Jiangson’s self-control cooperation Toshiba push low pressure charging lithium battery solution

Jiangson's self-control cooperation Toshiba push low pressure charging lithium battery solution

According to foreign media reports, JiangsonControlSpowerSolutions and Japan ToshibraSystem & Solutions & SolutionScorporation, serves a partnership, supplies low-voltage lithium-ion solutions to meet automakers to high efficiency, low cost And low complex batteries. According to the agreement, Jiangson’s self-control and Toshiba cooperate to develop and produce lithium-ion batteries in its Holland, Mi, Mi, Michigan, and combine existing lead-acid battery technology and the lithium-ion battery. As a dual battery system.

a part of. According to HISMARKIT, Global Information Supplier, it is expected that automobiles equipped with dual-battery will become the fastest electrified car, and will account for about 20% of the new car in 2025..

Because the fuel economy is more stringent, the adoption rate of such models will be higher.. Since the dual battery system requires the minimum requirements of the transformation power system, the car manufacturer can deploy it on various models, in addition, its investment cost is lower than other electric power systems.

. Moreover, consumers can benefit because the fuel efficiency of the system is 8% higher than the traditional system..

Briancooke, Vice President, Ministry of Self-control Power Solutions: “Low-voltage dual battery technology is the future of vehicle system development, helping to balance consumer demand, increasingly stricter emission regulations and automware manufacturers’ economic requirements. Jiangson’s self-control cooperation with Toshiba, cooperates with its battery system and Toshiba’s lithium-ion battery, can supply highly competitive products for automake manufacturers to apply to today’s and future vehicles..

“Toshiba Infrastructure System & Solution Company General Manager Fujiotakahashi said:” We are very happy to cooperate with Jiangson’s self-control, develop low-voltage battery system potential, promote low-voltage battery system applications, and use our lithium ion technology to achieve more environmentally friendly ecological world. Our scib? (Overcharge ion battery) technology is known for its excellent characteristics and using lithium titanium anode, high safety, long life, good low temperature performance, fast charging speed, high input and output power, and large capacity, Perfectly combined with lead-acid batteries. We believe that Jiangson’s self-control cooperation will benefit global car manufacturers to solve the efficiency challenges they face.

. “.

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