June dynamic lithium battery depth analysis: Drang, Ai Chi, three yuan, square eye-catching

June dynamic lithium battery depth analysis: Drang, Ai Chi, three yuan, square eye-catching

Chinese people like the main melody, the power lithium battery is also. Three yuan + square material + packaging route, it looks more and more big. “Electric Vehicle Observer” according to the company’s factory certificate data, the energy density, material system and battery packaging of the driving power lithium battery in June.

Density of battery cells, the 18650 produced by Dellang won the championship; the system energy density, the sixth batch recommended directory with Ai Chi U5 battery system energy density 181Wh / kg highest. In terms of materials system, the three-yuan battery is affected by the effect, and it has a greater new increase in the same year..

In terms of packaging system, square batteries rise faster, soft bag and cylindrical market share. 1 Energy density: 18650 battery monomer energy density highest Ai Chi system won the championship 18650 battery energy density ranking. The monomer energy density of the 18650 model battery produced by Dellang has a maximum of 257.

739WH / kg (1C charge and discharge measurement, this paper is also the same as this standard). Delang 18650 battery “Electric Car Observer” according to “New Energy Automobile Promotion Application Recommended Type Directory (2019 6th Batch)” to organize the passenger car system energy density, Jiangling Holdings Co., Ltd.

produces Aiky brand multi-function passenger car U5 battery system energy density 181Wh / kg is listed first. (1) Delan energy 18650 battery monomer system has the highest energy density, reaching 257.739WH / kg June, the battery unit energy density TO20, the cylindrical battery occupies 5.

Dellang can produce the nickel-cobalt aluminum three-yuan material battery, the NCA18650-320 model of single energy density is the highest, reaching 257.39Wh / kg, supporting Dongfeng E11K, renewed mileage reached 405 km. Lifan battery 21700 (4.

8AH) ranked 7th, Hengdian East magnetic INR18650-2850 ranked 8th, single energy density is 233.84Wh / kg and 233.83Wh / kg, respectively.

In addition, the N18650CK (3.0AH) of the Bike Battery and Penghui Energy INR18650C-2800D01 range 11 and 14. Bike 18650 This moon-shaped battery and cylindrical battery are divided into autumn in energy density, and there are 5 square batteries.

TOP20. Rui Xin’s new energy PE16, is a square battery, monomer energy density 243.33Wh / kg, a 2500E for Changan.

CATL has 3 square battery batteries to enter TOP20. Rank 6th ELE8A3 Square 811 Trimethal Battery for CATL. S; LAE8A3 and S5E891-51AH range 15 and 17, energy density is 223.

93Wh / kg and 222.32Wh / kg, respectively. On the advantages of monomers, the advantages of the three yuan soft bags are indeed obvious, and half of the battery in TOP20 is a soft bag.

. Jiewei power, Tianjin new energy, multifluoro, card resistant, 遨遨, micro-macro power, Sandton and CATL’s soft bag list list list. The 2nd place, the IXP116 / 103/306 battery energy density is 245.

06Wh / kg, this is a three-yuan soft bag lithium battery, which is supporting N01. Rank 12 IXP74 / 229/269 energy density is 224.91Wh / kg, matching Chery EQ1.

According to its planning, the 2020 soft bag lithium battery unit energy density can reach 300Wh / kg. Jiewei Power Soft Pack Lithium Battery Rank 4th and 5th Tianjin New Energy, DF 12A0Y2 and PSP12161227-55AH respectively match Chery business car K60EV and Sichuan wild horse EC70, two car renewal miles reached 315km respectively 402km. The two battery CEB-LM39 and CEB-LM42 ranges from the CEB-LM-LM39 and CEB-LM42, and the energy density is 231.

31Wh / kg and 227.27Wh / kg, respectively, respectively, hippocampus E1 and Baojun E200..

The ranked 13 is a “AyP120146295N50, the monomer energy density is 224.61Wh / kg, and the model is the S50EV for Dongfeng Liuqi..

Rank 19 battery for Santon’s new energy SEPNI8688190P-17.5AH, the supporting model is Hunan Cheetah CS9EV, the renewal mileage is 360km. Source: “Electric Car Observer” according to the freeware of the whole car (2) Ai Hang JX6470UBEV pure electric multi-purpose passenger car system energy density reached 181WH / kg for 2019 new energy steam car supplement policy execution period, system The energy density requires another improvement, which is one of the hard indicators of subsidies, that is to say to the vehicle company, the energy density of the dynamic lithium battery system is more critical.

. In the sixth batch of catalogs, the car companies are basically adjusted in place..

Hearing the wind electric vehicle power lithium battery pack anatomical picture according to the 2019 subsidy policy, the quality energy density of the pure electric passenger vehicle power lithium battery system is not less than 125Wh / kg, 125 (including) -140WH / kg models Press 0.8 Subsidy, 140 (including) -160WH / kg models according to 0.9 times subsidy, 160Wh / kg and above models can be subsidized.

