Koheng Shares: Acquisition of Lithium Equipment, Rise, Rise, Wanjia Perfect Material + Equipment Layout

Koheng Shares: Acquisition of Lithium Equipment, Rise, Rise, Wanjia Perfect Material + Equipment Layout

The company’s acquisition of Wanjia equipment will open the front-end lithium battery industry chain, add a mixer on the basis of existing lithium electrical materials, coating machines, roll press and slitting machine, and realize the long-term process of lithium-ion battery production. The full coverage, forming the entire line supply capacity of lithium-electric front end equipment, forming “material + equipment” double faucet business pattern. It is integrated with a multi-equipment, improved lithium-produced front-end material + equipment integrated layout company’s traditional business in rare earth materials and luminous materials, but due to market downturn, the company has been involved in lithium-e-sports raw materials industry, product is an important lithium cobaltate and three Meta material.

2016 acquire 90% of Hao Neng Technology, officially entered the field of lithium-e-equipment, Hao Neng Technology is the leading company of lithium battery, the core product is the core equipment of the front process high-precision coating machine, which has CATL, Samsung, BYD, China Aviation Lithium Contour customers. On September 5, 2017, the company was notified to purchase 100% equity in the shares + cash, and the overall price of 650 million yuan, of which the issued shares were 455 million yuan (no more than 10.14 million shares), cash payment Take the price of 195 million yuan.

Thousands of equipment products are important equipment for the mixer, and Hao Neng belong to an important equipment of the front process, accounting for 8% of the total value of the whole line.. The mixer is important for the stirring links of the positive and negative slurry in the front process electrode production, including puzzle, stirring and pumping.

. After entering the power lithium battery industry, the amount of Wanjia orders rises rapidly, and the order is 190 million yuan in 2016, and the growth rate is 560%. In July 2017, it is 260 million yuan in hand orders.

We expect to have a good synergistic effect in the future and Hao Can. And the continued high rise of orders. Wanjia Performance is not less than 2500, 4500, 6000 and 75 million yuan in 2017-2020, CAGR is 44%.

. The demand for lithium-electric positive material material in traditional main industry has expanded that the company’s production expansion meets the industry’s high rise demand company’s main industry is lithium-electric positive material, including lithium cobaltate and ternary materials..

Among them, lithium cobaltate is important to apply to consumer electron lithium ion batteries, and the three-yuan materials are important to use small power lithium batteries such as balancing cars. It is currently actively developing applications in electric vehicle products..

In the production cost of lithium ion batteries, the positive electrode material is 30% proportional to 30%.. At present, there is a positive material for Japanese and South Korea.

. With the trend of high energy density of new energy vehicles, the demand for the future positive electrode material will be higher than the sales growth rate of new energy vehicles..

The composite increase rate of the demand for positive electrode materials in 2017-2020 is 45%. The company is a new company in China. The company starts from the medium and low end.

In 2013, the lithium-electrode material material is started, and the three-yuan materials in 2016 gradually put the amount, and the vehicle power is high and high-named multi-material has also made breakthroughs. Mass production. The company’s lithium-electric positive material production and sales continues for three years to maintain double-rising speed.

The previous development is subject to production scale. In order to expand production, the company’s new production is Yingde production base, and the first production has been put into operation in July, September is full Production, a high-end power triple output of 3,000 tons / year; the expansion plan of the second phase is not less than 3,000 tons / year is also planned, and the future production bottleneck will effectively relieve. The client currently Zhuhai Guangyu has passed the acceptance.

The future of the high-end three-yuan material will increase significantly in the future. The company’s production expansion effectively carses the industry’s high rise in demand, we believe that the company’s main business material will usher in high rise. Automation rate increase + import replacement, the lithium-e-commerce industry ushered in high rise market 2016 year new energy automotive total sales volume is 5.

17,000, the size of the lithium-ion battery is about 111.5 billion yuan, the dynamic lithium-ion battery needs 60.5 billion yuan, up year-on-year 65.

8%. We judge that lithium battery will benefit from the downstream pure electric vehicle outbreak, the next 5-10 new energy car is still an important driving force for the rise of lithium-ion battery production..

Domestic unit production (1GWH) lithium-ion battery equipment investment is 500 million yuan / gWh, we expect the demand for domestic dynamic lithium battery equipment in 2017 to be at least 2.28 billion, plus consumer and energy storage lithium new equipment demand, lithium electricity The scale of the equipment has been more than 30 billion, up 57% year-on-year; 2020 lithium battery market size is 4.32 billion yuan, according to the 80% domestication rate, the output value of domestic equipment will reach 35 billion yuan, 4 years CAGR is 30%, domestic equipment Accounting from 50% to 80%.

Compared to Japanese and Korean lithium electrical equipment, the price of domestic equipment is only 80% of imports, the cost advantage is obvious; the non-standard custom capacity is strong; strong response ability. We believe that the automation rate increase + import replacement + the whole line route has become the development trend of the lithium battery industry, and it is also the key to the realization of the domestic lithium battery.

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