Kane Shares intended to have a maintenance of charging lithium battery raw materials in Qingdao 380 million yuan.

Kane Shares intended to have a maintenance of charging lithium battery raw materials in Qingdao 380 million yuan.

Recently, Kane Shares (002012) announced that the China Thai Creation Disposal agreed to the Sun Qi’s performance compensation and impairment compensation obligations under the Interease Transfer Agreement of Qingdao Dry High-Tech New Materials Co., Ltd..

Previously, six trading opponents in November 14th, Kane Shares and Sun Qi signed an equity transfer agreement. The company has also proposed 340 million to acquire 56.67% stake in Qingdao dry transport.

. After the transaction is completed, Kane Shares will directly hold 60% of Qingdao dry transport..

The target performance commitment is concerned that the reporter discovered that the equity transfer community made a relatively bright performance commitment, and Sun Qi promised Qingdao dry transport in 2018 and 2022, the net profit is not less than 28 million yuan, 63 million yuan, 100 million yuan, 140 million yuan and 170 million yuan. Disclosed. In this regard, the Kane Shares said to the “Securities Daily” reporter, this time China Thai creation is a guaranteed guarantee for Sun Qi to ensure that Kane Shares can obtain performance compensation and impairment compensation in accordance with the agreement of the previous equity transfer agreement.

Protect the interests of the company and small shareholders. It is understood that Zhongtai is a limited partner of the shareholders Suzhou Hengyang, the Cairn Shareholders, the Cairn Shareholders, according to the “Guarantee Agreement”, when Sun Qi can’t perform performance compensation and impairment compensation obligations, will be made up of Zhongtai Create a guarantee responsibility. According to the advertisement, the assessment value of the total equity value of the shareholders of Qingdao Dry Work in the Assessment Base on May 31 is 603 million yuan, and the value added nearly 547 million yuan, the value added rate is 974.

08%.. The whole equity pricing of the company in the final contract is 600 million yuan.

. As of the end of September, the total assets of the Kane shares were 1809 million yuan, the flow assets were 1016 million yuan, the asset rate was 26.76%.

. Regarding this transaction, there are market people say that Kane Shares have a certain degree of bottom gas with its own funds, combined with the current market, the overall asset valuation is declining, and the high-quality target has emerged, or the appropriate industrial layout. Grab the new energy upstream initiative reporter also noticed that the Kane shares of the main special paper had a long-term concern for the new energy industry: in 2009, the company acquired the Kane battery, but due to the operation of its equity transfer last year.

At present, Kane’s shareholders hold 10% equity of Hydrogen electricity, 5.71% of Aiqi Sen Technology, 2.4% stake.

Despite the fact that Kane’s new energy equity was terminated in April this year, the industry insiders pointed out that this Cairn shares re-enabled the layout of new energy, and can be seen from the company’s determination from the company. Not cut. “The company has been in the Qingdao dry transportation, and it is optimistic about its advantages at the beginning, so I have bought 3.

33% stake in Qingdao. Holdings to Qingdao dry transportation, which will greatly strengthen the company’s strategic layout of new energy upstream raw materials. In the future, Kane Shares is more expected to increase the acceleration of performance by the new energy industry while stabilizing the main business.

. According to the “2017 my country Lithium Ion Battery Positive Material Industry Research Report”, in the lithium manganese acid lithium positive electrode material company, Qingdao dry transport ranked first with 25.02% market share.

. The lithium-electrode material is more than 40% in the cost of the power lithium battery, occupying the core position, and the production scale of the Qingdao dry transport has an annual production scale of 12,000 tons of lithium-electric positive electrode materials. The annual production of manganate is 5,000 tons.

The annual output of three yuan materials is 7,000 tons.. According to the relevant industry, if the transaction is completed, Kane Shares will construct a “lithium ore + carbonate + positive material + lithium ion battery” Rugged lithium-ion battery supply chain, etc.

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