It’s all the battles! A lot of new electric vehicles have to be lazy.

It's all the battles! A lot of new electric vehicles have to be lazy.

Dynamic lithium battery raw materials shortage and new Korean battery suppliers LG chemistry and Skinnovation new, may lead to some new electric vehicles in the world’s car giants listing. According to Reuters, the TSLA Battery Global Supply Manager Sarahmaryssa Ce has been stated in the mining executives and legislators held in Washington. It is expected that the nickel, copper and other raw materials required for electric vehicle power lithium battery production will have a global shortage.

It is due to the new investment used to mining these minerals yet.. And at the same time, the potential supply chain shortage of electric car manufacturers is also intensifying.

Last week, LG Chemistry lifted to the US International Trade Commission (ITC) to its Korean competitors Skinnovation, accused Skinnovation in LG chemical lithium-ion battery sector hired 77 employees who had the first LG chemistry to steal trade secrets.. Skinnovation currently produces batteries in South Korea, but the plan started mass production in Hungary and the United States in 2020 and 2022, and the battery shipped from these two factory will supply new models launched in the US and European markets.

electric car. In the statement, LG chemistry claims that Skinnovation has dug from its related experience-rich engineers and other critical business employees, gaining high-value lithium-ion batteries of LG chemistry, and is using these battery technology to produce “LG chemical imitation “, For example, exclusive supply to Battery of Niroev, with a standard battery last 239 miles. LGChem Request ITC to ban its commercial secret Skinnovation lithium-ion batteries import to the US market, may also include electric vehicles that have been assembled to the United States, such as Niroev.

Up to now, ITC has not rulked or issued a ban on this.. Skinnovation supplies include Volkswagen, Daimler and modern car.

The newness between LG Chemistry and Skinnovation has shown that the competition of the power lithium battery has been very intense, and the shortage of manufacturing raw materials has more competitive situation, which in turn may lead to many new EV models that are about to be launched.. Analysts said that the production of dynamic lithium battery production has increased by 20%, but this is not matched with the electric car market last year.

It is expected that there will be nearly 20 new models available at the end of 2019.. Even with Tsla with a giant battery factory and exclusive partners, the TSLA of the world’s largest lithium-ion battery manufacturer is obviously struggling.

. Last year, with the new growth of Model3, the sales of electric vehicles in TSLA increased more than 150%..

However, CEO Mask recently said in the tweet, since July last year, Panasonic has been controlling battery supply to Model3.. Now, TSLA is looking for new battery partners, future supply to our new factories.

. Audibrusser is responsible for the production of E-TRON electric SUV means that after the battery supply is delayed, the wheel classes have been canceled, and LG chemistry is likely to increase, and the production delay will not prevent electric vehicles from pushing the market..

Many electric vehicles are only available in some states and minorities in the United States, modern and Kia’s American executives will be summed up into their own restrictions. Therefore, they will focus on Europe, and the emission regulations are more strict, and the profit margin will increase. Daimler is building a new plant, manufacturing battery packs and electric vehicles in Alabama, USA, is expected to be produced by the factory next year, or the battery produced by Skinnovation Georgia or other plant production.

If the car manufacturer cannot get enough to meet the output battery, the battery manufacturer’s raw materials cannot be obtained on demand, then the decline in the price of lithium-ion battery may be interrupted.. This will not only lead to the launch of the latency of individual new models, but also further postponed electric vehicles and fuel trucks to achieve costs.

. So, where is the willingness to actively invest in mining?.

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