Is the car battery change or charge? Explore Beiqi New Energy Electric Separation Commercial Model Mystery

Is the car battery change or charge? Explore Beiqi New Energy Electric Separation Commercial Model Mystery

Recently, the car headline app learned from Beijing Blue Valley that Beiqi New Energy officially announced the separation of business models in private market, and launched its first transfer of tram-eU. Under the separation of commercial model, consumers buy pure electric vehicles, battery property rights will be repurchased by battery management companies, consumers get battery use rights in lease. EU quick-switched purchase cost is 79,800 yuan, the battery monthly rent is 458 yuan, the consumer can choose from the three-level mileage package from 1200-3000 kilometers, the miles of kilometers require only 0.

34 yuan -0.36 yuan..

Zheng Gang, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Beiqi Group, and the general manager of the Beiqi New Energy Party Committee, General Manager, said: “Starting the vehicle and electricity value separation mode is the staged results of Beiqi Xin Energy” Open Sharing Strategy “and” Optimus Program “advancement. This model directly hits the pain points of the pure electric car popular in the commercial model, product, technology, service, etc., bringing new choices for the user’s green wisdom, and supplies new templates for industry transformation and upgrading.

. “Products, the first batch of models of the car electricity value separation model is EU quick-replacement version, the vehicle model is 300km, equipped with super-loaded Sa Bo chassis, can carry a battery that exceeds 300 kilograms, withstand the overtime transfer process The impact detection, and has passed the actual operation inspection of more than 6,000 operators in 4 cities..

In addition, the EU quick-replacement is fully evolved in many aspects of color, technology, intelligence, and services, which is very suitable for use models for vehicle electricity value separation mode.. Li Yuxi, deputy general manager of Beiqi New Energy, Li Yuxiu, general manager of Marketing Company, said that the vehicle and electricity value separation business model can easily resolve pure electric vehicle users in the purchase, use and exit of a series of pain points in the purchase, use and exit.

. It is reported that Beiqi new energy has also brought “more”, “fast”, “good”, “provincial”, “”, “” “,” “,” “”, “good”, “province”, “good”, “province”, “好”, “province”, “good”, “province”. Many, refers to there are many outlets, with 2.

78 kilometers to change service circles. Beiqi Xin Energy has been put on more than 6,000 taxi and other operating vehicles in four cities in Beijing, Xiamen, Lanzhou, and Guangzhou..

Among them, Beijing built 100, is expected to openly operate at the end of the year, and the average service radius will reach 2.78km, and the electric shift will be the same as that..

Fast, it means that the electricity is fast, 3 minutes automatic flash is more convenient. After the vehicle puts, 2 minutes and 46 seconds can complete the shift, only need to scan the QR code, no need for any complex operation, faster than the speed of the oil car..

Ok, it means that the guarantee is good, 300 + core patent accumulation is safer. Beiqi New Energy Joint Olympic Energy’s power-saving mode has more than 300 technical patents, and has a taxi, netwatch car market 3 years of protection..

Under the centralized charging and maintenance of unified standardized multi-monitoring and management, and the constant temperature and humidity environment, the battery life is extended by 2-3 times; coupled with the cloud large data platform accurate trace battery status and power-saving station data, the battery is safer. The province, refers to the full province, value-for-money purchase price is more enjoyable for 5% discount. In this mode, the first purchase fee is only 79,800 yuan, and it will enjoy 5% discount in 3 years.

The battery rental price is as low as 458 yuan / month, the electricity fee per kilometer is as low as 0.34 yuan – 0.36 yuan; every 10,000 km maintenance costs Up to 220 yuan, save money and save money.

According to the shortest 3 years of use, the EU quick-replacement purchase cost is 15% cheaper than the fuel cart; 52% cheaper than the fuel car; the cost of caring is 74% cheaper than the fuel car. In addition, Beiqi new energy also supplies 0 to EU quick-replacement, and “90 days worry-free retreat” commitment, the top 100 car customers can freely return it within three months. Zheng Gang, member of the Party Committee of Beiqi Group, General Manager of Beiqi New Energy, said that the car headline app said that the vehicle and electricity value separation business model is the successful creation of the SAIC new energy in the shared economic field to explore higher dimension sharing forms and connotation.

In the air model separation business model, pure electric car users will realize battery sharing, and Beiqi new energy power-saving technology will share to the whole industry, and the power-saving station is also sharing the whole society.. In the sharing of commercial model, the sharing of power lithium batteries is shared by consumers, bringing huge forward effects for the society.

. First, the new model will realize the use of battery ladder on the private market, explore the value of the full life cycle of the battery, promote energy recyclable use, improve energy utilization efficiency; secondly, new mode uses unified battery management methods, more conducive to battery Recycling and subsequent value development, create more commercial value; Finally, all batteries will be managed by the power-saving station, regular maintenance, uniform slow charge in thermostat, and humidity, and achieve the effect of delay battery attenuation, enhance safety and reliability..

And at the same time, Beiqi Xin Energy will achieve open share sharing in the entire industrial chain of power-saving technology.. At present, Beiqi new energy power shift mode has more than 300 technical patents, controlling fast-changing connection system, chassis power transmission system, battery lifecycle management technology, fast changing battery box, power transmission network operation management, etc.

. In business model separation in the vehicle electricity value, Beiqi new energy will achieve all-round open share sharing for the above technology, empowering, cultivating the growth and development of power transmission mode..

In addition, the power-saving station in all sectors is generally concerned, Beiqi new energy will also achieve open share sharing for the society.. In the business model of the vehicle, the construction of a power saving station is only 4 hours, the equipment covers an area of ​​only 67.

5m2, less than 5 parking spaces, the highest can serve 300 private cars per day. This is equivalent to built a 75-layer parking tower on 5 parking spaces, which is very amazing on land and distribution resources..

Zheng Gang, the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the North Auto Group, Zheng Gang, general manager of Beiqi New Energy, said: “Beiqi new energy solemnly promises, will be open to the whole industry to open the industry, whether it is a power-saving electric car for Beiqi new energy brand, as long as Technical standards meet the requirements, they can receive power-saving services in our power saving station.. “At the same time, in the construction and expansion process of the electric power station, Beiqi Xin Energy will invest in the whole society, so that more likely to participate in the green travel to popularize the business, achieve great blue ideals.

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