According to the “New Energy Automobile Promotion Application Recommended model (6th batch of 2019) And the model of Geely Automobile production can get 1 times subsidy. Afi U5, 4 cars can get 0.9 times subsidy at 140 (including) -160Wh / kg; 9 cars system energy density between 125WH / kg-140WH / kg, you can get 0.

8 times subsidy. Only one pure electric passenger car is less than 125Wh / kg, can not be subsidized. Source: According to the new energy vehicle promotion application recommended model catalog (6th batch of 2019) 2 Materials system: Ternary and lithium iron phosphate proportionally relatively stable in June three-yuan material installed capacity of 4.

77 g Wh, up one year-on-year. 78 times, up 24.9% from the previous month.

Compared with other materials, the three-yuan battery has increased significantly, and the rise is reduced.. The lithium phosphate ion battery has a load of 1.

70 g of, a year-on-year increase of 49%, a ring-percentage of 16%; a lithium titanate ion battery loading is 78.18mWh, a year-on-year increase of 4.11.

3%. The lithium manganese acid is 66.54mWh, up 23% year-on-year, down 44.

77% from the previous month.. Lithium manganate and lithium titanate ion batteries are used in commercial vehicles.

Lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate, lithium manganganate ion battery is used in the commercial vehicle field, so the above materials are generally fluctuated in general and the production of commercial vehicles. Source: The number of certificates for the whole vehicle; analysis: Electric vehicle observers are used, the pure electric passenger car loader of three-yuan materials is the highest, up to 66%. The puller passenger car loaded with the three-yuan battery material continued to decline, only 193.

27mWh in June, decreased by 2% from the previous month; pure electric passenger car rose to 4.34GWH, up 27% from the previous month. In addition, the dedicated car ring loaded with a three-membered material battery is rapid, but due to the small base, the loader is only 2.

%, It is difficult to become mainstream. On the lithium iron phosphate ion battery, the pure electric passenger car and the passenger ring rose faster, up 19% and 10% respectively..

However, the phosphate ion battery pure electric passenger car installed machine accounted for 4% of the total, the market share is still small; pure electric passenger car, installed accounts for 15.2%. The lithium-ferrous ion battery is important to load in the commercial vehicle area.

Although in June reaches 200% in the passenger car field, since the base is very small, it accounts for almost negligible in the total assembly machine.. Source: “Electric Car Observer” According to the full car factory certificate statistics 3 battery packages: square battery accounts for rising, cylindrical, soft bag sharply lowered “electric car observers” according to the full car factory certificate, 2019 in the first half of 2019 Square batteries accounted for 82.

0% of the total assembly machine, this data was 73.6%; the soft boiled battery was 9.1% in the first half of the year, and the data in 2018 was 13.

9%; cylindrical battery The proportion is 12.5% ​​in 2018, dropped to 8.9% in the first half of the year, and the soft bag and cylindrical market share are declining.

. Under the promotion of domestic electric vehicles, especially the promotion of small electric vehicles, 18650 batteries have experienced a wave of climax. In 2016, nearly 20 18650 battery automatic production lines have been added.

. In 2018, the typical company produced 18650 power lithium battery has Shenzhen Bike, Far East Foster, Zhejiang Tianneng, Hengdian East, Life Battery, etc..

As the national subsidy policy is getting higher and higher in energy density of dynamic lithium battery system, the 18650 short board has gradually becoming. Under the driving of the electric motor industry, the power lithium battery is also rapidly developed, and there is a battery that has a lower cost and higher energy density..

TSLA also abandoned 18650 battery. On January 4, 2017, TSLA announced that the new 21700 battery started from the Panasonic joint research and development..

Mask said in social media that 18650 battery is completely a historical accident. It is the standard of early products. Now there is only 21700 battery to meet the requirements of electric vehicles on battery performance.

. In 2019, domestic battery companies, the new energy of the slings, Dongguan Zhenhua, Dongguan Chuangqing and other important supporting 18650 battery companies have not appeared in the whole vehicle factory certificate..

In China, Jianghuai has all been replaced with 21700 batteries, and the new version of the G3, which has given up the 18650 battery that has been used, and changes CATL’s square batteries.. Source: “Electric Vehicle Observer” is related to the cylindrical battery according to the total number of passengers, the square battery structure is simple, and the number of batteries is small, the energy density is relatively low.

. Compared with the cylindrical and squares, it will only be able to explode because of its outer packaging of aluminum plastic materials. Therefore, the safety performance is better, and the weight is also lighter.

. Its shape can be customized according to the demand, can be ultra-thin, or a cylindrical square or a triangle, etc..

Related to square and cylindrical, soft bag lithium battery capacity, smaller internal resistance, longer life, and in general, soft-package lithium battery performance is better. However, the soft-package lithium battery is currently less model, and the development cost is higher..

These also temporarily limit the development of soft boiled lithium batteries. (over).

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