Korean battery three strong with huge sums of money to kill ‘back to the horse gun’ Zhong Japan and South Korea battery will welcome the battle

Korean battery three strong with huge sums of money to kill 'back to the horse gun' Zhong Japan and South Korea battery will welcome the battle

After a short crouch period, the Korean power lithium battery company accelerates the anti-fall in China.. A few days ago, some media said that November 29 Samsung SDI has lowered the second phase of Xi’an’s Samsung ring new power lithium battery, and 5 60AH lithium-ion power lithium battery production line will be formed after the project is completed.

Production of 60 million, expected to increase sales after delivery of 12 billion yuan. This is after 20 months, the project started to start. At this end, the Economic Observer reporter verifies Samsung’s New (Xi’an) Power Lithium Battery Co.

, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Samsung Ring New”), and a staff member who is unwilling to be famous, “The company has not yet been held. Phase II project related starting ceremony, officially issued news that officially started.

“Samsung New Xi’an Factory Phase II Project is deeply trapped” suspected cloud “, it is the concern of all parties to the Korean power lithium battery company to return to our market.. Along the last two years of new energy vehicles, the three major battery companies in the last two years of Samsung SDI, LG Chemical, Skin-Novation (hereinafter referred to as “SKI”), is considered to be accelerating starting in China New round investment.

In 2016, he was influenced by China and South Korea’s political relations and market access, and the three strong battery companies in Korea were blocked in my country’s powered lithium battery market “outside the door”.. However, the above-mentioned benefits have won the valuable wheezing opportunities for my country’s power lithium battery industry.

It is this time, “unicorn” headed by CATL, accounts for a foreign market share of foreign brands in the domestic auto market.. “Japan and South Korea aimed at the time point of my country’s new energy car subsidies, hoping to be able to divide a piece of power in the power lithium battery market after two years.

With low cost, refined manufacturing, it will cause huge impact on my country’s existing dynamic lithium battery market.. “Secretary-General of Zhongguancun New Battery Technology Innovation Alliance, Chairman of the Battery, Chairman.

In its view, the Korean battery giant high-profile returns to our market, and the pros and cons.. On the one hand, compared with the international giants, it will inevitably trigger a new round of self-innovation in the power lithium battery industry; on the other hand, it is necessary to face a more brutal international competition.

. South Korea’s dynamic lithium battery “kill” is coming back to set up a joint venture, regaining in China’s confidence, catching 20-30 months before the new energy car subsidies, becoming the same choice for the three strong companies in the near future. As early as May 22, a paper “White List” announced a lot of confidence in the development of the Han arch battery manufacturer in China.

. In this list of “Automobile Power Battery and Hydrogen Fuel Power Battery Industry”, the Chinese Automobile Power Battery and Hydrogen Fuel Power Battery Industry, which is jointly announced (first batch) “, is covered in 16 domestic and international power storage batteries, including BYD. Foreign companies such as Li Shen, Samsung Ring, Nanjing Lejin Chemical New Energy Battery Co.

, Ltd. (affiliated to LG Chemistry), Beijing Electric Control Ericsson Technology Co., Ltd.

(affiliated to SKI) three Korean battery companies in column. In this regard, Professor Peking University, Chairman, Chairman, Chairman, Chairman, said that although “white list” itself is not directly and subsidized, it is the affirmation of the Korean battery manufacturers, the Korean battery company In terms of technology, it is still a certain advantage in production..

After entering the “White List”, the Korean power lithium battery giants have increased increasing capital, in order to divide a slice in the blue sea of ​​my country’s new energy car.. According to the news of Tianjin Daily, Samsung SDI is increasing in Tianjin’s investment efforts, plans to build the world’s top power lithium battery production line and vehicle MLCC plant, and add investment of $ 2.

4 billion.. According to this report, the SDI secondary main plant has been set up, and a production line has been installed and the equipment commissioning is started.

. The supporting building will be completed on December 30, according to the plan, will be put into production in the beginning of 2019. The non-swimming of the mobile phone industry is another realistic factor in Samsung steering money lithium battery production line.

On December 12, China New Jingwei reported that South Korea Samsung Electronics is located in Tianjin’s mobile phone manufacturing plant, that is, Tianjin Samsung Communication Technology Co., Ltd. will officially discontinued on December 31.

. In addition to Tianjin Factory, Samsung, Samsung, in April this year, closed the first place in Shenzhen..

Samsung mobile phone continued to be cold in my country, so that Samsung Electronics in my country only delivered 600,000 mobile phones in China, the market share fell to 0.8%..

The “Action of Enhanced Competitiveness and Efficiency” mentioned in Samsung Media Statement also clearly stated that Samsung’s future business will be based on investment power lithium battery production line.. Economic Observer reporter noted that the new Samsung ring, the shareholding structure, also changed.

On August 9 this year, the shareholder Xi’an Quality is listed in the Xi’an Property Exchange, the new 15% stake. According to the final result of this equity transaction, Samsung SDI has made this share. At this point, Samsung SDI rises to 65% in Samsung ring.

