“Inner Volume” power lithium battery

The media reporting speed seems to catch the battery company’s production expansion speed.. When we are still exploring whether the global dynamic lithium-ion battery production will overcrease, the battery company has opened a new round of production expansion.

. On December 8, the second battery day of the honeycomb energy, the company’s N-year, the Nth Adverse Target – 2025 Challenge 600GWH production, 450GWH. In 2020, the first battery day, its goal is still 40GWH in 2025.

At the same time, the honeycomb is 10 times while the honeycomb energy is one year, the other side, December 8, Ningde Times has signed cooperation and investment agreement with the Suzhou Municipal Government; on December 7th, the world’s second LG New energy is also announced to raise a million dollars listed …

In the driving of new energy vehicles, the power lithium-ion battery has become one of the most lively tracks this year.. As with all the potential, competitive tracks, the internal volume is also in this industry to prevent it.

. Yield planning, another round of “big dry fast” has two “famous” rumors in the battery industry: one is to say that Xiaopeng Auto CEO He Xiaopeng in order to get the battery, in the Ningde Times, the other is a week; the other is to say at least a day; Seven host plants “boss” personally guarded in Ningde Times. Although the ultimate He Xiaopeng and Ningde denied the rumors, the battery supply is insufficient, and it can be seen.

. So this year’s dynamic lithium-ion battery industry has a significant trend – the expansion output has become one of the main melody..

It is not difficult to find from the statistics, from the Ningde Times, BYD, to the second line of Guoxuan high-tech, Zhongchuang Navigation (China Aviation Lithium Edition), honeycomb energy, Yi Lithium, and then to the three-wire Fu Can Technology, Ruipi Energy , Xinwang, etc., all mainstream dynamic lithium-ion battery manufacturers have opened production expansion this year..

Even in the current size, they almost all set a grand 2025 yield goal this year: In addition to the 1025th challenge of 600GWH production in 2025, there were 450GWH, which was previously based on the Yield of Ningde. Planning predicts that its 2025 yield is also 600GWH; BYD has news that its 2025 output may reach 430GWH; Guoxuan High-class is in the sixth year report to achieve 300GWH; China’s innovation is clear at the strategy Representing 2025 planned production to reach 500GWH; Liu Jincheng Technology also announced that the output of 2025 is expected to exceed 120GWH; ..

. this count, only these companies, the production planning of 2025 is close to 3000GWH. In most research institutions, 2025 movement of lithium-ion batteries will be around 1TWH.

. In other words, if the current production plan is advanced, the overall production of the entire dynamic lithium-ion battery industry will become inevitable..

Just, under the background of the downstream battery demand, each company is more willing to believe that you can fly.. As for whether it will face excess production, they all show absolute confidence.

. Previously, Liu Jincheng, chairman of Yi Lithium, once said that in the face of this risk, the company will continue to improve the quality and performance of the product..

Liu Jingyu, the chairman of China’s innovation, “” As long as the company’s technical pass, the output will not be excessive “. When the entire industry is rushing, the competitors in it will not prevent the situation that will fall into the strategy..

At the head company, the production of expansion, others can only be wrapped up.. If not, there is only the ending of being eliminated.

The raw materials are competed, and the land is the same “crazy” at the end of October this year, Australian Miners Cattlin announced a group of data.. As a powerful lithium-ion battery, the lithium concentrate, the average price of the fourth quarter reached $ 1650 / ton, up 112% from the third quarter of US $ 779 / ton, rose by 112%.

. This is the case that has never been seen before..

And production expansion, the “grab war” in the upstream of the dynamic lithium-ion battery industry is also in full swing.. Or use the lithium mine as an example.

Since this raw material is highly dependent on import, domestic battery manufacturers have went to the sea, waving banknotes overseas.. It has to be mentioned is the “Ning Lithium Wars” in Ningde Times and the Lithium-qigong Lithium.

. When I initially planned to acquire the Millennium Lithium in Canada, the existing transaction amount of the Qi Feng Lithium is not more than 353 million yuan..

But who knows that in September, the Ningde Times is inserting a bar, raising the price to 376.8 billion plus. In the end, the 放 业 业 业 业 业 业 将 将 将 将 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 加 加 元.

