Korean submarine will switch to Samsung charging lithium battery to extend double

Korean submarine will switch to Samsung charging lithium battery to extend double

According to the Notice of the Korea Purchasing Authority (DAPA), South Korea will install lithium-ion batteries, which indicate that the lithium-ion battery has a longer discharge time compared to lead-acid batteries. Underwater sailing time prolongs double. Defensenews reported that DAPA said that modern traditional power saubilies are dominated by a lithium-ion battery as an updated direction.

After 30 months of development, the large-scale lithium-ion battery has finally succeeded and has passed technology performance. Assessment, this will be an important step in platform integration. Samsung is the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, but also because mobile phones use lithium-ion batteries, so Samsung is also the world’s largest lithium-ion battery supplier.

. South Korea’s new generation of submarines KSS-III is built on the boat, and there are currently three water, while the 2nd KSS-III submarine will use lithium-ion battery power..

KSS-III level ship full length 83.5 meters, most is 9.6 meters.

Water surface drainage is 3,358 tons, and the water discharge is 3,705 tons. It is the 3rd generation of homemade submarines in Korea. Tour.

DAPA officials said that KSS-III has reached 20 sessions, with a navigation distance of 10,000 Haiji (180,000 kilometers). DAPA said that the original lithium-ion battery once is considered to be expensive and unstable, so the latent ship has not been used, but after years of development, the safety of lithium-ion batteries has been satisfactory..

Officials said that the sausate used lithium-ion battery first safety, even to some extent, reducing storage capacity to ensure higher and better safety standards. Even new batteries have experienced poor conditions, such as explosion, seawater, fire and extreme temperatures..

However, Japanese submarines have been used earlier, and the Canglong Submarine has been using the lithium-ion battery developed by Jasper – Soup, GSYUASA.

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