Is the lithium titanate heaven to copy the price trend of cobalt?

Is the lithium titanate heaven to copy the price trend of cobalt?

Domestic titanium white powder listed companies include Heili, Nuclear Titanium, Jinpu Titanium and Annada, of which Hao Lilian acquired dragon boa titanium, became the first, global fourth titanium white powder manufacturer in Asia.. Koemu, Huntsmai, Coster three titanium powder international giants announced in February, raising the titanium powder products from March 1, in which the price increase in the Asia-Pacific region is $ 150 per ton of $ 150-200.

between. In the face of huge gains of titanium powder, there are also investors to expose caution..

However, the industry insiders said that the current price of titanium powder is huge, but it is not a small distance compared to the highest price of 23,000 yuan in the previous period.. New energy vehicles not only urged lithium, but also detonated cobalt, now also stronger Titanium powder market.

“Our titanate ion battery is doubled year by year, so the market space in the future is very large.. “Domestic titanate ion battery faucet Zhuhai Yinlong, said this to reporters.

Cobalt price has been pursued by the new energy car three-yuan material, and as more and more industrial capital plus the lithium-acid ion battery, the demand of high-end titanium white powder begins, and it is expected to reshape the development of titanium powder industry. pattern. In addition to the new demand brought about by new technology development, the titanium powder industry itself has passed many years of low-grain and go to stock, and the overall supply is not necessary.

The prosperity of the industry is not only reflected in the price of titanium powder, but also reflects it. The super-expected performance of the relevant A-share company, the results of the results of the results of the results of the results of the results of the results of the company, and the company has profitable 484 million in 2016, up 334% year-on-year..

“Our current goods are in short supply. After production, they will take it away, and the whole industry is low in stock..

“” It is indeed full load production, basically no stock. “联 联, Jinpu Titanium industry and other titanium powder companies have recently been interviewed in the interview with reporters reporters..

Baichuan Information latest data shows that after the end of 2015, the price of golden-red titanium white powder entered the bottom of 9,500 yuan / ton, so far, it has risen rapidly to 18,000 yuan / ton, and the ancestral titanium white powder is also the same.. Production and sales of two-strong “almost 100% are optimistic about the price of titanium white powder in the first half of this year!” Yang Manager, director of the domestic famous titanium powder company, said in the reporter of the Shanghai Daily, in the second quarter of 2016, the domestic international titanium powder market In the situation where the production and selling is two, it is now in short supply.

The goods produced by our company will not be pulled away soon, and the whole industry is low in stock.. How do you see the Domestic Titanium Powder Industry Faucet? “Individual thinks that titanium powder will continue to maintain the price increase in 2016 in the first half of 2017.

“This is the point of view of the Heli Lili’s Secretari Qingfei in January this year.. Domestic titanium white powder listed companies include 利 联, 中 核 白 白, 金 业 业 and Annada.

Among them, after the Dragonfly M & A Dragonfly, it became the first in Asia, the fourth titanium white powder manufacturer of the world, and the bargaining capacity is greatly improved.. Talking about the order situation, Yu Man is told reporters: “Our customers are very stable, the company is orders based on the month, how much can you do, how much you can do, don’t pick up.

Now orders are full, many plants are now not finished in January! “Yang Manager’s company has been going to the process of chlorinated process, only high-end golden red-type titanium white powder for replacing imports. According to him, the current domestic high-end titanium powder demand is about 250,000 tons, “” 1.2 million tons of imports, we supply 50,000 tons.

In the past, we exported very little, accounting for approximately one-tenth, but only supply strategic customers, not selling. Last year, there was ten times, more than 2,000 tons last year..

“Now, titanium white powder has entered the peak season of March. In response to the sales season, Hao Lili’s secret secrets Schen Qingfei said that the product may be more nervous..