In this regard, there have been industry insiders sigh, “Now robbed the superiversentative resources, just like the same fierce and crazy in the past.”. In order to obtain more upstream resources in 2019 – 2021, in order to obtain more upstream resources, these original focused manufacturers have to begin learning capital operations, using capital power investment industrial chain to expand their own in the industry.

right. In April this year, the honeycomb energy has officially established a honeycomb capital, which has been putting 2 billion yuan to establish a growth and innovative two funds, shareholdings, and some suppliers..

Cooperation, September, China Aviation Lithium Electric also invested a capital company – Kaibo (Hainan) Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd..

Take the leader Ningde era is the establishment of 8 private equity investment funds this year, more than 40 foreign investment. It can be said that the competition of dynamic lithium-ion battery manufacturers today is not limited to technology, production. As you do, you must be proficient in the entire business sector.

. From naming the mass production time, technology route, full internal volume even when you give the battery, they also need to master the right way. Prior to occurrence of BYD’s blade battery, most of the dynamic lithium-ion battery category, mostly stayed on a three-dimensional ion battery and a lithium iron phosphate ion battery.

. After the BYD’s blade battery is known to be known for the technical strength and simple image, the naming of the dynamic lithium-ion battery has also begun..

From the sodium ion battery of Ningde Times, short knife batteries to honeycomb energy, even the car companies have come together. Guangzhou Automobile’s magazine battery, Great Wall’s big battery, 图 ‘s amber battery, intelligent silicon supplement lithium-ion battery ..

. This is a new name brought by new technology, some is the name of simple and good Come to package your own selling point, so people remember. So, today’s power lithium-ion battery industry has also become like the automotive industry, “Good name is not universal, but there is no good name is impossible”.

Even the inner volume of this marketing has continued to play the solid battery first.. In recent years, solid-state batteries have been gradually identified as next-generation battery technology solutions to the entire automotive industry.

. So, in order to attract the attention of consumers, recently, battery companies and vehicle enterprises have also begun to announce the mass production time of solid-state batteries..

And the first person of this, it is a free. At the end of last year, the solid state battery of 150kWH was announced on Nioday, said that the solid state can achieve a 360WH / kg ultra-high energy density..

Ethal ET7 car, which is equipped with the battery pack, will exceed 1,000 kilometers, the product plan will be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2022. But after this news is announced, it has attracted many questions..

Many practitioners said that according to the current technology, the solid-state battery can not be largely placed in electric vehicles.. The chairman of Ningde Times Zeng Qun even frankly, within 3 ~ 5 years, can do in the car, not a full solid battery.

It will be handed on by it, and it will give it a time.. However, in order to enhance the competitiveness of its own new energy models, some domestic and foreign car companies are not only partnership with battery providers, but also personally start self-research battery technology and self-built battery factories are real trends.

. Previously, the chairman of the Guangzhou Automobile Group Zeng Honghong has been mentioned that “the global automotive industry has already started battery talents, and Guangzhou Automobile has dug some of the core people of these battery manufacturers in five years ago. “.

In the past few years, the autonomous research and development, Guangzhou Automobile has achieved good progress in ultra-ultrasound speed batteries, spongeonic negative electrode batteries.. However, while challenging high-difficult liquid lithium-ion battery technology, in order to add future chips, many car companies have also taken a diversified battery path.

. Taking the Guangzhou Automobile Group as an example, according to Zeng Qinghong, they will also accelerate the development of hydrogen fuel power lithium batteries and solid state batteries..

Write in the last shortly, South Korea’s market research institutions Snesersearch announced the rankings of Global powered lithium-ion battery installed in October and 1 to October 2021. Data display, in the ranking TOP10, my country has occupied 6 seats. At the same time, Ningde Times is the leader with 34.

2% of the market share, far super Korean three giants LG new energy, Skinnovation, Samsung SDI, and Panasonic in Japan. However, in recent days, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ouyang Minggao, vice president of my country Electric Motors, said in an interview, although my country is currently in the actual leader position in the automotive dynamic lithium-ion battery, but in solid state The field, my country must catch up with Japan for at least five years. For domestic battery companies, don’t forget to look up and look forward to the front.

. Some information reference: Zun.com “True · The most inline laid road in history, 350 billion in half a year, 7 bodies were passed on the” 守 “” Times Weekly “fairy fight! Ningde Times, the 锋 海 海 海 海外 海 矿, “AutoCarweekly”, the same madness “AutoCarweekly”, is the most difficult level of the battery, is the name “First Finance” car, pile of solid state, this technical route How big is it? “.

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