomb energy development has developed a new standard dimensional battery and large module, and monomer energy density is 245Wh / kg. On the PACK, it can be adjusted according to the model of the model, the expansion is extremely strong, and the whole vehicle can cover the A0 to D-stage sedan, SUV, MPV, etc.

, and the mileage coverage 400-600KM. At present, the product has begun to contact international domestic mainstream car companies, and will achieve batch supply in the future..

The three major applications of the “Black Technology” honeycomb energy lithium battery products after the “Black Times”, all of which are based on laminated processes based on laminated processes.. In this regard, the judgment of honeycomb energy is that the technology direction of the power lithium battery will fully open the “stacking era”.

It has been judged that it is not the “special alone” of a company in a honeycomb energy, and the industry’s consistent consensus is that whether it is a soft bag or a square aluminum shell power lithium battery, due to the design of new energy vehicle battery pack design, its form It is developing towards longer in length, and the high direction is unified at 100mm.. Under this trend, the conventional winding modulation cell has not satisfied the morphological requirements of the vehicle-regulation power cell, which is replaced by the battery cell produced by the laminated process.

Since the laminated battery is flexible, not wound The limitation of the needle structure, the laminated manner is produced, the interface is high in the interface, and it will be widely used in the field of the vehicle rule-level power battery.. Based on this, including Panasonic, Samsung SDI, CATL and other industrial head companies have plans to introduce laminated processes after 2022, and the product of this honeycomb energy is announced, and the signal released is that it has broken through the laminated process.

Bottleneck facing during the actual manufacturing process. A reality that must be faced is that although the laminated process is significantly higher than the performance of the power lithium battery performance, the reality problem in front of the industrial chain company is to be subject to the bottleneck and lamination process of equipment, process, manufacturing, efficiency, etc. There are also many problems in the actual industrial application, which also has become the impede of the development of the dynamic lithium battery industry.

. The first thing is the productivity of the laminated process. At present, the efficiency of the domestic motivation laminated machine industry is generally at 1-1.

2s / piece / single-station, the single-timing efficiency is low, and the manufacturing cost is high.. In the context of mass production manufacturing of power lithium batteries, this has become the largest obstacle to the large amount of lamination process.

. In response to this pain point, the honeycomb energy hires senior laminated equipment and craft experts at home and abroad, in which the industry has completed the development and import of the industry’s first 45-degree rotating high-speed laminate, laminated efficiency It can reach 0.6s / PCS / single-station, laminated efficiency exceeds 40% of single-timing efficiency of industry conventional laminate equipment, and the auxiliary time is shortened from the original 10 seconds to 7.

5 seconds.. At the same time, the honeycomb laminating equipment development technology team is also in combination with excellent lamination equipment at home and abroad, developing a higher speed laminated equipment, as of now, 0.

45s / PCS / single lamination speed verification and prototype development, 2023 is expected to achieve 0.25s / PCS / single lamination equipment development. Further, the use of the vehicle power lithium battery is used in parallel, and the consistency of the monomer cell is higher, so it is more stringent in process control.

. In response to this, the honeycomb energy battery line production line is fully improved control level in the production line construction, environmental control, the key product parameters control, process engineering capacity control, online SPC control, etc., ensuring product quality.

Yang Hong’s new introduction, “through the upgrading of process technology, the production process is high, the strict control of the production process, the honeycomb energy allows the technical efficiency of the laminated film no longer becomes a bottleneck, allowing the high-speed laminated process to mass production into reality. “The performance advantage of the laminate is already the industry consensus. As the equipment technology route is upgraded, the price based on the laminated process will continue to decline, and the promotion of the company represented by the honeycomb energy, the dynamic lithium battery industry” stacking “Will fully open.

About honeycomb energy honeycomb energy is the Great Wall Auto Power Lithium Battery Division, from 2012, the pre-research work of battery cells, in February 2018 is the honeycomb energy, headquartered in Jiangsu Wuxi, is a professional car power lithium battery material New energy technology company, battery, module, pack, BMS, energy storage, solar development and manufacturing. Honeycomb Energy is located in Seven R & D centers around the world. At present, the R & D center in Baoding, South Korea, Shanghai and India has been put into use, the US, Japan and Wuxi R & D center are under construction.

. In terms of our construction, it has been built in the North Baoli, which is currently produced. It is currently under construction in Changzhou Factory, Eastern Jiangsu Province, and implements SOP at the end of 2019.

. In yield planning, honeycomb energy is located in the first phase of Changzhou Jintan, the first phase of the project, which is expected to mass production in October 2019, and the second phase project plan 8GWH, and also jointly jointly divided into the Salt City to build 3GWH soft boiled lithium batteries. project.

In the technical route, the honeycomb energy is innovatively launched by square laminated cells, and the first mass production product is adopted by NCM811 material system.. Honeycomb energy is the world’s first high-speed laminated square battery manufacturer, truly let the power lithium battery bid farewell to the “volume” era, enter the “stack” era.

High-speed laminated process is a new generation of battery crafts that break winding battery bottlenecks. The first level of honeycomb is 0.6sec, the second phase is 0.

45sec, and the three goals are 0.25sec..

Compared with type winding process, energy density is increased by 5%, and the cycle life is increased by 10%, and the cost is reduced by 15%.. In May 2019, the amount of honeycomb energy PACK installed is 207.

9mWh, up 1305% from the previous month, ranking 6th. The amount of loading is 6078, which is supplied to the Great Wall Auto Supply..

In addition, honeycomb energy is also negotiating with BMW and PSA and mainstream independent brand host factory.. Honeycomb energy is currently 1750 employees, including 1030 R & D staff, 350 external / foreign experts; R & D investment 2016-2020 is approximately 2.

93 billion yuan. According to the plan, by 2022, the honeycomb energy source will log in to the Branch, the global factory is investing more than 260 billion yuan in 2025, and the domestic planned production reached 76GWH in 2025. It reached 100GWH in the world.

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