Korean power lithium battery roll soil comes to my country’s power lithium battery blue sea behind the crisis

Korean power lithium battery roll soil comes to my country's power lithium battery blue sea behind the crisis

The Korean power lithium battery field has become extra lively. On June 12, Geely Automobile (00175.HK) announced that it is said that the subsidiaries of 99% equity have established joint venture agreements, and will set up joint ventures, and they are important to produce And sales electric car battery.

Geely Auto Notice shows that the registered capital of the joint venture is $ 188 million (about 1.3 billion yuan), Shanghai Huapu National Run and LG chemistry have funded 50% respectively, each hold 50% stake. At the same time, Geely Motors also stated in the notice that the establishment of a joint venture will utilize the strength, resources and expertise of both parties in my country’s new energy automotive batteries, which will ensure the stable supply of electric vehicle batteries in the future of Geely.

. Combined with the previous and CATL to set up a joint venture company, Geely Automobile became the only self-employed car company that is currently a joint venture company in China and South Korea’s dynamic lithium batteries..

It also mentioned in the statement published in LG chemistry, both parties will fund $ 103.4 billion (about 6005 billion yuan), and started to build its new plant at this year, it is expected to be completed at the end of 2021, when Factory will have 10GWH expected annual production. LG chemistry also stated that in the future, in the context of guaranteeing its own technology, actively carry out joint ventures and all-round cooperation between my country’s vehicle company.

. On the same day, at the invitation of Cui Taoyuan, Chairman of South Korea, Chairman of the Chairman of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Evergrande Group visited the SK Group. Both parties explored the possibility of in-depth cooperation in the fields of new energy vehicles and powered lithium batteries.

. On the same day, Xu Jiayin said in the meeting with Cui Taoyuan, Hengda and SK Group strongly jointly promoted the development of new energy automobile technology, and proposed to join hands with SK Group, will further consolidate the technical advantages of constant in new energy vehicles..

Whether it is Geely or the new intrusion of the newly invasive traffic, he has a hydrangea to the Korean power lithium battery company.. As the world’s largest new energy auto market, my country’s new energy vehicles have risen rapidly, and last break through 1 million vehicles in last year.

In May this year, the sales of new energy vehicles is 464,000 units, which rose 41.5% from the previous year..

The power lithium battery is known as the “heart” of the new energy car, about 40% to 50% of the cost of new energy vehicle costs.. Korean battery companies look at my country’s huge market space, and they have accelerated the pace of China, determined and local battery manufacturers.

. In May 2018, the China Automobile Association and my country Automotive Lithium Battery Industry Innovation Alliance jointly publicized the “car power storage battery and hydrogen fuel power battery industry white list (first batch)”, including BYD (50.220, -0.

53, -1.04%) ) Prelude, and recent Korean companies have intensive and cooperative projects in my country’s local car enterprises, and they also confirm this view to a certain extent..

A industry person who knows Han Dynasty’s powered lithium battery company tells the first financial reporter. For various reasons, the Korean battery company once in my country’s stagnation state, but this situation is changing, and the Korean power lithium battery company is still In the stage of unevenness, my country’s market is an important part of improving performance. In particular, once my country has completely canceled subsidies in 2020, the Korean system and my country’s local power lithium battery company will stand on the same running line, which will usher in new Opportunity.

“Considering that the new car is generally the development cycle of 20 to 30 months, from now on the layout, it is a normal choice.. “This industry said that the current Korean power lithium battery three giants reached nearly 2 trillion won (about 1.

17 trillion yuan), more than 1.17 trillion yuan), more than the 2018 Korea semiconductor chip industry, but due to the huge investment in the previous period, And the competitive situation from my country and other countries, leading to the pre-earnings of the Korean companies, there is no good idea..

The first financial reporter looked through LG Chemical, Samsung SDI and SKI’s financial report found that three companies have proposed their goals, striving for profitability to achieve dynamic lithium battery business sector in 2019 and 2020, and further intend to make further plans for future layouts in my country.. A copy of the Korean securities industry also believes that in the next three years, the foreign investment of Korean dynamic lithium battery companies will reach 10 trillion won (about 58.

5 billion RMB), including nearly 40% of the market.. Han dynasty power lithium battery company will launch a strike, will benefit the market share of my country’s powertranous battery companies.

Anxin Securities Related report showed that the power lithium battery company outside the TOP10 in my country has only about 13% of the market share, but accounting for 55% of the total output, the output utilization is less than 10%, compared to the Korean power lithium battery industry. Nearly 80% of the production utilization rate is far away. A dynamic lithium battery industry said to the first financial reporter: “Some low-end output companies have already started production, even entered the margin of bankruptcy; the depth shuffle of the industrial chain opened, the industry’s outcomes will only grow more and more.

“Professor Peking University, said that Samsung SDI and LG chemistry have more than 10,000 registration patents in the battery sector, and 7% to 10% of the annual sales will be put into R & D, especially in terms of ternary batteries. Systematic lithium battery company gradually forms soft bag + autonomous model, with the ability to solve all-chain solving from the battery to modules, supply and power lithium batteries in the dynamic lithium battery sector. The Korean company passed the joint venture factory of my country, according to the estimation of the cost of 15% to 20%, the cost gap between the same type of products between China and South Korea is further reduced.

. The Secretary-General of Zhongguancun New Battery Technology Innovation Alliance believes that behind the blue sea of ​​my country’s powered lithium battery, the crisis has been initially appearing, especially the foreign investment giant on the market’s attention, and become one of the challenges faced by my country’s battery market..

But he also pointed out that CATL, BYD and other head companies have sufficient orders and technical capabilities, and are actively developing markets, while reaching prices for upstream suppliers with a global layout and industrial chain configuration. Ability and cost management capabilities have improved. .

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