The international giants have been in advance in the peak season market.. Koemu, Huntsmai, Coster three titanium white powder giants announced in February, raising the sale of titanium white powder products from March 1, in which the price increase in the Asia-Pacific region is $ 150 -200 per ton.

between. Why is it necessary to have a repeated increase in the last year? Supply side reforms play an important purpose. “Logic is also very simple.

The relationship between supply and demand is tight, raw material price increase, oligarchy, environmental protection these factors have pushed. “The researcher of a broker business reporter said. At present, the global production of titanium powder is around 7.

3 million tons, and my country is close to half, about 330-3.5 million tons..

my country’s titanium powder company production scale is large, but industry concentration is low, the company is generally small. Looking at the overall concentration of the titanium powder industry, the output of the top five titanium powder companies accounted for more than 80% of the global production (except for China), the oligarch market is obvious. Hua’an Securities Investigation Statement, the high-income of the titanium powder industry has attracted a large number of manufacturers in incorporation, and the output is unordered.

After the release of new production, the price of titanium powder is full, and the industry is continuous. Downward. In the past two years, my country’s government continues to strengthen the reform and environmental protection of supply, and the titanium powder industry has announced a number of production specifications and guidance, and the titanium powder production company has established a clear production standard in this round to adjust the output of our country.

Close to 360,000 tons. At present, there are 688,000 tons of production in the market in the market, and the elimination of this part of the production in the future can reduce the overall output of about 20%..

Supply reduction gives the demand relatively new. At the end of 2015, due to the new market demand in emerging markets such as India, Brazil, domestic real estate to the inventory effect was initially displayed, and domestic and international downstream needs began gradually release..

In the face of the recovery of the global market, the international oligarchy Kuku took the lead in price at the end of 2015. Domestic faucet dragon boa is also raised prices in January 2016, kicking this round of prices..

In addition, raw material titanium concentrate increased, environmentally friendly, etc. also raised titanium white powder..

Zhao, the person in charge of a titanium white powder production company in Sichuan Province, said that “the cost of titanium ore should account for about half of the price of titanium white powder, the price of titanium ore has a minimum of four or five hundred yuan in 2016 to rise to now 1,500 yuan , (Gain) is indeed not small. Now the titanium white powder is too fire, our own titanium ore is not enough, titanium ore prices have to rise..

“Our imported ore prices are also high, only four or five hundred are when the last year is low, now there is a thousand five six, twice more than twice. “The above-mentioned Yang Manager also rose..

According to industry insiders, due to the demand, the price of the titanium ore in 2015 also fell to the bottom of the valley, and the small plants had closed, so that the supply capacity of titanium ore was affected.. In 2016, it is protected by foreign exports and environmental policies, especially the resuscitation of the domestic real estate industry.

The supply and demand of titanium powder is reversed, resulting in the current titanium concentrate.. Among the domestic leading companies, Hao Lilian and Dragonfly Titanium have a merger of 560,000 tons of production, ranking first in Asia, the fourth world.

Among the remaining larger companies, Jinpu Titanium industry is 180,000 tons production, and Shandong Dongjia is 160,000 tons, and Nuclear Titan is 150,000 tons (150,000 tons of production).. Although Yinyi has completed its own titanium ore resources, most company titanium concentrates still rely on foreign mining.

. The latest data on February 28 shows that one of the three major titanium concentrates of three major titanium concentrates in China has continued two times in Titanian concentrate this week, and each time up to 100 yuan / ton, the latest offer is 1750. Yuan / ton, this week is nearly 13%.

Compared with this year, the price of titanium concentrates has increased by about 34%, and the price increased by 230% compared to the beginning of 2016.. Industry insiders said that the current demand for titanium white powder will still maintain the high operation of titanium concentrates.

. The demand structure of titanium titanium titanium titanium white powder is that the coating accounts for 60%, and the plastic accounts for 20%, which accounts for 7% of paper, and the high-end oil ink accounts for 3%, and the rest is 10%..

Among them, the demand for coatings is critical to the sales of titanium white powder, so the cold and cold in the real estate market will seriously affect the price of titanium white powder.. Last year, the hot start of the market will gradually pass to the decoration link, and the coldness of the paint market is driving the need to rise in titanium white powder.

