Leading New Energy Battery Materials my country’s five-season three seasons collection exceeded 300 billion

Leading New Energy Battery Materials my country's five-season three seasons collection exceeded 300 billion

As of the third quarter of 2017, my country Wu Mine Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “my country Wuhong”) business income is 341.2 billion yuan, up 19.7% year-on-year; the profit is 9.

21 billion yuan, up 252.2% year-on-year..

Although the important commodity prices are generally recurred, they carefully study the business data of my country’s five mines in 2017, and the eye performance is not “steel, colored industries”. “. Behind the quality of business, it is a re-understanding of the universal law of my country’s five mines on mining cycles.

It is a company in recent years in the guidance of “return to business nature”, a series of development governance initiatives. “This year’s prices have risen, it is definitely good for the industry, but it still wants to see the company’s change on the business ideas..

There is no determination and effort in a series of deepening reforms, and there will be no such confidence in today.. “A senior manager in my country is said.

Mastering the value cycle of mine as of the third quarter of 2017, my country’s five-mine metal mineral product management “quantity increased”, the business volume is 78.49 million tons, up 31.7% year-on-year, the operating amount is 2013 billion, up 54.

6% year-on-year. “This shows that our business is entering the large-scale profit mutual promotion..

“my country’s five mines in internal meetings. In fact, my country’s five mines have been transformed from the upper reachao-lasting resource, and a typical feature of resource investment is a huge capital investment in the previous period and the time-oriented period of investment. The periodic encounter of the investment industry cycle, capital and performance The pressure is heavier, and it will naturally cause question.

. But in the international, the mining giants have long been used to cycle fluctuations..

In the first half of 2017, the five mine resources contributed to the overall profit of my country’s five mines, which means that my country’s five mines will be successful in overseas, but also means that China and Western integrates this international control model. success. In the profit contribution, the five mine resources have successfully sold the end of the two resources of Century and GoldenGrove, gaining a large value value value, and.

In 2016, a training in my country’s five mines in China showed a newly built mining database. In this library, arbitrarily toned a mine resource, and its value is displayed with the change of cycle fluctuations. This is one of the five mines.

Skills reserves after full mining cycle. This is about the global layout resource, my country’s five mines, including copper, lead zinc, etc., as well as mastering the value period of the mine.

. Not only will we buy, but also sell ore. With continuous effective asset operation, there is a retreat, and the asset portfolio can continue to optimize.

Such a truth, my country has taken more than ten years, has gradually been mastered. Data show that the turnover rate of my country’s five-mine-mine current asset increase in China has increased by 0.05 times, and the two gold occupies, which can decrease in the size of the caliber.

The asset rate has dropped 2.1 percentage points from the same period of the previous year, and the indicators continue to improve. “It is a stable cash flow, transparent integrity, and in the past few years, although our performance is poor, bank credit is constantly tightening, but related investors, financial institutions are still full of confidence in us.

. “The senior manager responsible for the financing business in my country said this. Breakthrough Financial Business Bottleneck, May 18, 2017, Wu Mine Capital Co.

, Ltd. (600390.SH) A-share restructuring is held in Shanghai Stock Exchange, my country’s five mine chairman, Party Secretary He Wenbo and other 5 The guests jointly opened the city for five miners.

. With the crisp and loud voice, the five mining capital restructuring is a complete success. Behind the sound, it is a major shareholder to inject 17.

8 billion financial assets to Jinrui Technology, and introduce strategic investors, supporting fundraising of 15 billion yuan.. 15 billion yuan of funds, reducing my country’s five mineral rates nearly 1.

7 percentage points, greatly optimizing the capital structure, and broke through the capital bottleneck of financial business development. “Listed for the five mine capital open new space, bring new opportunities, will significantly enhance the advantages of five mine capital finance, promote the company’s development into the fast lane; through the establishment of five mine capital ‘financial holding + industry direct investment’ The new architecture, forming a financial entity to promote a benign circulation in promoting my country’s physical economic development, and this is also an important measure in my country’s five mines to deepen state-owned enterprises, and will significantly improve the overall my country’s five mines. Asset securitization level, significant optimization of company corporate governance structure and management model.

“my country’s five mines have publicly expressed. According to August 30, this year, the half-year report released by the five miners has shown that the company achieved net profit of 998 million yuan in the first half of this year, with a year-on-year increase of 3.51% year-on-year.

. Leading new energy battery materials In August this year, the five mine resources CEO Jiaojian Road revealed that in the northwest of Queensland, Queensland in Australia, the construction of Dukar rhened mine projects in the world in the world has completed in advance, and capital expenditure is located in the budget low end..

This mine project has about 1.70,000 tons, and the mining period is over 25 years, and the cost is competitive..

Also in August, my country’s five mineralized Salt Lake announced on the 28th that the company has the first batch of 150 kilograms of industrial-grade carbonate products from independent research and development, and the five mineral lakes said “this marks the five mines.” Salt Lake successfully overcomes high magnetic the world’s problem separation technology to produce the world-oriented, which will fully enter the primary and lake lithium-lithium phase. “.

Lithium carbonate is the resource raw material of lithium ion batteries. The breakthrough of its large-scale production, my country’s five mines, the development of new energy battery materials, and expands the space for further development..

Plus my country’s five minerals in the new energy battery front drive and positive material on the positive material, my country’s five mines have a momentum of leading new energy battery materials. Analysts pointed out that my country’s five mines focused on the new material business represented by tungsten industry, and new energy battery projects have new breakthroughs. Plus the layout in the rare earth industry, my country’s five mines into new industries clear and distinct.

Still in August, my country’s five mineral international seabed mine offline surveyed flights from Qingdao, and went to the East Pacific Clarion – Cleapphanda region to implement multi-metal tuberculosis mine survey tasks. As the first one, the only deep sea mining exploration company contractor, my country’s five mine plans have been carried out in the East Pacific 72,000 square kilometers in the East Pacific, identify multi-metal tuberculosis distribution and deposits in the contract area, estimates Introduced resources and local control resources, and set the test area. This is a new layout of the world.


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