. “Once the subsidy is the slope, all companies stand in the same running line competition, and the wholly population will become possible. Samsung SDI does not exclude its only shareholders who are expected to become a new Samsung ring.

. “An industry insider that is unwilling to be famous to the economic observation report. Previously, in China, the market was bleached, and this round also brought 2 billion US dollars to return to “Nanjing Base Camp”.

. On October 23, the total investment of 2 billion US dollars of LG chemical dynamic lithium battery project started in Jiangning Binjiang Development Zone, Nanjing..

This is the second battery factory opened in Nanjing after completing the first battery factory in Nanjing Qixia District.. It is reported that the plant planned construction electrodes and electrical wire production lines, including 16 power lithium batteries, 3 energy storage batteries, 4 small batteries, expected in October, 2019.

And at the same time, in order to deep-cultivated three-yuan lithium-ion battery positive material market, LG chemistry also has established “Hua Jin”, “Hua Yue”, and “Horses”, “Hua Jin”, “Hua Jin”, “Hua Jin” Huaxian Xin Energy Holdings 51%, Le You Company is established by LG Chemical Holdings), which is established on July 5 and June 29, respectively, and the registered capital is $ 159 million and $ 28.536 million..

The SK Group also announced recently, approved the shares of Holdings Skholdings acquired Lingbao Huaxin Copper Foil Co., Ltd., the investment scale is approximately 270 billion won (about RMB 1.

66 billion), so SK is expected to become Lingbaohua Second Mandarin. Through this acquisition, SK will also obtain more copper foil market share from the upstream material of the power lithium battery..

In addition, the SKI also announced that the SKI will also invest 86.4 billion won to restart in 2016 in Hua Hezheng project Beijing Electric Control Ericsson Technology Co., Ltd.

(referred to as “BESK”) for production of battery materials.. BESK is SKI and Beiqi Group, Beijing Electronics Holdings Co.

, Ltd. established in 2013, SKI holds 40%, from June 2014, the supply of battery support for Beiqi new energy models. Because the battery order is reduced, BESK starts to stop production at the end of 2016, and Beiqi new energy has also replaced battery suppliers.

. From the analysis of the new Korean investment securities, with the arrival of the “post-subsidized” era of my country’s new energy auto market in 2020, the market about the performance of the Korean battery company is still high..

Samsung SDI and LG chemical battery sales will enter a double entry of 100 trillion won. It is expected that by the end of 2020, the sales of the battery sector of LG chemistry will exceed 16 trillion won, compared to 2017..

my country’s preparation time is 2020, domestic power lithium battery companies are about to connect with Japan and South Korea powered lithium batteries.. Spend fast surge in new energy car, the cost of raw material is increasing, and the market will become a test stone for the consolidation of the company.

. According to data from the Lithium Economic Research Institute (GGII), the national power lithium battery production in 2017, the yield utilization rate is only 40%, and the production utilization rate in 2018 will further decrease..

According to the production utilization, its yield utilization has dropped in the year: 2017 lithium-ion battery production is 17.09 gWh, production of 12.5.

54%, yield utilization is 75.54%, while the utilization rate of 2015 and 2016 is 96.92%, 92.

37%, respectively.. Some experts predict that CATL future business development or will face the risk of overproduction and competition.

From the perspective of R & D investment, the R & D investment of LG Chemical, Samsung SDI, and Panasonic Company in 2017 is 3.5 billion yuan, 2.8 billion yuan, 2 billion yuan, and CATL’s research and development cost is only about more than 1 billion yuan, and the gap of other local companies A more suspended.

On December 11, the new energy vehicle power lithium battery monthly data released from November 2018 announced by my country’s Automotive Power Lithium Battery Industry Innovation Alliance: November this year, my country’s powered lithium battery accumulated production reached 61.2GWH, production The top three companies have a total of 39.3GWH, accounting for 64.

2%; the top ten companies have a total of 54.4GWH, accounting for 88.8%.

. The dynamic lithium battery industry has become more adequate, and the industry is further concentrated..

More and more domestic power lithium battery companies are further increased and cooperation with the vehicle company. Among them, CATL ranks first in the number of 64 partnerships, Guoxuan’s high-tech and Beijing national energy in 38. From the type of matching vehicle, most companies involve the production of passenger batteries, only Watma monk engaged in passenger car battery production.

. However, the layout of domestic companies and overseas companies can be found that domestic battery companies cooperating car companies are basically domestic brands, market planning concentration, and overall more closed. And Panasonic, Samsung SDI and LG Chemical, etc.

. As the earliest development of the dynamic lithium battery, its customers are basically the day European and American faucet, including 6 Japan, 2 Europe; LG chemistry is second only to Panasonic, customers cover the mainstream car factory of Europe and America, such as Chevrolet, Renault, etc. Samsung SDI products are dominated by square batteries, customers are mostly in China and Japan.

“The domestic market competition internationalization, the international market competition domestic changes, has become an irreversible trend in the development of my country’s dynamic lithium battery industry. my country’s consolidation of Japanese and fun, should be highly vigilant and highly recognized, ready to prepare. “Yu Qingjiao suggestion.


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