. It is worth noting that in addition to quite strong traditional needs, the lithium-acid ion battery of the titanate has begun, starting the high-end titanium powder market..

The reporter found that China’s titanium powder company has taken the lead in entering the special titanium powder field of lithium titanate ion batteries, which is the high-end demand of titanium white powder. Previous output is small, a small part of 10% requirement. According to Jean Lesson, the proportion of golden red-type titanium white powder in the company’s products has been as high as 90%, and the company will continue to upgrade the product process.

. In July 2016, the company and Zhibang science and technology signed a cooperation framework agreement, entered the high-end titanate ion battery special titanium white powder market. As far as the current reporter has learned, this market is expected to develop a quite large application field of titanium white powder.

. Zhuhai Yinlong is a leading company of lithium titanate ion batteries in China..

In the future demand prospects of the lithium-ion battery, the company’s relevant person in charge of the company said: “The total output of the company will reach 10,000 tons in June this year, with about 12,000 tons for titanium white powder.. From the terminal demand, (Company) The lithium-titanium titanium-titanium tannedate battery doubles the demand for titanium white powder, so the future market space is very large, and the market is approved for titanium white powder to a titanate ion battery.

. “In addition to Zhuhai Yinlong, Hong Kong stock companies are intensifying the layout of the market in China..

At the end of 2016, the Positive Pharmacy Group and Anhui Tiankang settled a titanate ion battery joint venture company, introduced the US titanate and ion battery technology and production technology to China, and registered capital of 360 million yuan.. Jingwei Shares also disclosed that the company proposed to invest 540 million yuan and Zhengxiao Group.

. Among other listed companies, CITIC Guo Sub-Company League has realized the sale of lithium titanate, and the subsidiaries of the public and the share subsidiaries have 150 tons of lithium titanate. my country Baoan Shenzhen Betti has a lithium titanate production.

1000 tons. The lithium titanate ion battery except for new energy vehicles, the larger application market should be trillion energy storage market..

According to industry expert analysis, and dynamic lithium batteries, energy storage batteries are more relocated, low cost, high-security performance, and lithium titanate energy storage batteries are very obvious.. Power lithium batteries that pursue energy density as important targets, cycle life is more than 1000 times.

Taking the lithium iron phosphate ion battery as an example, its cycle life does not exceed 3000 times, the life is 7 to 8 years. However, the cycle life of the lithium titanate ion battery is more than 25,000 times, the life is 30 years, and the long cycle life is more in line with the application needs in the industrial energy storage..

The industry is integrated accelerating the recovery of the titanium powder industry, and the new wave mergers and returns are also quietly coming.. A few days ago, Tero announced the acquisition of Kostet titanium powder business with $ 1.

663 billion in cash. After the two merged, they will replace Komewe to become the world’s largest titanium white powder producer, with an annual total output of 1.3 million tons / year.

. In China, Yuri Fede has become an absolute leader of the industry, but also transcends Cantonese in the international fourth large titanium powder manufacturer..

The company in which Yang Manager is the pioneer of domestic chlorinated Titanium powder. He clearly stated that the reporter of the Shanghai Daily, the next half or in 2018 will build a 60,000-ton production line, and then build a 100,000-ton production line in three or four years. And do not exclude this period of mergers and acquisitions.

Some industry people said that with environmental protection requirements, the domestic titanium powder industry integration restructuring is a general trend, and the advantage will gradually move closer to the international industry through mergers, and finally reach a few oligarchy “a rivers and lakes” status, and its bargaining ability is more powerful. In the face of huge gains of titanium powder, there are also investors to expose caution..

However, insiders said that the current price of titanium powder is huge, but there is still a lot of distance compared to the highest price of 23,000 yuan in the previous period, and now it is completely the rational return of the whole industry chain, and the price is rational return, Not a human speculation, it is almost impossible to return to the price below 10,000 yuan.

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