Lead-acid battery application electric bicycle dominant is only one-year-old commercial vehicle equipped charging lithium battery

Lead-acid battery application electric bicycle dominant is only one-year-old commercial vehicle equipped charging lithium battery

my country is the global electric bicycle production and sales, after many years of market development, people’s environmental awareness, the concept of green travel is deeply rooted, and electric bicycles have gradually become an important means of transportation of consumers.. According to the data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and my country’s Bicycle Association, the current social guarantee of my country’s electric bicycle is about 200 million, and the annual output has been stable after 30 million vehicles per year.

. In 2017, my country’s electric bicycle sales were approximately 29 million units. In 2018, the influence of new national standards and environmental policies, sales have declined.

Figure 1 Source of my country’s electric bicycle year production: SMM, Zhizheng consulting According to SMM research, the current concentration of electric bicycle industries is not high, the top three of the market share is Yadi, Emma and Taiwan Bells, but The three total market share is less than 50%. They indicate to SMM. At present, the battery is still lead-acid-based, and the lithium-ion battery has no large quantity of applications, and the commercially available models are equipped with a lithium-ion battery approximately 10%.

. For the application advantage of lead-acid batteries in the electric bicycle industry, many industry-related people said to SMM, there are two points: lead-acid battery costs, which is the core reason for electric bicycle manufacturers to choose lead-acid batteries, due to The overall structure of the electric bicycle is not complicated, so the industry access threshold is low, and the manufacturers are basically relying on low-cost efforts to obtain profits, while each electric bicycle on the lithium-ion battery and lead-acid batteries are different from 200 yuan. It is not equal to 1,000 yuan, and there is a high-sensitive industry that is highly sensitive.

The improvement of cost means that consumers choose other brand products.. At the same time, the current electric bicycle average life is about 3 years.

For consumers based on middle class, the willingness to buy lithium-ion battery electric bicycles is lower.. Lead-acid battery recovery system More mature lead-acid batteries Important Manufacturer Tianneng Group said to SMM, the company started battery recovery in 2008.

There is currently a complete battery recycling system, and the number of recycled battery has accounted for 70 production. % -80%, packaging from battery plastic shells to battery material leads can be recovered. Relatively speaking, the lithium-ion battery itself has been relatively late, and the recycling company has begun to build a large-scale investment plant in 2016-2017.

. SMM analysis, the current industry has the following three ways to meet the requirements of the new country. First, develop the production of lightweight lead-acid batteries.

At present, many lead-acid battery manufacturers have expressed their corresponding research to SMM.. However, the production technology and production lines of lead-acid batteries are relatively mature, and it is not easy to realize the requirements in the new national standard standard in a short period of time; the second is to produce a lightweight body.

Regarding the vehicle factory, this step is relatively easy to control, but because the power of electric bicycles is important to focus on the battery, it is difficult to reach the standard by reducing the body weight; third, the original lead acid Battery replacement as a lithium ion battery. Regarding the current electric bicycle company, the development of the upper and downstream industrial chains has been very mature, and the direct large-scale replacement suppliers are not easy..

However, with the continuous improvement of consumer brand awareness, the industry usually uses the first method of plus the second way, and the lithium-ion battery is further replaced by lead-acid batteries in electric bicycles.

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