It is expected to replace lithium-ion batteries! American scientists develop new “dream batteries”

It is expected to replace lithium-ion batteries! American scientists develop new

American scientists published a paper in the latest issue of “American Chemistry Society Magazine”, they have developed a new sodium sulfur battery to solve the problem of dendrites such as dendrites in similar batteries, making battery life – over 300 times Charge and discharge still performance stable. The latest research is an important milestone on the road of sodium sulfur batteries. This battery is expected to replace the currently used lithium-ion batteries.

. : Physicist organization’s lithium-ion battery is currently widely used in smartphones and electric vehicles, but producing lithium and cobalt from raw materials for lithium-ion batteries not only have limited reserves, but also have a certain negative impact on the environment, including using a large amount of groundwater, Pollution soil and water source, high carbon emissions. And sodium and sulfur and other materials are cheaper, easier to obtain (sodium can be obtained from the ocean) and more environmentally friendly.

In view of this, in the past 20 years, researchers have been working on the sodium-based batteries that can work at room temperature.. Professor Auman Maniram, the latest research, the University of Texas, the University of Texas, said: “Sodium and sulfur content are rich in sulfur, the environment is harmless, and the cost is lower, the sodium sulfur battery is called one “Dream Battery”.

“In the study of two sodium batteries in the Mantra team, scientists adjusted the composition of the electrolyte, helping the ions to move back and forth between the cathode and the anode, stimulating the charging and discharge of the battery.. In addition, they also overcome the common problems in the soda battery – the battery anode will grow the needle-like tree crystal, resulting in rapid aging of the battery, short circuit, and even fire explosion.

The researchers explained that in the previous sulfur battery electrolyte, the intermediate compound formed from sulfur is dissolved in the electrolyte, and the two electrodes in the battery are shuttered, resulting in material loss, component degradation and dendritic crystal formation.. And the new electrolyte they deployed using an inert (not involved in the chemical reaction) solvent dilute the concentrated salt solution, thereby maintaining the electrolyte “semi-dissolving” state.

. The results show that the new electrolyte can prevent sulfur dissolution, thereby solving shuttle and dendritic crystal problems..

This makes the battery life longer, and there is still a stable performance over 300 charge and discharge cycles.. In the past year, the price of lithium is over, and people have a growing voice of lithium-ion battery alternatives.

. The researchers plan to test with a larger battery on this breakthrough, observe whether it can be used in the storage of renewable energy such as electric vehicles and wind energy, solar energy.

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